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Thời gian làm b ài: 60 phút

MÃ ĐỀ 115
(Đề thi gồm 3 trang – 50 câu)
Choose A, B, C or D to show the underlined part that needs correction.

1: Your grandfather could speak five languages, could he?
2: The song to that we listened last night was beautiful.
3: He was the first athlete a rrives the finish and won the gold medal.
4: I don’t feel to like going to the cinema tonight.
5: Mickey Mouse is one of the main character in Walt Disney films.

Vocabulary and structure: choose the best answer
6: Linda: "Excuse me! Where's the post office?" - Maria:"……………………………."
A. Don't worry B. It's over there C. Yes. I think so D. I'm afraid of
7: Neither you nor I __________ here yesterday.
A. a m B. has been C. b e D. was
8: His _________ to become a prime minister was a shock to him.
A. failure B. fail C. failing D. failed
9: It was very kind _______ you to help Mary with his homework.
A. for B. o f C. b y D. to
10: In former days, women were considered not to be suitable for becoming a _______.
A. politics B. political C. politically D. politician
11: My sister either __________ the guitar or ___________ very well.
A. play / sings B. plays / sing C. p lay / sing D. plays / sings
12: Had we known your new address, we _____ to see you.
A. came B. would come C. would have come D. will come
13: It was very ________ to go out and leave those two children alone.
A. irresponsibility B. responsible C. responsibility D. irresponsible
14: Jason’s professor had him______his thesis many times before allowing him to present it to the committee.
A. to rewrite B. rewrites C. rewriting D. rewrite
15: They put too _______ furniture in their living room.
A. a lot B. many C. plenty D. much
16: You should bring your umbrella __________ it rains.
A. in spite of B. because C. in case D. although
17: She says it can’t be done, but I don’t accept that. Nothing is ___________.
A. possible B. impossibility C. impossible D. possibility
18: I _____ a lot of mistakes when I am trying to speak German.
A. perform B . do C. take D. make
19: I got to class on time ________ I had missed my bus.
A. despite B. even though C. nevertheless D. because
20: My friends gave me a surprising party, _______ was good of them.
A. which B. this C. that D. what

21: We’ll come and visit you _______________.
A. if we got some time off. B. if we can get some time off.

Trang 1 – Mã đề 126
C. unless we can get some time off. D. when we’ll get some time off
22: _____ had they recovered from the first earthquake when they felt the second tremor.
A. Never B. Seldom C. Hardly D. No sooner
23: He lives in a small town _______.
A. which is called Taunton. B. that called Taunton.
C. is called Taunton. D. where is called Taunton.
24: I find it very hard to remember the past tense of lots of ______ verbs.
A. regular B. regularly C. irregularity D. irregular
25: Look at the river. It _______ very fast today – much faster than usual.
A. is flowing B. has flown C. will flow D. flows
26: ______ he arrived at the bus stop than the bus came.
A. No sooner had B. Hardly had C. Not until had D. No longer has
27: Normally I finish work at 5.00, but this week I _______ until 6.00 to earn a bit more money.
A. have worked B. am working C. was working D. work
28: I saw Sue in town yesterday but she ______ the other way.
A. had been looking B. had looked C. was looking D. looked

Pick out the word that has the stress differently from that of the other words:
29: A. maintain B. follow C. confide D. agree
30: A. behave B. income C. comment D. contest

Choose the word with different pronunciation of the underlined part
31: A. lamb B. debt C. both D. doubt
32: A. honey B. homeless C. hilarious D. honest
33: A. cannal B. happy C. map D. channel

Choose the sentences (A, B, C, D), which is closet in meaning to the given one.
34: You’re not to blame for what happened.
A. We blame you for what happened. B. What happened is not your fault.
C. You’re not accused of what happened. D. You’re responsible for what happened.
35: Mai eats much chocolate. So she is getting fat.
A. The much chocolate eat Mai, the fatter she is getting.
B. The much chocolate Mai eats, the fatter she is getting.
C. The more chocolate Mai eats, the fatter she is getting.
D. The more chocolate Mai eats, the more fat she is getting.
36: The last person that leaves the room must turn off the lights.
A. The one who turns off the lights in the room is the last person.
B. The person who turn off the lights must leaves the room.
C. The last person to leave the room must turn off the lights.
D. The last person to turn off the lights must leaves the room.
37: I think you should stop smoking.
A. If I am you, I will stop smoking. B. If I were you, I would stop smoking.
C. If I were you, I will stop smoking. D. If I had been you, I would stop smoking.
38: He behaved in a very strange way. That surprised me a lot.
A. His behaviour was a very strange thing, that surprised me most.
B. I was almost not surprised by his strange behaviour.
C. He behaved very strangely, which surprised me very much.
D. What almost surprised me was the strange way he behaved.
39: “I would take the job if I were you,” Mary said to me.
A. Mary ordered me to take the job. B. Mary advised me to take the job.
C. Mary told me to take the job. D. Mary asked me to take the job.

40: People say that six out of the seven wonders of the ancient world were destroyed.
A. It was said that six out of the seven wonders of the ancient world were destroyed.

Trang 2 – Mã đề 126
B. Six out of the seven wonders of the ancient world are said to have been destroyed
C. Six out of the seven wonders of the ancient world is said to have destroyed.
D. Six out of the seven wonders of the ancient world is said to be destroyed.

Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer
The Asian Games owes its origins to small Asian multi-sport competitions. The Far Eastern Championship
Games were created to show unity and cooperation among three nations: Japan, the Philippines and Chi na. The
first games were held in Manila, the Philippines in 1931. Other Asian nations participated after it was
o rganized.
After World War II, a number of Asian countries became independent. Many of the new independent Asia n
countries wanted to use a new type of competition where Asian dominance should not be shown by violence
and should be strengthened by mutual understanding. In August 1948, during the 14th Olympic Games in
London, India representative, Guru Dutt Sondhi, proposed to sports leaders of the Asian teams the id ea of
having discussions about holding the Asian Games. They agreed to form the Asian Athletic Federation. A
p reparatory was set up to draft the charter for the Asian amateur athletic federation. In February, 1949, the
Asian athletic federation was formed and used the name Asian Games Federation. It was formed and used the
name Asian Games Federation. It was decided to hold the first Asian Games in 1951 in New Delhi the capital
o f India. They added that the Asian Games would be regularly held once every four years.
41: The text is about ____.
A. the Games in Manila. B. the Far Eastern Championship Games
C. the relationship of Japan, the Philippines, and China. D. the origin of the Asian Games
42: The Far Eastern Championship Games ____.
A. were attended by all countries in Asia. B. were held in Japan
C. were held in Manila after World War II. D. had the participation of only three nations
43: The 14th Olympic Games took place ____.
A. In August 1948 B. In February 1949
C. in 1913 D. before the World War II
44: The Asian Games ____.
A. were suggested establishing by a Londoner. B. were first held in India.
C. were held in the same year of the 14th Olympic Games. D. were first held in China.
45: The Asian Games were first held in ____.
A. 1948 B. 1931 C. 1941 D. 1951

Read the following passage and then choose the best answer to fill each blank.
One in six drivers in Britain is aged between 17 and 25. But more drivers in this group age are responsible
(46)______ a greater number of accidents than older drivers. In fact, one accident in four is the fault of a
young, inexperienced driver.
A team of researchers has (47)______ two years studying the driving performance, attitudes and behavior of
young people. The report says that not all young drivers are dangerous but a large number of males,
p articularly those aged 17 to 20, do not drive (48)______carefully as other age groups. These young drivers are
more likely to (49)______ an accident in their first year of driving than when their experience increases.
The report also notes that men are more likely to (50)______ driving rules than women, and that a girlfriend or
wife in the car has a calming influence on the driving pattern of young men.
46: A. for B. with C. about D. from
47: A. done B. given C. put D. spent
48: A. so B. like C. as D. that
49: A. have B. do C. take D. make
50: A. crash B. tear C. escape D. break

--------------- THE END --------------

Trang 3 – Mã đề 126
PhiÕu soi ®¸p ¸n(Dµnh cho gi¸o viªn)
English test
M· ®Ò 126

01 41
02 42
03 43
04 44
05 45
06 46
07 47
08 48
09 49
10 50

Trang 4 – Mã đề 126
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