Giáo án tiếng anh 10: 0 Grade 10 Test yourself AI.

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  1. Giáo án tiếng văn 10 Grade 10 Test yourself A I. Objectives: After this lesson, students will be able to: - Check themselves their skills in reading, speaking, listening, and writing. - Improve their knowledge through the test yourself II. Method: Integrated, mainly communicative II. Teaching aids: Textbook, board, handouts IV. Procedures: Teacher’s activities Students’ Notes activities
  2. Warm-up: (5 minutes) - Greeting - Greeting - Ask students something - Answer about the test yourself A teacher’s * Have you prepared it at questions home? * Have you got any difficulties? Test yourself I. Listening(2.5 points) - Look at the (10 minutes) book and listen to - Present the task: Listen the task and complete the table - Understand the below task
  3. - Tell students the topic of - Listen to the the table teacher’s reading - Get students to look carefully through the table - Fill in the - Explain the meaning of blanks with the words they’ve new words just heard - After that read the passage - Correct aloud twice mistakes - Let students fill in the blanks with the words they have just heard - Go round the class to control the work - Then read the passage the last time for students to check their results - Correct mistakes
  4. Keys: 1. 15th January 1929 2. In 1951 3. for 4 years 4. he met 5. they got married 6. a minister at a 7. the black freedom movement - Look at the 8. heard his speech at the textbook and listen to the 9. In 1964 teacher 4th April 1968 10. II. Reading (2.5 points) (10 minutes) - Present the task: Read the - Work in groups passage and choose one to discuss about
  5. appropriate phrase in the the passage box for each blank. There - Finish the task are more phrases than - Compare their needed results with the - Get students to work in other groups, and groups, discuss about the then with the passage keys - Go round the class to control the discussion - State the best option - Correct mistakes Keys: 1. F: took a degree in Economics 2. C: worked hard 3. A: the chairman of Fairfield Education
  6. Committee 4. D: for two years 5. B: for the best essay - Listen to the on education teacher - Work in groups III. Grammar(2.5 points) to complete the letter (8 minutes) - Present the task: Use the - Compare the correct form of the verbs in results with the brackets to complete the other groups letter of application below - Correct - Get students to discuss mistakes the letter in groups or in - Finish the letter pairs - Go round the class to control the set’s activities - State the keys
  7. - Correct mistakes Keys: 1. To apply 2. am 3. attended 4. passed 5. got 6. can 7. reading 8. - Read the letter know carefully 9. am able 10. - In groups or in hearing pairs, write her a letter - Compare the IV. Writing (7 minutes) - Present the task: Sally results with the Green writes Phong a other groups letter. Read the letter carefully and then in - Correct Phong’s name, write her a
  8. reply mistakes - Ask students to read the letter carefully - In Phong’s name, get students to write Sally Green a reply - Go round the class to control the students’ - Study all the activities lessons again - Correct mistakes - Get the knowledge ready Homework (5 minutes) for the coming - Ask students: test + to study all the lessons again + to get ready for the 45 minute-test in the next
  9. period
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