Giáo án tiếng anh lớp 7: Language focus

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Nội dung Text: Giáo án tiếng anh lớp 7: Language focus

Giáo án tiếng văn 7

Language focus 1
I/ Objects.

By the end of the lesson, the students will be able
to use the structures that they have just learnt, speak
fluently and do exercises exactly.

II/ Language contents.

1, Vocabulary: Review all the vocabulary.

2, Structures: present simple tense, future simple
tense, occupations, adjectives, and prepositions.

III/ Teaching aids.

- Make a plan.

- Prepare the pictures that are in the books.

IV/ Teaching procedures

Stages Teacher’s activities Students’ activities
1, Warm Ask some questions Listen and answer the
up about the students such teacher’s questions.
as: -I often go to school on
-What do you often do Monday.
on Monday? -I will go to school.
-Where will you do -Yes, I will

-Will you go to school

By asking the
Listen and do this
questions, the teacher
2, reviews the present
Presentatio simple tense and the
n future simple tense.

Ask the students to
repeat the structures
and grammar, which Speak it in front of the
they have just learnt class.
from unit1 to unit 3.

- Present simple tense.

- Future simple tense.

- Ordinal numbers.

- Prepositions.

- Adjectives. Give the example.
- Occupations. Correct the mistakes
Can ask them to give
the example for the
3, Practice

Listen and correct their
Listen to the teacher.

1- Tell the students to
Work with a partner
complete the
passages using the
verbs in brackets.
Go around the class to
help weak students. Write the sentences on
Call on some sts and the board.
ask them to read the Listen

Listen and give any
necessary corrections:
First speak and then
a. is/ lives/ are/ goes
write the sentences
b. are/ eat/
yourselves on the
rides/ catch
2- Guide the sts to write
the things Nam will
do/won’t do
Correct the mistakes.
The first, can ask them
Listen and do this
to speak ,
and then write.
-He will go to the post
office, but he won’t call

Call on some sts and
Rewrite these
have them write their
sentences into the
sentences that they do.
Make any necessary

4- Have the sts write
the answers for the
question: Where is my
the Work with a partner.
Production cat? By using
prepositions which are
in your books. Correct the mistakes
Correct their mistakes if and rewrite them into
they have notebooks.
-It’s under the table.
-It’s in front of the
chair. One or two students
-It’s behind the TV. read again the ordinal

the numbers
-It’s next to
bookcase. Write these numbers
Homework -It’s on the couch.
Tell the sts to write
these people’s job titles. Listen and write

-He is a fireman.

-She is a doctor.

-She is a teacher.

-He is a farmer.

Ask the sts to repeat
reading and writing the
ordinal numbers

Give some numbers to
the sts write: 1st, 12th,
20th, 33rd,2nd,15th.

Rewrite all the
exercises into the

Prepare the papers for
the test 45’

V/ Draw experience
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