Đề kiểm tra học kỳ 1 môn tiếng anh lớp 11 THPT Hùng Vương - Mã đề 132

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Các bạn học sinh và quý thầy cô tham khảo miễn phí Đề kiểm tra học kỳ 1 môn tiếng anh lớp 11 THPT Hùng Vương - Mã đề 132 để hệ thống kiến thức học tập cũng như trau dồi kinh nghiệm ra đề thi

Nội dung Text: Đề kiểm tra học kỳ 1 môn tiếng anh lớp 11 THPT Hùng Vương - Mã đề 132

Trường THPT Hùng Vương Môn thi: Tiếng Anh- Lớp 11
Mã đề: 132
Thời gian làm bài: 45’
(Học sinh làm bài trên phiếu trả lời trắc nghiệm)

Câu 1: “ Peter : “ Do you feel like going to the cinema this evening ?”
Mary: “……………………………”
A. I feel very bored B. You’re welcome
C. I don’t agree.I’m afraid D. That would be great
Câu 2: choose the underlined part that must be corrected
They congratulated me on pass the final exam the day before.
A. pass B. the day before C. congratulated D. on
Câu 3: When it started to rain, she ……………….home with me.
A. had walking B. was walking C. walked D. is walking
Câu 4: If you …………us about the bad service, we …………there.
A. hadn’t told/ would eat B. told/ would have eaten
C. tell/ would eat D. hadn’t told/ would have eaten
Câu 5: choose the underlined part that must be corrected
He said that if he has more time, he would come to see us.
A. said that B. has C. more time D. come to see
Câu 6: The news made Nam surprised.
A. The news is surprised. B. Nam was surprised with the news.
C. Nam seemed to be surprised at the news. D. Nam made the news surprised.
Câu 7: I thought I would get to the destination first, but he ……….before me.
A. was arriving B. arrives C. had arrived D. arrived
Câu 8: …………….all the rules, we started to play the game.
A. Having learnt B. To have learnt C. To learn D. Learning
Câu 9: All of my students looked forward to …………….. the result of the singing contest.
A. hear B. hearing C. to be heard D. being hearing
Câu 10: The man denied ……………………some top secret document.
A. to steal B. having stolen C. to be stolen D. having been
Câu 11: Mai Huong congratulated me ……………………….the exam with flying colors.
A. of passing B. about passing C. on passing D. to pass
Câu 12: The villagers are in danger .…………..being killed by an earthquake.
A. with B. of C. for D. on
Câu 13: People call the 25 wedding anniversary the “………………anniversary.”
A. happy B. silver C. golden D. special
Câu 14: The bowl is empty now, but my children denied …………………….the candies.
A. to eat B. eating C. eat D. having eaten
Câu 15: choose the underlined part that must be corrected
they are looking forward to be received the present from the council.
A. be received B. from C. are looking forward D. to
Câu 16: It is not easy to …………… our bad habits.
A. overcome B. suffer C. take care D. spend
Câu 17: If the ball …………….the line, that would have been the end of the game.
A. would cross B. will cross C. had crossed D. crossed
Câu 18: If George keeps studying as he has been, he’ll have no trouble in passing his exams.
A. George has passed his exam.
B. George has trouble in passing his exams
C. George is studying hard to pass his exam.
D. George will not pass his exam because he is not studying.
Câu 19: Quy Nhon has become ……………..
A. populous B. population C. popularity D. populating
Câu 20: Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest
A. ridden B. given C. whiten D. risen
Câu 21: Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest
A. strictly B. literacy C. policy D. social
Câu 22: Choose the word which has the underlined part stressed differently from the rest
A. enjoyment B. apologize C. remember D. difficulty
Câu 23: You should discuss the problem …………..your parents before deciding.
A. with B. for C. of D. to
Câu 24: choose the underlined part that must be corrected
After I had returned home from the school, I was preparing dinner.
A. had returned B. from C. was preparing D. dinner
Câu 25: Choose the word which has the underlined part stressed differently from the rest
A. alone B. accept C. complain D. national
Câu 26: They seemed ………………when I told them the news.
A. surprising B. to surprise C. being surprising D. to be surprised
Câu 27: you should realize the …………………of the important of having a healthy diet.
A. unaware B. awareness C. awaring D. aware
Câu 28: If someone knocked over a candle, it ………………a fire.
A. started B. will start C. would have started D. would start
Câu 29: the rain began to fall during my walk in the country.
A. while I walked in the country, it had rained.
B. While it was beginning to rain, I had walked in the country.
C. While I was walking in the country, it began to rain.
D. While it began to rain in the country, I was walking.
Câu 30: He said, “I’m sorry I didn’t reply to the letter.”
A. He apologized for not to reply to the letter. B. He apologized for not to replying to the
C. He apologized for didn’t reply to the letter. D. He apologized for not replying to the
Câu 31: Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest
A. turned B. noticed C. looked D. helped
Câu 32: A “………………” B: “Oh, It’s great”
A. Would you like the English competition? B. What do you think of the English
C. What do you like about the English competition? D. How about the English
competition ?
Giving a dinner party is a wonderful way of entertain people. You can also make new
friends and give others the chance to get to know each other better.
It needs planning, though. First, make a guest list, with different kinds of people and a
mixture of women and men. Don’t invite couples because they aren’t so much fun.
When you know who can come, find out what they like to eat and drink. Note down any
who are vegetarians, or who can’t eat or drink certain things for religious seasons.
Then plan their menu. Include a first course, a choice of main courses and a dessert, plus
lots of people’s favourite drinks.
The next thing to do is the shopping. Make sure buy more than enough of everything, and
that someone can help you carry it!
On the day, start cooking early. Give people appetizers like Greek mezze or Spanish tapas,
so they don’t get hungry if they have to wait. Serve the delicious meal, sit down with your guests
and have a good time – you’ve earned it!
Câu 33: Which of the following is NOT mentioned as the purpose of giving a dinner party?
A. to get people to know more about their host and hostess.
B. to help people to know each other better.
C. to make new friends.
D. to entertain people.
Câu 34: When giving a dinner party, you should NOT invite ........................ .
A. those who are vegetarians. B. husbands and wives.
C. both women and men. D. those who can’t eat or drink certain
Câu 35: According to the passage, starters should be served ...........................
A. because the guests may be hungry while having to wait
B. because the guests like eating them
C. because the guests want to have a good time together
D. because the guests want to eat them while having to wait
Câu 36: What should you do while the guests are having their evening meal?
A. Sit down with the guests to show your politeness. B. Stand beside the guests without
doing anything.
C. Sit down with the guests and have a good time. D. Only serve the guests with the food.
More and more young people are (37)...... voluntary work abroad. The wild variety of jobs
and destinations available is making it an increasingly attractive option for those who have just
left school and have a year free before university. Many choose to spend these twelve months
working in poor countries. There they will earn little (38)...... no money. But they will be doing
something useful – and enjoying the experience.
The work may . (39)..... of helping the local communities, for example by helping to build
new road or provide water supplies to isolated rural villages. Other projects may concentrate
more on conservation or environmental protection. (40)…. ... kind of job it is, it is certain to be
challenging and worthwhile, and an experience that will never be forgotten.
Câu 37: A. making B. getting C. taking D. doing
Câu 38: A. but B. and C. or D. with
Câu 39: A. involve B. include C. contain D. consist
Câu 40: A. What B. Whatever C. However D. Any

made cauhoi dapan
132 1D
132 2A
132 3B
132 4D
132 5B
132 6C
132 7C
132 8A
132 9B
132 10 B
132 11 C
132 12 B
132 13 B
132 14 D
132 15 A
132 16 A
132 17 C
132 18 C
132 19 A
132 20 C
132 21 A
132 22 D
132 23 A
132 24 C
132 25 D
132 26 D
132 27 B
132 28 D
132 29 C
132 30 D
132 31 A
132 32 B
132 33 A
132 34 B
132 35 A
132 36 C
132 37 D
132 38 C
132 39 D
132 40 B
THE MATRIX (grade11)
questions) 2 1 1
- sounds: -a-u,-ch,-wh. 2 1 1
- word stress: 1 & 2 syllables
- Choose the correct word to 2 2 1
fill in the blanks: (5 questions) 10
- Reading comprehension: (5 2 2 1
- grammar (8) 3 3 2
- vocabulary (5) 2 2 1
- Communicative structures (2) 1 1
- Preposition (3) 1 1 1
- Word form (3) 2 1

IV. WRITING: (8 questions)
- Identify error (5 questions) 2 2 1
- Rewrite sentences (6 3 2 1
TOTAL MARKS 4.4 3.6 2.0 10
PERCENTAGE 44% 36% 20% 100%
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