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  1. http://ductam_tp.violet.vn/ THE FIRST SEMESTER TEST Time allotted: 45 minutes Grade: 11 Pick out the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others. 1. A. average B. affect C. appreciate D. announce 2. A. scream B. sneaky C. decrease D. break 3. A. drink B. ring C. danger D. frank 4. A. raise B. prayer C. exchange D. parade 5. A. your B. unique C. judge D. yet Pick out the word which is stressed differently from the others. 6. A. voluntary B. apologise C. competitor D. illiterate 7. A. advance B. practice C. aware D. explain 8. A. surprise B. increased C. limit D. behave 9. A. account B. stimulate C. properly D. implement 10. A. province B. exchange C. technique D. observe Choose the best answer (A, B, C or D) that best completes each sentence. 11. We’ll be late unless we …………. now. A. leave B. don’t leave C. left D. had left 12. If I ………….. you were sick, I would have called sooner. A. knew B. have known C. had knownD. would know 13. After the water workers went on strike, there was a ………….. of water. A. loss B. drainage C. shortage D. decrease 14. John couldn’t get into the house because he ………… his key. A. has lost B. had lost C. was lost D. loses 15. Don’t worry. You …………… if there’s a change of plan. A. will be told B. will tell C. tell D. told 16. John and his boss ………….. about something when I ……………. into the room. A. were arguing / walk B. were arguing / was walking C. argued / was walking D. were arguing / walked 17. She apologised …………… waiting so long. A. to me for B. for keeping me C. for me keeping D. for me 18. His parents insisted ………… a medical training course. A. on his taking B. on him to take C. him to take D. on taking him 19. The cat ……………. all day. A. hasn’t been fed B. doesn’t feed C. isn’t fed D. wasn’t fed 20. The boy ………… taking my bag. A. denied B. refused C. wanted D. apologised 21. I saw him …………. my house. A. passes B. passing C. to pass D. to passing 22. I expect ………….. to the party. A. to invite B. inviting C. being invited D. to be invited 23. ………… twice, he didn’t want to try again. A. Failing B. To fail C. To have failed D. Having failed 24. He …………. me of not paying attention to what he said. A. insisted B. accused C. thanked D. warned 1
  2. 25. Its population has ………….. from 1.2 million to 1.8 million. A. decreased B. fell C. dropped D. increased 26. While you …………… out, Tom came to see you. A. are B. were C. have been D. had been 27. Mr. and Mrs. Smith looked forward ………….. their children soon. A. meet B. meeting C. to meet D. to meeting 28. Ann told me …………. anything to her parents. A. not to say B. not say C. to not say D. don’t say Choose the underlined part (A, B, C or D) that is incorrect. 29. I’ll phone you when I’ll come there. A B C D 30. I advised not to buy that car. A B C D 31. When they came back, they found him being breaking into their house. A B C D 32. She agreed lending me that CD then. A B C D 33. He asked her what would she do if she won the lottery. A B C D 34. Alice decided taking a bus to work. A B C D 35. I only just managed to stop myself to shout at him. A B C D 36. It’s time you’ve finished the letter. A B C D 37. He warned us to be careful of strangers and not go out at night. A B C D 38. There had been a significant increase in sales since May. A B C D Circle the letter A, B, C or D to complete the following passage. In 1860, London was a large city of two and a half million people. By 1910, London was the biggest city in the world (39)…………….. a population of five million. (40)…………….. those fifty years, there (41)…………….. many important changes in the city. In the first half of the 19th century, transport was a big problem in London. One important means of (42)……………… was the horse bus. But it was (43)……………. expensive for most people, and it was very slow. The other important means was the River Thames. Many people traveled across London by steamboat on the river. But again, it wasn’t very cheap and if the weather were bad, it (44) ……………… unsafe. Then the world’s first underground railway opened in 1862. Then Karl Benz (45)……………. the first motor car in 1885, and in 1907, two hundred motor buses came to London. 39. A. with B. in C. at D. to 40. A. At B. Until C. From D. During 41. A. are B. had been C. were D. have been 42. A. work B. newspaper C. transport D. communication 43. A. very B. too C. enough D. so 44. A. will be B. won’t be C. would be D. wouldn’t be 2
  3. 45. A. discoveredB. invented C. made D. did Choose the best answer to complete the passage. Every day many road accidents happen in Hong Kong. Everyone, especially children must learn how to cross the road. A simple code to remember is “STOP, LOOK and LISTEN BEFORE YOU CROSS”. The Transport Department organized road safety campaigns every year in order to reduce traffic accidents. Parents and teachers should educate children on road safety. Most schools have their own School Road Safety Patrols. The School Road Safety Patrols is a uniformed group. It recruits secondary school students as members. Students in senior forms help fellow students cross the road correctly and safely on their way to and from school. When you go out alone, however, what is the best way to cross the road? First, you must find a safe place to cross. Of course, it is safest to be directed by a policeman or a traffic warden. Roads are dangerous. However, if everyone takes care when crossing the road, there will be fewer traffic accidents. Our transport system will then become safer and more efficient. 46. Who must learn how to cross the road safely? A. Children and their parents. B. Everyone, especially teachers. C. Those injured in road accidents. D. Everyone who uses the road. 47. Road safety campaigns are organized to ………… A. help the School Road Safety Patrols. B. cut down the number of road accidents. C. direct students to cross the road. D. educate children on road safety. 48. What is the most suitable description for the School Road Safety Patrol? A. It accepts school teachers as members. B. Its duty is to participate in Road Safety Campaigns. C. You need not wear a uniform if you join. D. Patrol members direct students to cross the roads correctly. 49. What should you do first if you want to cross a road? A. Look around for traffic. B. Ask a policeman or traffic warden for help. C. Find a safe place to cross. D. Stand at the kerb. 50. According to the writer, what will happen if everyone is more careful in using the road? A. Fewer traffic accidents will happen. B. Our transport system will not be safe. C. There will be no more traffic accidents. D. The roads will be widen. 3
  4. THE 1st SEMESTER TEST Grade: 11 ANSWER KEY 1 ● W K 26 2 ● K 2 2 ● 27 2 ● 3 3 ● 28 ● 4 4 ● 29 2 ● 5 5 ● 30 ● 6 ● 31 3 ● 7 7 ● 32 ● 8 8 ● 33 3 ● 9 ● 34 ● 10 ● 35 3 ● 11 ● 36 3 ● 12 1 ● 37 3 ● 13 1 ● 38 3 ● 14 1 ● 39 ● 15 ● 40 4 ● 16 1 ● 41 4 ● 17 1 ● 42 4 ● 18 ● 43 4 ● 19 ● 44 4 ● 20 ● 45 4 ● 21 2 ● 46 4 ● 22 2 ● 47 4 ● 23 2 ● 48 4 ● 24 2 ● 49 4 ● 25 2 ● 50 ● 4
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