Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 11: UNIT 8: CELEBRATION-WRITING

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Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 11: UNIT 8: CELEBRATION-WRITING

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  1. Period:48 Describing a celebration Class Teaching dates Absentees 11A I. OBJECTIVES 1. Educational aim : Students should know how to describe a celebration 2. Knowledge General knowledge: Students learn writing a description of one of the popular celebrations Language: words related to festival 3. Skills : Writing II. METHOD : Integrated, mainly communicative III. TEACHING AIDS :Text book, poster
  2. IV. PROCEDURE Teacher’s activities Students’ activities Pre-Writing (5’) -Ask some questions: 1.Have you ever taken part in one of Observe and work in pairs to answer - Answer the question the popular celebrations in Vietnam? 2. What do you know about it? 3. When is Teachers’ Day? 4. What do you often do on that day? Lead in : To know more about the popular celebration we will learn the - Work in groups. - Listen carefully. new lesson: Writing While-Writing (25’) - Take notes T: Before writing, discuss in groups Things or activities relating to : about the celebrations chosen. 1) Independence Day : Give some cues related to some popular marches, parades, meetings, flags, celebrations. banners, demonstration, and a day T goes around for help. off. T collects students’ ideas and writes 2) Mid-Autumn Festival :
  3. them on the board. lanterns, dragon or lion dance, Asks ss to write a description of one of mooncakes, full moon, children. the popular celebrations in Vietnam 3) Women’s Day : (e.g. Mid-Autumn Festival, National flowers, gifts, housework. Independence Day, Teachers’ Day, 4) Teachers’ Day : Women’s Day, ect. ). Your description flowers, gifts, gratitude, visit, should include the following main performances, dance, sing. points : - Do the writing.  name and time of the festival - Write the descriptions on the board.  purpose / meaning of the festival Suggested Writing:  main activities of the festival Describing a celebration: Teachers’  your feeling about the festival ( Day Every year, on November 20th whether you like it or not and the reason(s) ) , all schools throughout our country - Have students do the writing celebrate Teachers’ Day. It is a good time for students to show their love, Post-Writing (15’) respect and gratitude towards their Has the representatives of two groups teachers. On the morning of to write their description on the November 20th , all students are at blackboard. school to attend the celebration and
  4. enjoy the music show played by our Mid-Autumn Festival : Mid-Autumn Festival is of my most school band and other students. favourite festivals. It is held on the 15th After that we give our teachers day of the 8th lunar month every year. beautiful flowers, cards and best It’Ss the time when Vietnamese people wishes. We also pay a visit to our celebrate the largest full moon in the former teachers in the afternoon. year. The children have parties with I enjoy Teachers’ Day because special cakes and grapefruits. They it is on that day that we can show also parade in the street with their our gratitude towards our teachers. beautiful lantern, which come in all shapes and sizes. Adults buy moon - Listen and take notes. cakes for their relatives and friends. It * HOMEWORK : is a great time for not only children but Students reread carefully the also adults description, practise rewriting it. - Gives remarks and correct mistakes. Assigns homework
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