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Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 11: UNIT 6: COMPETITION-READING

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Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 11: UNIT 6: COMPETITION-READING

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  1. Period:31 reading Class Teaching date Absentees 11A I. Objectives: By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to:Develop such reading micro-skills as scanning for specific ideas and identifying meaning in context. Use the information they have read to discuss the related topic. II. Method and Tecniques: - Communicative approach, gap- filling, - Matching ,role play, discussion, work group, pair work, III. Teaching aids: -Text books , posters. Handouts IV. PROCEDURE : T’s activities Ss’activities Warm –up(5m) - Get Ss to work in pairs, matching the 4 Pair work given competition with the correct pictures a. Quiz: Road to Mount Olympia on page 66 b. London Marathon - Check the answer with the whole class c. Sao Mai Television Singing contest - Get Ss to tell which of these competition d. Olympic Games they like most and why. T gets Ss to name
  2. some other competitions that they know or have ever participated in and elicits their comments on the events I. Before you read(7m) pair work - Introduces the topic of the lesson and get 1. Yes, Because I want to overcome myself Ss to work in pairs and answer the 2. Yes, I do. I like to win in Quiz:”Road to questions on page 67 Mount Olympia” - Calls some Ss to answer the questions. 3.No, it isn’t. Because I think the most Ask Ss to give reasons for their answers. T important thing is having a chance to helps Ss to express their ideas participate in a competition, learning from other competitors and enjoy ourselves Guides Ss to read the new words Read in chorus Then asks Ss to guess what they are going to read about II. While you read Set the scene: You are going to about a school’s competition Task 1(7m) Get Ss to read the passage silently and then St read the text and give answers to task 1 do Task 1 (Individual work) - Check the answers with the whole class Compare the answers with a partner. - Check Ss’ understanding all these words Suggested answers: correctly by calling on some Ss to tell the 1. d 2. f meaning of the words in Vietnamese 3. e 4. c 5. b 6. a
  3. Task 2(8m) - Asks Ss skim the 6 questions to understand them Individual work and pair work - Asks them to read carefully the passage Suggested answers: again 1. The representatives of three classes of the - Then T gets Ss to check their answer with speaker’s school (line 1, paragraph 1). a partner 2. The aim was to stimulate the spirit of - Calls some Ss to read aloud their answer learning English• among students (lines 3-4, and ask them to explain their choices paragraph 1). - Gives the correct answers 3. The students’ Parents Society (line 4, paragraph 1). 4. They had to complete 5 activities in all. On completion of each activity, they had to answer the questions in the worksheets within 2 minutes (lines 1-4, paragraph 2). 5. They had to observe and score the students’ performance. A maximum score for each activity was 15. At the end of the competition they would announce the total score of each group. The group that got the highest scores will be the winner (lines 4-7, paragraph 2). 6. A set of CDs for studying English and an Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (lines Task 3 (8m) 8-9, paragraph 2). - Asks Ss to read Paragraph 3 again and
  4. complete the sentences Read Paragraph 3 again and complete the - Calls some Ss to write their answers on sentences (group work) the board and ask them to explain their choices Suggested answers: 1. ….to recite/complete the poem because 1. ….to recite/complete the poem because he he could not remember the last sentence could not remember the last sentence 2…..became the winner of the competition 2…..became the winner of the competition 3. …60 points 3. …60 points 4. …..” For me the important thing was our 4. …..” For me the important thing was our participation in the competition and the participation in the competition and the enjoyment we had from it” enjoyment we had from it” III. After you read(7m) - T reads the poem aloud once or twice and get Ss to repeat each line after her/him Group work - Lets Ss practice reciting the poem in their Patter ['pætə]: tiếng tí tách, tiếng lộp độp own groups (mưa rơi) - Calls different groups to read the poem Window –pane /'windou'pein/ ô kính cửa sổ and ask the class to decide who the best performers are - Asks them to translate the poem into Vietnamese Whole class Consolidation and homework(3m) - T summarises the main point of the lesson Homework - Asks Ss to learn by heart the new words learn by heart the new words and make and make sentences from them. sentences from them Prepare for SPEAKING
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