Ebook Portable Softwares part 20

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Ebook Portable Softwares part 20

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  1. http://www.arcsoft.com/products/photoimpression/ info Quote: With all the photos, video and music files on your computer, wouldn't you like software that can actually simplify things? ArcSoft PhotoImpression® 6.5 Gold not only manages your media for you, but also gives you tons of fun and exciting ways to enjoy it. * Media Browser – Browse files by date, folder or import event * Multiple Views – View photos as thumbnails, full-screen and in between * Easy Fix Wizard – Enhance photos using a step-by-step approach * Advanced Editing – Make detailed photo edits using manual fix tools * Picture Book – Create and share unique, interactive picture books with page turn effects. See one in action! * Color Tinting – Turn regular color shots into dramatic black and whites with just a splash of color * Color Tone – Apply sepia and other monochromatic color effects to your photos with just one click * Photo Email – Send pictures to friends and family in a fun, colorful email template. See a sample! * Online Printing – Upload and order beautiful glossy photo prints by mail from the top online print sites * Media Player – Play music and video without launching another app * RAW Support – Open, email & print Canon, Nikon, Panasonic & Adobe RAW * Batch Processing – Rotate, rename and resize 100s of files with one click * Photo Stacking – Organize related photos into virtual stacks * Image Tags – Assign ratings and useful image tags to your media files * Custom Tags – Design your own tag icons using digital pictures * File Searching – Search and find files by keywords and tags * Photo Searching – Use one photo to find all other photos that look similar * 48-bit Image Support – Edit 48-bit image files (crop, brightness/contrast) * Slideshow Creator – Make slideshows with photos, music, and cool effects * Slideshow Output – Save shows as screensavers, videos and .exe files * High-Quality Text – Add text to photos with cool shadows and gradients * Vector Graphics – Apply clipart, frames, and edge effects to your photos * Easy Email – Turn mega-pixel photos into email-ready attachments * PhotoStamps – Order real U.S. postage featuring your own photos * Easy Printing – Print digital photos at-home without hassle * Easy Archive – Create CD and DVD backups of media files
  2. download Code: created by me - Noobie @ Updatesofts.com Code: http://rapidshare.com/files/10936149/Portable_PhotoImpression6.rar Portable Artful GIF Animator homepage Code: http://www.abacre.com/gifanimator/ info Quote: With Artful GIF Animator, you can create from scratch, import from AVI, edit and optimize your animated GIF images to develop state-of-the-art animations for web sites. Artful GIF Animator lets you import and export multiple graphic formats. With its easy-to-use interface, you can drag and drop JPEG, BMP, GIF, ICO and even AVI files into the program and then edit and preview frames on the fly - while you are editing a frame, it animates the resulting picture. It offers many important add-on capabilities, such as tuning up the individual position and editing the color palette for each frame, optimizing animated GIF images using five different color reduction methods, and others. All these makes Artful GIF Animator an excellent add-on tool for Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. It is recommended for experienced web designers as well as for those who are taking their first steps in graphic design. Excellent documentation is included. download Code: http://rapidshare.com/files/11079895/Portable_ArtfulGIFAnimator.exe no password created by me - Noobie @ Updatesofts.com
  3. Portable Atmosphere Deluxe 6 homepage Code: http://www.relaxingsoftware.com/atmdeluxehome.htm info
  4. Quote: Atmosphere ( Ambient Soundscape Generator ) is extremely easy to use, whether you simply want to sit back and listen to the relaxing soundscapes or want to create professional quality natural sound based CDs or MP3s. You don't need any experience of audio editing should you wish to use the program to create your own recordings. You can select between the inbuilt soundscapes with one click or create your own soundscape from scratch within minutes. download Code: http://rapidshare.com/files/11645747/Atmosphere_20Deluxe.rar no password Portable Axialis Screensaver Producer 3.6 homepage Code: http://www.axialis.com/ssp/ info Quote: Creating state-of-art screensavers with sprites (animated objects moving on screen) has never been easier. For example, you'll be able to create in minutes a cool screensaver with your company logo bouncing on screen.... download Code:
  5. http://rapidshare.com/files/14179257/Portable_AxialisScreenSaverProducer.exe no password ____________ noobie(UDS) Portable Batch Image Resizer 2.86 homepage Code: http://www.jklnsoft.com/ info Quote: Batch resize, rotate, stamp, convert your images. It can work with the major image formats, including JPEG, BMP, GIF, PCX, PNG. You can batch resize, rotate, stamp text on your images and convert format to others. It allows you to view images and GIF animations before or after editing.The Windows Explorer-like pane on the left side of Batch Image Resizer interface makes the program familiar enough to use. Apart from resizing and conversion, you can rotate photographs and add comments. Conversion supports common formats such as JPEG, GIF, BMP,
  6. PNG, and PCX.
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