Đề luyện thi anh văn bằng B

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Đề thi trắc nghiệm tham khảo dành cho học sinh luyện thi bằng B anh văn

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  1. Đề 1 SECTION I Choose the word or phrase that the sentence 1. They always get to school……… bus. a. by b.on c. over d.through 2. We were eager to find……… the truth about her. a. through ` b. at c.out d.up 3. More and more people are addicted…….. games online. a. by b. with c. to d. at 4. It says in the paper that electrical goods will be……… sale this month. a. form b. on c. in d.about 5. He was putting……… his shirt when he heard a loud noise outside. a. back b.up c. on d.at 6. You need a ……....to leave the country. a. passkey b.passport c.pocketbook d. visa 7. Even with a degree, there’s no………of work nowadays. a. guarantee b.security c.project d. supply 8. What was the final……….. of the game? a. count b. mark c.grade d. score 9. The girl’s teachers……….. her to improve her drawing. a. encouraged b. insisted c. made d. persisted 10. The plate was right on the edge of the table and could have been ……..off at any moment. a. kicked b.knocked c. pushed d. hit 11. “ Can you do that exercise?” _” That one? Oh, it’s a …… of cake.” a. bit b. piece c.sample d.slice 12.We went through the Customs quickly because we had nothing to……. a. pay b. say c. spend d.declare 13. There is a wide……… of nutritious foods in the world.
  2. a. chain b. series c. range d.net 14. After people………. a plane, it takes off. a.board b. climb c.mount d.occupy 15. We must find a ……… to the problem of over population. b. solution c. treatment c.way d. method 16. He should present his ID, ……..? a. does he b. doesn’t he c. should he d. shouldn’t he 17.He………. be tired. He has been working for hours. a. can b. could c. will d. must 18. The vehicle was found yesterday evening, but…….. no sign of him. a. there had b. it was c. there was d. it had 19. The hostesses had finished……….. the trays. a. collecting b. to collect c. collected d. at collecting 20.” Did you see anyone interesting at the party?” “ Yes, ……….. were there” a. some of Jon’s friends b. some friend John’s c. some of John’s friend c. some of John friends SECTION II Man’s rise to a position as the dominant creature on this earth has been closely involved with his mammalian cousins. Even in highly industrialized nations, mammals provide food, drink, clothing, transportation, and power. It’s interesting, however, that man’s interdependency is limited to a few dozen domesticated species. The other mammals are either in the category of “enemies” or of little interest at all. Man has waged a war against his mammalian enemies with little result. Despite trapping, shooting, poisoning, gassing, and a dozen other ploys, most of our enemies are still with us. The victims of man’s dominance have been rather the ones in which we have little interest. In fact, the majority of the animals that
  3. have become extinct during man’s march to global dominance have been just these uninteresting creatures. For all of man’s success, he is still a newcomer. It is only in the past century that we have been able to cross water better than a porpoise or to dive as deeply as whale. It is only recently that we have been able to travel on land faster than a cheetah or fly faster than a bird. With this new power, man has a responsibility to his cousins, becauses he is interdependent, even with the mammals for which he cares little. 21. What is the main idea of this passage? a. The evolution of man b. The interdependence of man and mammals. c. The extinction of mammals c. The success of man 22. According to this passage, man has been dependent on mammals for a. food and drink c. technology b. evolution d.his success 23. According to the passage, which of the following statements is NOT TRUE? a.Man is the dominant creature on earth. b.Many mammals have become extinct. c. Man has little need for most mammals. d. Man is interdependent with other mamals. 24. According to the passage, what must man do now? a. Develop more synthetic goods. b. Assume more responsibility for our interdependence with mammals. c. Put all the mammals in the zoo where they will be protected. d. Intensify our efforts to control our traditional enemies. 25. According to the passage, what has man accomplished in his rise to dominance? a. Developed human speech b. Domesticated some animals b. Put a man on the moon c. Extinguished many mammalian enemies SECTIONIII
  4. Matthew and Polly Winthrop took their two children (26) ……..A fly-drive holiday. Polly’s talking about it. “ We’d never have gone fly-drive (27)………..we’d had the kids with us. Matthew is a bus- driver and it wasn’t (28)………… of a holiday for him! But I think it’s the only way to travel with young children. The distances were much (29)……….than we had imagined. If we had another holiday in the States, we (30)……..... try to drive so far. I think we’d cover the longer distances by plane, (31)………..hire a different car in each place. The motels were very well (32)………. and the children were always made welcome. The motels didn’t have much character, (33) ……….when you’re touring you just need (34) ………. to sleep. Every room had a TV (35)……….. ; for us , that was mavellous. We wouldn’t have been (36) …………to leave the children if (37)……….hadn’t been a TV in the room. We would never have(38)………..them alone for too long of course, but it was nice for us to go down to the bar(39)………… a drink. New England was absolutely fantastic and we’d (40)……… it to anyone!” 26. a. in b.at c.on d.with 27. a.if b.when c.although d. unless 28. a. much b. very c.many d.any 29. a.great b.greater c.the greater d.greatest 30. a. will b. would c.will not d.would not 31. a. and then b. then c. but d.so 32. a.equip b.equiping c.equipped d.equips 33. a.or b. but c. for d.so 34. a. anywhere b. everywhere c. nowhere d. somewhere 35. a. set b.machine c.tool d.facility 36. a.capable b. likely c.possible d.able 37. a.it b.which c.there d. when 38. a. left b.made c. allowed d.turned
  5. 39. a. with b.on c. for d.at 40. a.suggest b. advise c. encourage d. recommend SECTION IV 41. He/ read/ this novel/many/ times/ He has read this novel for many times. 42. She / work/ company/ she left school/ She has worked for the company since she left school. 43.He/ not old/understand/ your idea./ He isn’t old enough to understand your idea. He is so young that he can’t understand your idea. He is such a young man that 44. You have / work harder /if you want/ pass/ next test. You have to work harder if you want to pass the next test. 45. How/ your car/ run? How fast does your car run? 46. The city is often more polluted than the countryside. The country is less polluted than the city. 47. He did well in the exam thanks to his good preparation. He was well prepared, so he did well in the exam. 48. Tom managed to win the match despite his injury. Although Tom was injured, he managed to win the match. 49. They never make their daughter work too hard. Their daughter is never made to work too hard. 50. I received the last letter from him two years ago. It has been two years since I received the last letter from him. 51. He is both my friend and my advisor. Not only is he my friend but he is also my advisor. 52.Their house was redecorated by some workmen last week.
  6. They had some workmen redecorate their house last week. 53. Why not go out for dinner now? Let’s go out for dinner now? 54. Mai can’t tolerate the noise any more. Mai can’t put up with the nosie any more. 55. He is interested to go on the picnic this weekend. He can’t wait to go on the picnic this weekend. Try your self! Cheers!
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