Giáo án tiếng anh lớp 10: UNIT 8: THE STORY OF MY VILLAGE

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Giáo án tiếng văn 10

Period 45: Lesson 4: Writing

I. Objectives:

1. Education Aims: - Students can write a letter giving
directions to a certain place.

2. Knowledge:

a. General knowledge: - Giving directions.

b. Language: - Language used to give directions.

- Imperative sentences.

3. Skills: - Reading: Read the sample letter.

- Speaking: Work in pairs to find Ann's house
on the map as well as the words and phrases
used to give directions .

- Writing: Write a letter to tell Jim the way to
house A on the map.

II. Anticipated problems:
- Students may have difficulty in giving
directions in letters.

III. Teaching Aids: - Board, textbook, chalk.

IV. Procedures:

Teacher's activities Students'

1. Homework checking :

- Ask one St to talk about the
changes in our hometown or
his/her home village.
- Listen to their friend and
- Ask other Ss to listen to their give remarks.
friend and give remarks.

- Check and give remarks.
- Listen to the teacher.
2. Before you write:

- Aims:to get Sts to read the
sample letter and to help them
to prepare vocabulary and
information before they write.

+ Task 1:

- Introduce the situation. - Listen to the teacher
- Explain some new words:

+ direction (n) : the way that a
person or thing moves along

+ enclose (v): put something
in a letter or a parcel - Copy these words into
- Ask Ss to listen to the teacher their notebooks.
and repeat, then write these - Listen to the teacher and
words into their notebooks. then read these words in
- Ask Ss to work in pairs to chorus and individually.
read about the letter and to
look at the map to find Ann's
- Read the letter in pairs.

- Move round to help if
- Share their answer with
their friends.
- Ask Ss to compare their ideas
- Present their ideas.
with other pairs. Answer: H

- Ask some Ss to tell the whole
class where Ann's house is. - Listen to the teacher.
Teacher may ask them to
explain more about their
- Work in pairs to read the
- Listen and give remarks.
letter and underline the
+ Task 2:
- Ask Ss to work in pairs to
read the letter again and
- Two Ss write the words
underline the words and
and phrases on the board
phrases used to give
get out of go over (
a bridge)
- Move round to help if
turn right/left walk past
( a medical centre)
- Ask 2 Ss to write these
keep walking take the
words/ phrases on the board.
- Check and give remarks.
- Ask Ss to make some
examples with these words.

3. While you write:

- Aims: Ss practise writing a - Do the writing task.
letter to Jim, telling him the
way to house A from Roston
Railway Station.

- Ask Ss to write a letter to
Jim, telling him the way to
house A from Roston Railway - Read their writing: (A
sample paragraph)
"Dear Jim,
- Let Ss write in 8 minutes.
I'm very glad that you will
- Move around to conduct the
come here for the summer
holiday ............. from
4. After you write:
Roston Raiway Station.
Aims: to get feedback and
Now when you come out of
check Ss' work.
the station, turn right. Keep
- Get feedback by asking some
walking for about 5
Ss to read their work aloud. minutes, you will see a
small bridge ahead. Go
- Ask some other Ss to give
over the bridge, go along
the street, walk past a
- Check and give the correct
medical centre and the car
park then take the second
- If there is enough time, T can
turning on the left. Walk
have Ss exchange their writing
past the Souvenir shop and
among Ss within a group so
you will see my house. It's
that they can check their
on the right, next to the
friend's work and give remarks
shop.............. "
5. Homework:

- Write a letter to tell their
friends the way to their house
from Hai Duong Railway
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