Giáo án tiếng anh lớp 7: Unit five: Work and play - 1

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  1. Giáo án tiếng văn 7 Unit five: Work and play. A/ In class. (A2) I/ Objects. By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to read for comprehension to ask and answer questions about Ba. II/ Language contents. 1, Vocabulary: repair, appliance, fix, guitar, art club, artist. 2, Structures: What does he learn to do in electronics? He learns how to repair household appliances. III/ Teaching aids. - Make a plan.
  2. - Prepare a tape and a cassette player. IV/ Teaching produces. Stages Teacher’s activities Students’ activities 1, Warm - Ask the student to go Go to the board and up to the board and give answer the teacher’s questions: questions. What does Mai study in Physics? What do you study in Geography? Look at two pictures What is your favorite and tell: subject? He is learning how to - Have the students repair a socket board look at two in picture one, and he pictures and introduce is playing the guitar in
  3. 2, about them: the picture two. Presentatio This is Ba , tell me Read a passage and n what he is doing. find the main idea of the passage. Now you read a passage about Ba and tell me Read the passage with what the main idea of a partner. Then read it the passage is. aloud. Have the students read the passage Go around to help the sts .Then ask them to read it aloud to the class. Use the questions to Listen and correct their work in pairs. mistakes if they have. Give the own answers. Have them work in pairs(use the questions
  4. about Ba) Compare with own good answers and correct. Call some students in order to practice in front of the class. Listen and give the keys: a. Ba likes Electronics best. b. Yes, he does. He enjoys school very Read again the text. much. c. He learns to repair household appliances. d. He will be able to fix Read these vocabulary. his own appliances. e. Yes, he is. His
  5. drawings are very good Rewrite these Call some students and sentences into ask them to read again notebooks. the text to check those answers. Give the vocabulary: 4, enjoy, Electronics, Work in pairs. Production household appliances, fix= repair, to be good Ask the teacher’s at, artists. questions.  What does he learn to do in Electronics? He Then practice in front learns how to repair of the class. household appliances.  How does this subject Talk about own free help Ba? He will able time
  6. to fix his own appliances. Have the sts work in pairs, ask and answer 5, about yourself, Homework Make the questions for them. Rewrite them into notebooks. Listen and correct their mistakes. Can ask the sts to talk more about their free time. Note the main structures that you have just learnt.
  7. - I learn how to draw in the art. - I’m good at playing the guitar. Learn by heart the words and structures that they’ve learnt. Write the passage : what you usually do in free time. V/ Draw experience: Unit five: Work and play. A/ In class ( A3+ A4) I/ Objectives.
  8. By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to read and ask, answer the questions about a math problem, listen to find informations. II/ Language contents. 1, Vocabulary: right, cost, know, price, problem, zero, eraze. 2, Structures: How much does one banana cost? - 600 dong ( It costs 600 dong ) III/ Teaching aids. - Make a plan. - Prepare a tape and a cassete- player. IV/ Teaching procedures. Stages Teacher’s activities Students’ activities 1, Warm up Have a student tell Answer the teacher’s what he/ she does in question
  9. his/ her free time. Make some questions: -What is your favorite subject? -Do you like Math? -Is it easy or difficult? - Is it interesting? Listen to the teacher Now you will listen to a conversation in which they are solving problem. You read and 2, answer: How much Presentation Listen to the tape and does one banana cost? read a conversation Play the tape. while listening. Have the students read a conversation Give the new words. Ask them to find the
  10. new words. Read these words after Then give and explain: the teacher. -Right > < Wrong -Price -Cost Work in pairs. -Erase Let the sts to work in Compare with other pairs to answer this pair about the answer: question: How much 600 dong. does one banana cost? Call one student and ask he/ she to read 3, Practice again the conversation *How much does one Listen and answer the banana cost? 600 teacher’s question. dong Use the things that are
  11. in the class to ask: Work with a partner. How much does this pen cost? Have the sts make Guess: questions and answer They are about them. subjects such as Listen and correct their Geography, Physical mistakes Education.... Now ask the sts to look at these pictures in page 54 and guess: What are the pictures Listen the tape about? carefully. The aim of the What Match the letters with listening: subjects do Ba and Lan the correct pictures.
  12. study on Saturday morning? Play the tape, check Read the answer in 4, Presentation the keys after the first front of the class. time. Talk about it. Play the tape again and ask the sts to match the letters of the subjects Ask and answer. with the appropriate student, in the correct order. Ask one or two students to give their answers in front of the class Let the sts to work in 5, pairs about the periods Homework of their class on that Rewrite into
  13. day or other days in a notebooks. week. Ask them make a conversation about the school subjects that they study in the school. *Play the game Networks to consolidate the lesson: write the words that they are in the Math. Then ask some questions: How much does.............cost? Learn by heart vocabulary and
  14. structures. Do ex. In ex. book. V/ Draw experience Unit five: Work and play. A/ In class (A5, A6, A7) I/ Objectives. By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to read for comprehension to know the words about the subjects in school. II/ Language contents. 1, Vocabulary: essay, past >< present,event, around, world, language class, graph, globe, atlas. 2, Structures: We learn about books . She studies different contries and their people
  15. . III/ Teaching aids. - Make a plan. - Prepare a tape and a cassette player. IV/ Teaching proceduces. Stages Teacher’s activities Students’ activities 1, Warm Make questions for Listen and answer the up student: teacher’s questions. -How many subjects do -There are nine. you study at school? -I like Math....because -What are they? I know many numbers. -Which subject do you like? Why? Now we read the passage to know the Listen to the tape and subjects that the read.
  16. 2, Vietnamese students Presention learn. Find the new words Play the tape and ask and read them. the students to read Read loudly in front of while listening. the class. Introduce the new words: essay, past, Answer the teacher’s present, around, world. question Call some students and -We learn about books have them read the and write essay. passage. -We study past and Listen and correct their present. mistakes. -We study different Make questions for countries and their students: people. -What do you study in -We learn about how Literature? things work.
  17. -No, We don’t. -What do you study in History? 3, Practice Look at the books and -What do you study in listen carefully to Geography? teacher’s explaining. -What do you study in Physics? -Do you learn to play soccer in English? Work in groups. Let students to look at Each group gives the Now discuss with a keys and others listen partner, and explain and give comment. doing it: We have 4 Compare with names of subjects in teacher’s keys. accordance with relevant words about
  18. each subject. You will find one irrelevant word Answer 4, these Production and odd it out. questions( you can Have students work in speak by Vietnamese ) small group Call groups to speak the Work with a partner keys. Give the correct keys: Literature- paintings. Some students match History- basketball it. Compare with the games. teacher. Science- preposition. English- England. Make questionsfor Write the answer on students: Do you like their papers. Math? What do you use in Math/Art/ Music...
  19. class? Now you match each Read them in front of subject to the correct the class. 5, Homework items. Ask them to work with a partner. Rewrite these Call them to match. homework. Give the correct keys. Can give these words: globe, atlas, graphs, equations, calculator. Give students small papers to answer a question, such as: What do you study in Math/ Geography...........? Ask students to read their papers.
  20. Listen and correct. Learn by heard the words and structures, Speak about favorite subjects. Do book V/ Draw experience. Unit five: Work and play. B/ It’s time for recess. (B1,2) I/ Objectives. By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to discribe recess activiyies. II/ Language content. 1, Vocabulary: Recess, ring, bell,chat, blindman’s bluff, catch, marble,skip rope, noisy, indoor.
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