Foundation Fireworks CS4- P11

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Foundation Fireworks CS4- P11

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Foundation Fireworks CS4- P11: The chapters in this book are divided into three parts: “Part 1: Learning Fireworks,” “Part 2: Using Fireworks,” and “Part 3: Fireworks in Action.” In this first part, we start by introducing you to the Fireworks application where it lives within the Creative Suite, what makes it unique, and why you would use it. You’ll be introduced to the bitmap and vector tools and learn how to export your artwork to the Web.

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  1. INDEX Initial content, in Create AIR Package Layers panel playing with background patterns and dialog, 168 bitmap object in, 32 graphics in, 238 init method, defined in CDATA section of Flex skin, 145 Matte option, in Fireworks optimization, , 216 Line tool, in Vector tools section of Tools 80 Inset/Expand paths command, in Alter palette, 50–51 Milbourne, Paul, et al, The Essential Paths section, 63 links, defining on Gallery page, 166 Guide to Flash CS4 with Action- installing, new extensions, 186 List reset, 250 Script by, 29 integration Live Filters concept, pioneered by Mirror Points command, in Edit Points defined, 17–18 Fireworks, 107 section, 69 how it helps design process, 18 live marquee option, as selection MMExecute() method, 191 within the Creative Suite, 18 technique, 34 passing JSF to Fireworks via, 196 Intersect Paths command, in Paths panel, loading spinner Moll, Cameron, CSS Mastery Advanced 59 building an Ajax-style, 136 Web Standards Solutions by, 241 Into option, in Import Fireworks Docu- creating the animation frames, MonkCMS, web site address, 242 ment dialog, 29 135–136 morphing Invert Gradients command, in Alter Paths fading around the circle, 134 an animation, 136–139 section, 64 manipulating objects in, 134 creating the animation states, 138 Invert Paths command, in Alter Paths previewing the results, 136 making some shapes for, 137 section, 64 logo preparing the document, 136 adding some detail and dimension separating the groups, 137 to, 260 shapes on your canvas, 137 J creating, 259–260 ungrouped objects in animation, 138 JavaScript and Flash, developing an ef- defining basic shape and color of, 259 Mouse.onRelease event handler, adding, fective workflow using, 189–223 polishing up, 260 198 Join Paths command, in Paths panel, 58 logo example, creating in Fireworks, 237 Move Points command, in Edit Points Join Points command, in Edit Points Lorem Ipsum command, generating filler section, 69 section, 72 text with, 161 MovieClips, managing with Alignment- JPEG compression options, in Optimize Lorem Ipsum panel on Fireworks Ex- Manager, 209–210 panel, 82–84 change, Mayur Mundada’s, 161 multistate editing, changing, 130 JPEG images, smoothing and sharpen- Lossy compression option, in Fireworks Mundada, Mayur, Lorem Ipsum panel on ing, 83 optimization, 80 Fireworks Exchange, 161 JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) tag, of DrawRect. format, for use in Fireworks, 78 mxml, 215–216 JPEG or GIF preview mode, 94 M , init method defined in, 216 .jsf extension, 190 Magic Wand tool, 33, 36–37 JSF (JavaScript Fireworks), 190 Tolerance settings, 36 creating a simple command, 191–195 main title, creating for web headers, N editing and understanding, 194–195 119–120 Name field, in Create AIR Package importing and executing, 196 Make Handles Same Length command, dialog, 167 in Edit Points section, 72 navigation image, nav.png, 247 Make Handles Tangent command, in Edit navigation page, Export window for, 247 K Points section, 72 nav.png Knife on Points command, in Edit Points defining the dimensions of back- Markup Factory, web site address, 242 section, 72 ground bitmap, 251 Marquee tool, 34–35 Knife tool, in Vector tools section of navigation image, 247 automatically selecting, 35 Tools palette, 56 New Flex Skin, autogenerated layout, 144 list of settings, 35 master page New Flex Skin dialog, 144 New/Duplicate States button, in States L adding application title to, 160 adding tabs to, 158 panel, 132 Lasso tool, 32 adding your logo to, 238 nine-slice scaling, modifying in Flex creating free-form selections with, 35 designing content container for, 158 project, 152 image of selection, 33 designing for AIR application, 157 NumericStepper component settings, 35 designing the background, 157 creating four instances of, 200 layer comps, creating in Photoshop, for blog web site, 229 setting values via Component inspec- 20–21 tor, 201 279
  2. INDEX O Paths panel categories organized in, 57 preview window, reviewing file settings recommendations in, 94 objects manipulating in animation, 134 commands in Combine Paths section, primary rectangle, defining for web ungrouping, 259 58–61 headers, 117 objects and layers, organizing for docu- using in vector graphics, 56–57 Property inspector, when Rubber Stamp ments, 258 Pencil tool, 38–39 tool is active, 32 Objects option, in Import Fireworks Pen tool Punch Paths command, in Paths panel, Document dialog, 29 curved vector object drawn with, 52 59 Offset Points command, in Edit Points in Tools palette, 51–52 section, 71 Photoshop onFwActiveSelectionChange event, 210 creating a new PSD in with Rectangle QR onFwActiveSelectionChange function, tool, 24 RadioButton symbol, setting properties ActionScript defining, 210 Fireworks integration with, 19–25 for, 9 onFwActiveToolChange event, 211 importing a file in Fireworks, 19–21 Rectangle Hotspot tool, drawing onFwStartMovie event, 211 importing a PNG file into, 24–25 hotspots on navigation buttons with, 165 onFwStopMovie event, 211 support in Fireworks, 11–12 Rectangle tool, 4 onion skinning working with shapes from, 24 creating a new PSD in Photoshop options, 131 Photoshop CS4. See Photoshop with, 24 quickly in States panel, 130 Photoshop Export Options dialog, 12, 25 creating a single rectangle with, 133 onRelease event, adding event handler Photoshop File Import Options dialog, in in Vector tools section of Tools pal- to a button, 198 Fireworks CS4, 19 ette, 53 Open/Close Paths command, in Alter Photoshop File Open Options dialog, 11 Rectangle type, properties included in, Paths section, 65 in Fireworks CS4, 21 194 Optimize panel Photoshop file (PSD), opening in Fire- Red Eye removal tool, 46 JPEG compression options in, 82–84 works, 21–22 reflection effects selecting Sharpen JPEG edges in, 83 Photoshop Live Effects, 22–25 creating, 113–115 Oval Marquee tool, 34 dialog box, 23 final reflection of glass button, 114 Photoshop PSD file, saving file as, 12 reflection object PICT format, available in Fireworks, 79 adding linear gradient opacity mask to P Pixel Dimensions section, in Photoshop File Import Options dialog, 20 flipped, 113 flipping, 113 package, defining along with DrawRect class, 213 Plastic styles, selecting from combo box, Render as images option, in Vector File page body, defining, 256 147 Options dialog, 27–28 page concept, in Fireworks, 4 plug-ins. See filters (or plug-ins) Replace color tool, 45–46 pages PNG file, importing into Photoshop, 24–25 Resize Selected Objects command, 178 assembling, 263–271 PNG (Portable Network Graphic) format, Resize Selected Objects dialog, 180 organizing site design into, 258–259 available for use in Fireworks, 78 Resolution setting, in Vector File Options Pages panel points dialog, 27 preparing new page in, 246–247 editing, 68–73 retouching tools, additional, 44–46 setting master page in, 229 selecting on a line or path, 67 returned values, working with, 202–204 with four added pages, 258 Polygon Hotspot tool, drawing header- Rotate Points command, in Edit Points palette index, options available for color drag-area hotspot with, 165 section, 69 palettes via, 80 Polygon Lasso tool, 32 roundness argument, for addNewRectan- panels Polygon Slice tool, 76 glePrimitive method, 194 building with ActionScript, 211–218 portfolio detail pages Round Points to Pixels/Round Points packaging and deploying, 219–220 applying Hue/Saturation filter to, 164 to Half-Pixels command, in Edit paths building, 163–164 Points section, 69 altering, 61–66 duplicating and finalizing page names, Rubber Stamp tool combining, 58–61 164 active in Property inspector, 32 created from a selection, 37 portfolio viewer application, creating fixing blemishes on photographs with, defining initial for web headers, 123 simple mockup of, 156 44 with particle effects for web headers, Prefer native filters over Photoshop Live settings, 44 124 Effects option, in Photoshop File using to remove areas of an image, 45 Open Options dialog, 21 280
  3. INDEX S Slices select box, deciding how you want slices treated in, 89 text elements, adding to web headers, 119–120 scaleModel and align properties, basics in action, 208 Slice tool, 4 text indent, extreme negative, 251 Scale Points command, in Edit Points in Fireworks, 76 Text option, in Import Fireworks Docu- section, 69 vs. Hotspot tool, 76 ment dialog, 29 Scale setting, in Vector File Options Smart Polygon tool, using, 259 Text Properties panel, 54 dialog, 27 Smith, Nathan, templates by, 233 Text tool, in Vector tools section of Tools Select All Points command, in Select Smoothing setting, for JPEG images, 83 palette, 54–55 Points section, 67 Smooth Points command, in Edit Points texture fills, 105 Select Contour command, in Select section, 68 The Essential Guide to Flash CS4 with Points section, 67 Smudge tool, 44 ActionScript, by Paul Milbourne, Selected Slices Only option, images-only Specific components radio button, for et al., 29 Export dialog, 89 skinning a specific component, thumbnail symbol Select First Point command, in Select 145 adding a shadow or color to, 162 Points section, 67 Split Paths command, in Paths panel, 58 adding highlights to, 161 Select Inverse Points command, in Select sprites, creating site navigation with, 246 converting thumbnail elements to, 163 Points section, 67 sprite sheet, example of, 245 creating for AIR application, 161–163 selections, converting to paths and vice state delay, between states when anima- gradient handle positions for, 161 versa, 37–38 tion is playing, 130 TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) selection tools, 33–37 states, duplicating and reversing, 138–139 available for use in Fireworks, 78 selective compression, optimizing JPEG States panel, 129–132 preview window, 95 images with, 82 with options menu open, 129 Tolerance property, added to Magic Select No Points command, in Select Store page Wand tool, 36 Points section, 67 building, 264–266 Tools palette, Vector tools section of, 50 Select Points section, commands in, 67 propagating, 266 Tools panel, bitmap tools housed in, Select/Deselect Next/Previous Points Straighten Points command, in Edit 32–33 command, in Select Points sec- Points section, 68 Transparency property, in image optimi- tion, 67 styles zation, 81 Select Top/Right/Bottom/Lefts Points in Fireworks CS4, 109–110 Trim Paths command, in Paths panel, 61 command, in Select Points sec- reviewing applied in Property inspec- T-shirt graphic, drawing, 261 tion, 67 tor, 110 Twist and Fade command dialog, 176 SetColor method, how it works with Fire- Styles panel, launching, 147 Styles panel, selecting style library in, 109 works-returned color value, 203 Subdivide Points command, in Edit Points U setFillColor method, 195 Uniform color palette, available in palette shared layers and pages, 255–256 section, 71 Subselection tool, 6 index, 80 Share Layer to All Pages option on Base Uninstall extension confirmation dialog, layer, 258 using in vector graphics, 51 SWF files, 190 187 Sharpen JPEG edges, selecting in Opti- Union Paths command, in Paths panel, 59 mize panel, 83 keyboard shortcut for publishing, 204 updating Add Rect button event unordered list reset, with no bullets or Sharpen Points command, in Edit Points indentation, 250 section, 70 handler, 204 Sharpen tool, 41–42 Symbol Properties panel, setting proper- Shift key, as selection technique, 34 symbols ties on selected control with, 9 V Show Preview option, in Photoshop File Vector File Options dialog, 12 Import Options dialog, 20 editing, 266 settings in, 26–28 sight design, example of, 246 indicating properties of color in slice’s vector graphics, working with, 49–73 Simplify Paths command, in Alter Paths color palette, 81 Vector Path tool section, 62 using for efficient workflow, 266 in Vector tools section of Tools pal- site navigation, creating with sprites, 246 ette, 52 skin T random line drawn with, 52 importing in Flex, 148 terminology, for developing effective Vector tools, using, 50–56 naming, 145 workflow, 190 Version field, in Create AIR Package skin images, importing, 149–152 TextBox method, for importing your JSF, dialog, 167 slices, tips to consider when creating, 76 204–205 visual effects, creating, 101 281
  4. INDEX W Web layer, slices stored in, 4 web-safe color palette, 80 project details example, 228 project planning and preparation, web, exporting animations for, 139–141 Web 216 color palette, available in pal- web site addresses 228–232 ette index, 80 Adobe AIR information, 156 turning wireframes into gray frames, Web Adaptive color palette, available in Adobe Flex, 147 233–236 palette index, 80 Adobe trial edition applications, 17 Web site case study #2, CSS Sprites, web design tool, Fireworks as, 4–6 downloads for book, 24 245–253 web headers Fireworks Developer Center, 223 Web site case study #3, e-commerce, adding, 121, 126 Fireworks developer tools, 205 255–272 adding foreground glass to, 121 Fireworks Exchange, 161 Weld Points command, in Edit Points adding highlight border to, 118–119 Fireworks Exchange, 182 section, 73 adding text elements to, 119–120 FWAPI_Inspector panel, 222 Width and Height options, in Vector File adding texture to primary rectangle, Mac OS X Extension Manager, 185 Options dialog, 27 117 Markup Factory, 242 Windows and Mac OS color palette, changing Stroke setting and setting MonkCMS, 242 available in palette index, 80 properties for, 123 Nathan Smith’s templates, 233 Window Size field, in Create AIR Package color palette, 116 starter MXI file, 219 dialog, 168 creating in Fireworks, 115–121 Windows Extension Manager, 185 Window Style drop-down, in Create AIR creating thick diagonal background Web site case study #1 Package dialog, 168 texture, 116 blog, 227–242 wireframes defining primary rectangle, 117 building out:from graphics to code, basic showing size and placement of defining the container rectangle, 116 241–242 elements, 229 evolving the particle effect, 125 creating a logo for the design, 236–237 creating for the home page, 231 final background texture for, 126 design composition, 237–241 exploring blog layouts with, 229–232 final for My Web Site, 115 exploring layouts with wireframes, turning into gray frames, 233–236 final magical layout, 126 229–232 workspace, setting up for checkout finding the right color palette for, 116 integrating blog into a CMS, 242 process, 256–259 282
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