Anh văn bằng C -043

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  1. Anh văn bằng C -043 1) My headache isn�t serious. It will wear off after an hour or so. a) reduce b) disappear gradually c) permit to be alone d) produce
  2. 2) The number of students coming to school increased last year. a) shot up b) shot in c) shot on d) shot off 3) Some people find it surprising �........... his career as an actor in California.
  3. a) when Ronald Reagan began b) Ronald Reagan began c) that Ronald Reagan began d) to know Ronald Reagan 4) W e can't reduce the number of nurses. a) cut back on b) cut off on c ) c ut out on d) c ut out
  4. 5) Put on your coat just ����. it becomes cold. a) in fact b) in time c) in order d) in case 6) They are going to sack a number of administrative staff as a result of a massive reorganization program.
  5. a) lay up b) lay out c) lay off d) lay down 7) Antarctica is larger ������.., but it has no native human population. a) than Europe or Australia does b) Europe or Australia
  6. c) of Europe or Australia d) than Europe or Australia 8) His trainer pulled him out of the competition at the last minute because of problems with his leg. a) withdrew b) withheld c) withstood d) withstand
  7. 9) At 3,810 metres above sea level in Bolivia stands Lake Titicaca, ........ in the world. a) the highest large lake b) the largest high lake c) high largest lake d) the high largest lake 10) You shouldn't avoid this problem. You must deal with it.
  8. a) get about b) get in c) get away d) get around
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