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Nội dung Text: Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 11: UNIT 10 NATURE IN DANGER-LANGUAGE FOCUS


  1. UNIT 10 NATURE IN DANGER PART E: Language focus I.Objectives 1Aim:By the end of the lesson . -Pronunciation: helping Ss to pronounce the sound /sl/, /sm/, /sn/, /sw/ 2.Grammar: helping Ss to use Relative Pronouns with prepositions. 3.Teaching Aids: blackboard, charts, tapes, cassette, pictures. II.Procedure T Contents T & Ss’activities Warm-up (3’) - Sslisten and fill in T gives the chart, these are some: _ow, _art, this game _im, …. And s ome prefixes: /sl/, /sm/, /sn/, /sw/ -asks Ss to use these prefixes to fill in these -Ss listen and repeat
  2. to have the whole words. A/Pronunciation: -Ss repeat the words -plays the tape twice and sentences /sl/ /sm/ /sn/ -T corrects the /sw/ mistakes Slave small snack -T asks Ss to pay swallow attention to the Sleep smart sneeze pronunciation of these swim Slim smell snooker swing Slowly smoke snowy switch Sentences in the text book(page 121) B/Grammar: -listen and write down RELATIVE PRONOUNS WITH in their notebooks PREPOSITIONS
  3. -repeat the combination of these sentences, using relative Pronoun +The man is standing there. We talked about him yesterday. The man whom we talked about yesterday is standing there. -Instead of that, we can use like this: T instructs Ss to do the The man about whom we talked yesterday exercise 1,2,3 on page is standing there. 122, 123 ……Preposition _ Relative pronoun….(whom/which) -Never use this form with Relative Pronoun -Ss work in groups and THAT -Repeat somethings about Phrasal Verbs, do the exercises then for example, wash up…, we can’t use go to bb to write the answers Relative pronoun follows a preposition. Example:
  4. +My mother has just bought some new dishes. My sister is washing them up. -Only combine like this: My mother has just bought some new dishes which my sister is washing up. - Practice (15’) Key: +Exercise 1:Choose the suitable italicised -Ss work in groups and words to complete the following sentences give the answers 1/whom 2/which 3/whom -T checks and give 4/which 5/that 6/whom feeedback 7/which +Exercise 2:Combine the folowing sentences , using the preposition+ whom , which 1/The man to whom I talked yesterday was
  5. very kind. 2/The man about whom I told you works in the hospital. 3/The woman about whom I am telling you teaches me English. 4/The movie about which asks some Ss to read +Exercise 3: aloud the answers. 1/that 2/which 3/who -corrects mistakes. 4/whom 5/which/that 6/whom -gets some Ss to make -asks some Ss to read aloud the answers. the conversation in -corrects mistakes. which they use this -gets some Ss to make the conversation in combination. which they use this combination. Free practice (3’) Discus something about some solutions to solve the pollution of environment by using relative pronouns
  6. Homework(2’) -Gives Ss some sentences, asks them to combine these sentences, using Relative Pronoun follows a preposition.
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