EnCaser® 819 Outside Plant Apparatus Case

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EnCaser® 819 Outside Plant Apparatus Case

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ADC’s latest outside plant product, the EnCaser 819, increases slot density by housing up to 24 239-style repeaters including HDSL, T1, ISDN, DDS and HDSL4 — an industry first. The EnCaser 819’s rugged construction is designed to withstand the most hostile environmental conditions both above and below ground. It provides an optimal thermal environment for increased installation density and long-term reliability. With the same footprint installation and wiring practices as standard 819-type housings, the EnCaser 819 may be installed as a new case or as an upgrade to an existing 819 housing to improve its thermal characteristics. The EnCaser 819 allows every slot to be filled, which can free up literally thousands of stranded copper pairs terminated...

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