Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 11: UNIT 7: WORLD POPULATION-WRITING

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Nội dung Text: Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 11: UNIT 7: WORLD POPULATION-WRITING


I. Objectives:
1.Educational aim: Students should write descriptions of pie charts
2.General knowledge: Students learn how to write a descriptions of a chart
- Language: students should interpret statistics on population from a chart
- New words: Words related to the topic
3. Skills: Writing descriptions of pie charts
II. Method: Integrated, mainly communicative
III. Teaching aids: Student’s book, notebook,
IV. Procedure:
Teacher’s activities Students’ activities
Warm up
Look at the picture and answer:
Books closed
T shows Ss a pie or a piece of paper with S: It’s a cake.
a pie and asks questions: S: You are cutting the cake.
T: What’s this?
T: Yes, it’s a pie cake. It’s round. Now S: They are the same size. They are
look at what I am doing. equal
T: Yes, I am dividing it into parts. What
do you think about the parts? S: No, they are not equal.
T: Now open your books and you can see
another one. This chart is round so it is a
pie chart. Are the patts in the pie chart
T: Yes, these parts stand for the
distribution of population in the world, Ss work in group, read the information
and it is not equal among regions. in the chart and use Useful language
T asks Ss to work in pairs: ask and to write the paragraph
answer about the information in the chart Ss practice writing in groups of 3 or 4.
T presents Useful language and explains: Ss present their writing on the board.
- The chart shows the distribution of
world population by region Suggested paragraph(1)
- It can be seen that The chart shows the distribution of
- distributed unevenly world population by region. It can be
- account for …… per cent seen from the chart that the world
- more than double the population of population is distributed unevenly in
- half as much as the South-East Asia. It accounts for
- nearly half of 58% of the world population.
- rank first / last Especially, the population of East Asia
T instructs Ss how to use Useful is more than double the population of
language to describe the chart Africa. The population of Northern
T goes round the class and provide help American is nearly half of the
when necessary population of Africa. In comparison
T gives some suggested sentences : with the other region, the Ocean ranks
- The world population is not distributed last, about 2%. Finally the population
evenly / is distributed unevenly. of Latin America is 2% more than the
- The South Asia ranks first with 32% / ( one of Northern American, about 8%.
The South Asia has the most people / has Suggested paragraph(2)
the largest population). The chart show the distribution of
- Very few people live in the Oceania. / world population by region.
The Oceania is the least populated / The As seen from the chart, the world
Oceania has the least population. population is not distributed evenly.
- Less than that in South Asia is East South Asia has the largest population
Asia with only 26%. with 32% while the Oceania is the
- Africa and Europe have fewer people least populated with only 2%. A bit
with 11% for the former and 15% for the higher than that of the Oceania are
later. the rates of Latin America and
- Compared with the Oceania which Northern America with 8% for the
ranks last in the table, Latin has former and 6% for the latter. / ( wth
approximately 8% of the world 8 % and 6% respectively). Europe
population whereas Northern America accounts for 15% of the world
has a lower rate with only 6%. Nowadays population and Africa is a bit lower
15% the world population is living in with only 11%.
Europe. To sum up, more people are found in
T corrects mistakes and gives suggested Asia than in other parts of the world.
T asks Ss to write a paragraph of their
own at home Homework:
- write a paragraph at home
- Prepare for LANGUAGE FOCUS
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