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The few incidents of fires caused by defective parts have been traced to a particular transformer used in a limited number of sets made between January and February of 2008. If you own a 21-inch Brightron manufactured between January and February of 1995, please bring it in to a Prosonic dealer ------- a free replacement of the parts before April 30, 2008.

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  1. 2009 년 1 년 NEW TOEIC 년년년년 Part 5 / 6 - Part 5 년 Part 6 년 년년년년년 23 년년 년년 년년년 년년 년년년년년, 년년년 년년! *^^ 101. Businesses wait to be sure of an 105. ------- the replacement parts are delivered economic recovery but consumers are getting by tomorrow, we will have more complaints more ------- about the job market. from retailers and customers. (A) optimist (A) Such as (B) optimistic (B) Given (C) optimistically (C) Unless (D) optimists (D) Only if 102. The ------- will be chaired by Mr. 106. Training sessions for all departmental Sheldon, one of the most innovative directors supervisors will be held ------- the conference in the company. room. (A) category (A) on (B) qualification (B) of (C) committee (C) as (D) productivity (D) in 107. For the people ------- were affected by the 103. The interest rate on housing loans earthquake, the non-profit organization has dropped ------- 2.1 percent last month and is asked for more aid. expected to go down further over the next few (A) they weeks. (B) whose (A) as (C) who (B) to (D) which (C) in (D) since 108. Among the ------- candidates for the position, Mr. Clark has the most experience in 104. The desert shop specializes in cookies retail sales. made of chocolate, but ------- are available. (A) likely (A) other (B) conditional (B) the other (C) relied (C) another (D) original (D) others 1
  2. 109. There is a ------- demand for video disc (D) then drives that are compatible with multiple disc formats. 114. A good manager should ------- try to (A) grow create an atmosphere of trust and cooperation. (B) growing (A) always (C) grew (B) nearly (D) grows (C) well (D) far 110. Mr. Howard has ------- confidence in his computer programming skills that he never 115. The swimming pool had to be closed due says no when asked to create utility software. to a ------- of funds for maintenance. (A) another (A) level (B) plenty (B) shortage (C) such (C) range (D) almost (D) record 111. The customer returned his order saying 116. In order to maintain its good reputation, its switch was defective, and the online store the restaurant does its best to serve the guests agreed to ------- the full amount to his account. ------- and in a courteous manner. (A) magnify (A) quick (B) credit (B) quicker (C) discontinue (C) quickness (D) charge (D) quickly 112. The management should realize that 117. The head of sales department asked Mr. ------- out a loan is only a temporary solution Karawara to turn in his sales report ------- to the company's financial problems. noon today so that he could set the deadline. (A) was taken (A) up to (B) taking (B) for (C) having been taken (C) till (D) taken (D) by 113. The CEO was very pleased with the results of the latest sales campaign ------- gave 118. The extension of the deadline has the sales manger a bonus. enabled most of the sales representatives to (A) if so complete their ------- on time. (B) furthermore (A) propose (C) and (B) proposing 2
  3. (C) proposal 123. Economic experts agree that the merger (D) proposed will prove ------- rewarding, and that profits will soar in the near future. 119. For over 20 years, Mr. Richardson has (A) mutually been a ------- member of the Green Club to (B) lately volunteer his time to educate the public about (C) exactly recycling. (D) approximately (A) first (B) regular 124. We are ------- that the proposal will meet (C) valued with the approval of all parties concerned. (D) durable (A) confidence (B) confide 120. After tremendous success of his first (C) confident clothing shop, the designer has ------- to open (D) confidently another. (A) picked 125. Even though the assistant manager, Mr. (B) decided Schropp appeared unwilling ------- to a new (C) settled post, he was persuaded by his family to accept (D) established it. (A) transfer 121. It is surprising to see ------- much (B) to transfer broadband Internet connection fees have (C) transferring dropped over the last year. (D) to transferring (A) thus (B) how 126. Property values dropped at an ------- rate, (C) moreover and some property owners tried to minimize (D) because the loss by selling their land. (A) alarming 122. ------- the cash register, you should first (B) enlarging open the cash drawer with your key and punch (C) according in your employee number. (D) escaping (A) Use (B) To use 127. The fire insurance policy for the office (C) Used building should be renewed on ------- before (D) Using the 15th of this month. (A) when 3
  4. (B) neither 132. Effective managers use the Internet and (C) either read economic journals to keep themselves (D) or ------- about current trends in overseas trade. (A) inform 128. Mr. Garcia will already ------- his (B) informative presentation on the new manufacturing (B) informing process by the time you reach the convention (D) informed center. (A) finished 133. According to the latest news report, the (B) have finished government has decided to raise income tax (C) finishing rates for ------- with high incomes. (D) finish (A) that (B) this 129. Consumers these days ------- about the amount of fat and sugar in food products. (C) those (A) concern (D) these (B) discern (C) allow (D) care 134. The new marketing ------- that was adopted by the firm has proved very effective. 130. Mr. Toshi was elected to the city council, (A) has approached but has not officially started to carry out the (B) approach duties -------. (C) to approach (A) will be involved (D) approaches (B) involves (C) involving 135. This banquet room is the place where the (D) involved company ------- most of its seminars and meetings. 131. In spite of all their efforts and repeated (A) holds negotiations, the opposing parties have yet to (B) decides reach a -------. (C) occurs (A) benefit (D) identifies (B) proposal (C) fondness 136. We ask that you watch road signs and (D) settlement walk on the left so that cyclists can pass at a ------- speed. (A) reducing 4
  5. (B) reduces (C) among (C) reduction (D) to (D) reduced 139. Most experts agree that genetically ------- 137. Even though the grand opening of the foods should be allowed on the market after new Italian restaurant was ------- than health officials confirm they are safe. expected, many people were happy with the (A) modify food quality it served. (B) modifying (A) late (C) to modify (B) more lately (D) modified (C) lateness (D) later 140. All applicants for the position are required to complete the ------- at the front 138. It was just last month that Mr. Oretga desk and submit them. retired after 20 years of service ------- the (A) form company. (B) formation (A) forward (C) formed (B) during (D) forms 141-143 refer to the following letter David Williams 125 Clancy Lane Dearborn, Mi Dear Mr. Williams, This is to let you know that we ------- your cancellation of your purchase order 141. (A) were received (B) receiving (C) have received (D) will receive We also understand the reasons for your cancellations, as detailed in your letter. I'm very sorry about the problems you ------- while trying to order our products. 142. (A) encountered (B) caused (C) extended 5
  6. (D) transferred It seems that our online system overcharged other customers, too. This experience has shown us that we need to work on our online shop to make it more efficient. We are doing everything possible to ensure that this problem doesn't happen again. We value you as a customer, and your satisfaction is our biggest -------. 143. (A) priority (B) problem (C) concerning (D) sincerity I have enclosed a coupon for 50 percent off any future purchase if you ever decide to shop with us again. I hope you accept my sincerest apologies. Truly yours, Edward capriciano Capri Inc. 144-146 refer to the following memo. To : All Employees From : Mark Schmidt, CFO RE: Waste disposal It has come to my ------- that we have been spending too much money 144. (A) intention (B) attention (C) extension (D) opposition on paper over the past year. -------, most of the paper in our office that 145. (A) Therefore (B) Although (C) In fact (D) So as we throw in the trash can be recycled, which will in turn save us money. We can also use both sides 6
  7. of the paper for un important documents, and that means less trash. Less trash means that we cut down on our waste disposal expenses. We will also be buying less paper. This makes so much more sense ------- and environmentally. 146. (A) economy (B) economic (C) economical (D) economically This is why we have decided to start a paper recycling program. I will distribute a list of the type of paper items in our office that can be recycled. If you have any used paper on the list, please dispose of it in the specially marked bins near the employee lounge. Thank you for your cooperation. Regards, Mark Schimidt, CFO 147-149 refer to the following memo. To : All sales department staff From : Carlo Juliani, Vice President, Sales department Date : Oct. 6, 2008 On Monday, Oct. 13, from 10:30 to 13:00, there ------- a luncheon meeting 147. (A) was (B) has been (C) will be (D) had in the conference room to review the results of the last quarter covering July through September and to evaluate the outlook and the targets for the next quarter. All section heads should be ready to report ------- on the figures for both periods. 148. (A) brief 7
  8. (B) briefed (C) briefness (D) briefly The guest speaker, Mr. Solomon of Solomon consultants, will provide an in -depth forecast on the trends in the Asian markets. His ------- is scheduled for the latter half of the meeting and is expected to at one hour. 149. (A) interview (B) talk (C) training (D) writing Our CEO, Sam Jordan, will wrap up the meeting by announcing winners and handing out prizes for the sales campaign that ended in September. 150-152 refer to the following notice. 8
  9. To the Users of Prosonic TV Sets. We sincerely apologize for the ------- raised among the users of our television sets. 150. (A) mistake (B) concern (C) popularity (D) complexity The few incidents of fires caused by defective parts have been traced to a particular transformer used in a limited number of sets made between January and February of 2008. If you own a 21-inch Brightron manufactured between January and February of 1995, please bring it in to a Prosonic dealer ------- a free replacement of the parts before April 30, 2008. 151. (A) with (B) as (C) for (D) except Prosonic will make every effort to correct the defect and not let a similar product defect ------- again. We thank you for your patronage. 152. (A) occur (B) occurring (C) be occurred (D) occurs 9
  10. Masayoshi Takada President, Prosonic Corporation. ANSWERS 101. B 102. C 103. B 104. D 105. C 106. D 107. C 108. A 109. B 110. C 111. B 112. B 113. C 114. A 115. B 116. D 117. D 118. C 119. C 120. B 121. B 122. B 123. A 124. C 125. B 126. A 127. D 128. B 129. D 130 D 131. D 132. D 133. C 134. B 135. A 136. D 137. D 138. D 139. D 140. D 141. C 142. A 143. A 144. B 145. C 146. D 147. C 148. D 149. B 150. B 151. C 152. A 10
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