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Tài liệu ôn tập ôn tiếng Anh tham khảo gồm các dạng bài tập trắc nghiệm về so sánh kép. Thể so sánh kép (Double Comparative) Khi cần diễn tả những ý nghĩ như "càng.... càng..." người ta dùng thể so sánh kép (double comparative). Thể so sánh kép được tạo thành tùy theo số lượng ý mà ta muốn diễn đạt. Nếu có hai ý ta dùng The (adjective)..., the (adjective).... cho cả tính từ ngắn lẫn tính từ dài. (Lưu ý rằng trong các cấu trúc trên (adjective) có nghĩa là tính từ ở thể so sánh hơn)....



  1. Use double comparartive to complete these following sentences 1. They are big, they fall fast.  The ______________________________________________________ 2. It is hot, I feel miserable.  The ______________________________________________________ 3. I look into your eyes much, I love you much.  The ______________________________________________________ 4. He got old, he became bad-tempered.  The ______________________________________________________ 5- He worked hard. He felt very bad.  The ______________________________________________________ 6- When we think of the exam, we get more and more excited.  The ______________________________________________________ 7- As this road gets busier, it becomes more and more dangerous.  The ______________________________________________________ 8- When you get near to the Equator, the temperature becomes high.  The ______________________________________________________ 9- If she stays in England a long time, her English will be very good.  The ______________________________________________________ 10- You write fast, your writing becomes illegible.  The ______________________________________________________ 11. She is mature, she becomes beautiful.  The ______________________________________________________ 12. He study much, he becames stupid.  The ______________________________________________________ 13. He drinks much water, he becomes thirsty.  The ______________________________________________________ 14. He is mature, he becomes intelligent  The ______________________________________________________ 15. You speak English much, your English will be good.  The ______________________________________________________ 16. People save much paper, much wood pulp is preserved  The ______________________________________________________ 17. We make much paper, it becomes cheap.  The ______________________________________________________ 18. Petrol becomes expensive, people drive little.  The ______________________________________________________ 19. You make much money, you spend much.  The ______________________________________________________ 20. You work hard, you will get good results.  The ______________________________________________________ 21. You learn with him much, you will know him well.  The ______________________________________________________ 22. Many people live in this city, they need many services.  The ______________________________________________________ 23. You do much exercise, you are fit.  The ______________________________________________________ 24. He wrote much, his writing becomes good.
  2.  The ______________________________________________________ 25. They use much wood pulp, they cut many trees.  The ______________________________________________________ 26. They travel much, they know about the world good.  The ______________________________________________________ 27. Jack eats much, he becomes fat.  The ______________________________________________________ 28. We start late, we get into many traffic jams.  The ______________________________________________________ 29. We breathe much polluted air, we will get weak.  The ______________________________________________________ 30. Means of transport are cheap, they become popular.  The ______________________________________________________ 31. She studies hard, she will get good grades.  The ______________________________________________________ 32. You rest much, you will feel better.  The ______________________________________________________ 33. The weather is warmer, I feel better.  The ______________________________________________________ 34. We leave early, we will arrive soon.  The ______________________________________________________ 35. We have much knowledge, we become wise.  The ______________________________________________________ 36. You are young, you learn easily.  The ______________________________________________________ 37. the hotel is expensive, the services are good.  The ______________________________________________________ 38. You use much electricity, your bill will be high.  The ______________________________________________________ 39. I thought about the plan, I like it little.  The ______________________________________________________ 40. He is old, he learns slowly.  The ______________________________________________________ 41. She eats much, she will become fat  The ______________________________________________________ 42. She is older, she becomes more beautiful  The ______________________________________________________ 43. You have much, you want more  The ______________________________________________________ 44. I waited long. I got angry  The ______________________________________________________ 45. I live far. I feel homesick  The ______________________________________________________ 46. He got old. He became quiet  The ______________________________________________________ 47. he drove fast. I became nervous  The ______________________________________________________ 48. A flat is big. The rent is high
  3.  The ______________________________________________________ 49. The sun is high, the shadow is low.  The ______________________________________________________ 50. I study much, I know lots of.  The ______________________________________________________ 51. I know alot, I forget much.  The ______________________________________________________ 52. I forget much , I know little.  The ______________________________________________________ Answer key. 1. The bigger they are, the faster they fall. 2. The hotter it is, the more miserable I feel 3. The more I look into your eyes, the more I love you. 4. The older he got, the more bad-temper he became. 5- The harder he worked , the worse he felt . 6- The more we think of the exam, the more excited we get 7- The busier this road gets, the more dangerous it becomes 8- The nearer you get to the equator, the higherthe temperature becomes. 9- The longer she stays in England , the better her English will be 10- The faster you write, the more illegible your writing becomes 12. the more he study, the more stupid he becames. 11. The more mature she is, the more beautiful she becomes. 13. The more water he drinks, The thirstier he becomes. 14. The more mature he is, the more intelligent he becomes 15. The more you speak English, the better your English will be. 16. The more paper people save , the more wood pulp is preserved 17. The more paper we make, the cheaper it becomes. 18. The more expensive petrol becomes, the less people drive. 19. The more money you make, the more you spend. 20. The harder you work, the better results you will get. 21. The more I learn with him, the better you will know him . 22. The more people live in this city, the more services they need. 23. The more exercise you do, the fitter you are. 24. The more he wrote, the better his writing becomes. 25. The more wood pulp they use, the more trees they cut. 26. The more they travel,the better they know about the world. 27. The more Jack eat , the fatterhe becomes. 28. The later we start, the more traffic jams we get into. 29. The more polluted air we breathe, the weaker we will get. 30. The cheaper means of transport are, the more popular they become. 31. The harder she studies, the better grades she will get. 32. The more you rest, the better you will feel. 33. The warmer the weather is, the better I feel. 34. The earlier we leave, the sooner we will arrive. 35. The more knowledge we have, the wiser we become. 36. The younger you are, the more easily you learn. 37. The more expensive the hotel is, the better the services are. 38. The more electricity you use, the higher your bill will be. 39.The more I thought about the plan, the less I like it
  4. 40. The older he is , the slowlier he learns. 41. The more she eats, the fatter she will become 42. The older she is, The more beautiful she become 43. The more you have, the more you want 44. The longer I waited, the angrier I got 45. The farther I live, the more homesick I feel. 46. The older he got, the quieter he became 47. The faster she drove, the more nervous I became 48. The bigger a flat is, the higher the rent is. 49. The sun is high, the shadow is low. 50. The more I study, the more I know 51. The more I know, the more I forget 52. The more I forget, the less I know. 1. The more a car costs, ………………….. it goes. a. faster b. the faster c. the more fast d. the more faster 2.The younger you are, _______ it is to learn. a. easier b. you are easier c. the easier d. the easy 3._______ we finish the project, _______ we can start the next one. a. The soonest/ the sooner b. The sooner/ the most soon c. The sooner/ the sooner d. The soonest/ the soonest 4.__________ I forget, _________I know. A. The more/ the less B. the more/ the little C. The many / the less D. The many / the little 5. __________The sun is, ________the shadow is. A. the higher / the low B. The more high / the more low C. The higher / the lower D. the more higher / the more lower 6. _______it is, _________miserable I feel A. The hotter / more B. The hotter / the more C. The more hotter / the more D. The more hot / the more
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