Câu điều ước và các thể giả định (bài tập tự luyện)

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Fill in the blanks with the Simple Present Subjunctive of the verbs shown in brackets. For example: They insisted that she _____ at once. (to come)  They insisted that she come at once. The proposal that she ______ us has merit. (to meet)  The proposal that she meet us has merit. 1. He suggested that I _________ ready by eight o'clock. (to be) 2. We request that she _________ the window. (to open) 3. They demanded that he _________ the room. (to leave) 4. I will ask that she _____________ me. (to accompany) 5. They recommended that he _________ to Bermuda. (to fly) 6. The request that we...

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