Các dạng bài tập cho Unit 1- Tiếng Anh lớp 9

Chia sẻ: nguyenbaquan2002

Execise 1: Choose the best answer: 1.They correspond at least…..every two weeks. (one / once / first / two) 2.Kuala Lumpur is ..from Ha Noi.(near / difference / different / differently) 3.They are ….by about 640 km of the sea.(separated / separate / separating) 4. Lan ….through the mosque on the way to primary school. (used to walking / used to walk / uses to walking) 5. We went into the city …..some sightseeings. (did / to do / doing/ do) 6. She was running down the hill when I ….her. ( see / saw/ to see / seen) 7.When we ….up this morning,the sun was shining.(were getting/...

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