Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 10: UNIT 2: CLOTHING Lesson 5: Language Focus

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  1. UNIT 2: CLOTHING Lesson 5: Language Focus 1,2,3 A. Aims: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to get more practice with the present perfect tense. B. Teaching aids:  Extraboard, pictures C. Content: 1. Warmup: Verb dictation Teacher reads the verbs in Vietnamese, students write them, in English with 3 forms: Bare–infinitive, past simple, past–participle Eg: Teacher (reads): làm Students (write): do–did–done 1. thấy: see–saw–seen 6. xõy dựng:build–built–built 2. ăn: eat–ate–eatten 7. giải quyết: solve–solved– solved 8. thấy, tỡm thấy: find–found– 3. cú: have–had–had found 4. đi: go–went–gone sản xuất:make–made– 9.làm, made 5. thăm, viếng thăm: visit–visited–visited 10. trồng, mọc: grow–grew– grown
  2. 2. Pre–teach vocabulary: Dinh độc lập reunification Palace (n) : (picture) Dam Sen Amusement Park (n) : (picture) vegetarian (n) : department store (n) : (exam/exp) champagne (n) : (sit) famous type of wine made in France *Checking: ROR. 3.Dialogue build: Lan: Have you ever been to (HCM City)? Mai: Yes, I have. Lan: Have you visited (Dam Sen Amusement Park) yet? Mai: Yes, I have already visited. Lan: When did you visit it? Mai: I visited it (last summer). * Model sentences: Have you ever been to HCM City? Have you visited Dam Sen Amusement Park yet? I have already visited. Form : (+) S + have/has + (already) + PP + ............... (-) S + have/has + not + PP +........+ yet (?) Have/has + S + (ever) + PP + ......+ (yet)? Use : The Present Perfect used with:
  3. -“already” trong câu khẳng định để nhấn mạnh hành động đã xảy ra, đã hoàn tất. -“not.....yet” trong câu phủ định → hành động chưa xảy ra, chưa hoàn tất. -“ever” trong câu nghi vấn → hành động có bao giờ xảy ra hay chưa? → hành động đã xảy ra, hoàn tất chưa? “yet” - Have ss recall the Present Perfect used with “for”, “since”(miêu tả thời gian kéo dài của hành động) khoảng thời gian → I have learnt English for 3 years. - “for” + - “since” + mốc thời gian She has learnt English since 2004. → Trả lời cho câu hỏi “ How long” : How long have you learnt English? * Model sentence : I visited it last summer. Form : (+) S + V(past) + .................... (-) S + didnot + V(bare) + ........ (?) Did + S + V(bare) + ...........? The Past Simple : diễn tả hành động đã xảy ra trong quá khứ, chấm dứt Use : ồi và biết rõ thời gian (last....., yesterday,...ago) - Ask ss about the differences between the present perfect and the simple past:  We use the simple past to talk about definite time (last time, last summer,…)  We use the present perfect to talk about indefinite time (ever, already,…) II. Practice:Ex2: (P20) (pairwork
  4. - Set the scene : Imagine you and your partner are visiting HCM City. Ask and answer questions about the things you have done. Use the present perfect tense of the verbs in the box: do, visit, see, go, eat. Eg: a,  Have you visited Reunification Palace yet?  No I haven’t.  Have you eaten French food yet? b,  Yes I have already eaten it. Ex3: (P2021) (pairwork): Ask and answer about e ach of the items in the box.  Have you ever been to Hue? Eg:  Yes, I have.  When did you go there?  Last month. III. Production:(Ex.2, p.13,workbook) Put the verbs into the correct form : Present Perfect or Past simple? - T models : 1. I (lose) my pen. I can’t find it anywhere. → have lost 2. We (see) a road accident near the shopping center this morning. → saw - Give ss 3 minutes to read and identify the correct tense of the verbs in brackets. - Call on some ss to give their answer. - Correct *Key: a.bought f. did.....start
  5. b.has had g.didn’t eat/ didn’t feel c.arrived/had/went h.Have....washed d.Did...visit i.didn’t want e.has taken j. have never met IV. Homework:  Learn by heart vocabulary, form, use...  Do LF. 1,2,3 on notebook  Do Ex.1,2,3,4 in the Workbook  Prepare Language Focus 4,5 V.Teacher’s self-evaluation:
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