Giáo án tiếng anh lớp 7: Unit one: Back to school

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  1. Giáo án tiếng văn 7 Unit one: Back to school A/ Friends (A1 + A3 ) I/ Objects At the end of the lesson, the students will be able to greet one another and introduce themselves to others. II/ Language contents 1, New words: classmate, so am I, me too 2, Structures: Nice to see you, Nice to see you again. III/ Teaching aids. A syllabus, pictures, a tape and a cassette player. IV/ Teaching produces Stages Teacher’s activities Students’ activities
  2. 1, Warm 1, Warm up up (5’) Answer the questions (5’) of the teacher. Make questions: What’s your name? How are you today? Are you happy to meet your classmates after 2,Presenta long summer vacation? tion Uses the picture to introduce the new (15’) lesson: They are bang and Oh. Oh is a new Listen to the tape student. Look at the books and How do they greet one repeat after the tape. another? Hi, Hello or Good morning? Work in the small Opens the tape twice
  3. Asks the students to look groups at the books and listen to 3 students stand up and the tape again. practice Let’s them work in the small groups. Calls some groups to practice the dialogue. Explains the different between two sentences. Listen and repeat Nice to see you and Nice Answer the questions to see you again. Her name is Hoa. ( can replace “see” by She is in class 7a. “meet”) Nam is also in class Opens the tape again. 7a. Makes questions: Look at the books. 3, Practice What’s the new girl’s name?
  4. (15’) What class is she in? Read after the teacher. Who is also in class 7a? Listen and put the Tells the students to look sentences, which are in at the sentences which the book. are in the book Give the keys. Asks them to read. Practice Opens the tape (each paragraph). Calls the students give Greet each other their keys. Corrects their mistakes. Lets students make the Do this exercise dialogue again Give the correct 4,Producti Now our class has a new dialogue. on student Hello, Lan. (5’) How will we greet her? Hello, Hung. Tells them to use the
  5. everyday English. How are you? Arrange the order Very well, thanks. And dialogue. you? I am fine. I’m fine. Hello, Lan. Well, here is my bus. Bye Hung. How are you? Well, here is my bus. Good bye, Lan. See you soon. Bye Hung. Hello, Hung. Very well, thanks. And you? 5, Good bye, Lan. See you Homewor soon. k *Put the one word into (5’) lacks to compete the following sentences. I’m ....... new
  6. student.........class 7a I live..........Tran Phu Street. I live . parents and ..........sister Learn by heart the new words and the structures. Rewrite the dialogue in the your notebooks. Do ex. 1,2 (ex. 3,4 workbook) A/ Friends (A2+ A5= A6) I/ Objects.
  7. By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to read fluently and can listen it. II/ Language contents 1, Vocabulary: still, different, lots of, a lot of, miss, unhappy. 2, Structures: She lives with her uncle. Her new school is bigger than her old school. III/ Teaching aids. Make a teaching plan. Prepare some pictures, a tape and a cassette player. IV/ Teaching procedure. Stages Teacher’s activities Students’ activities 1, Warm Uses the picture to Listen to the teacher up introduce the new carefully.
  8. (5’) lesson; this is Hoa. She is from Hue. Now she lives with her aunt. This is a new school in Hanoi. Listen and answer these - Or uses the picture to questions ask. Do you remember this girl? Where is she from? Listen to the teacher. 2, How many schools are Presentati there? Read the reading. on Which school is bigger? - Reads the reading twice. - Lets the students read Answer the questions it swiftly about Hoa.
  9. - Calls some students -She is from Hue. to read. She is staying with her - Corrects their aunt and her uncle. mistakes. No, she doesn’t. - Make some questions Her new school is bigger about Hoa. her old school. Where is she from? Because she misses her Who is she staying parents and her friends. with? Does she have a lot of friends in Hanoi? Tell about Hoa. How is her new school Practice in pairs. different from her old Speak loudly. school? 3, Practice Why is she unhappy?
  10. Asks the students to tell about Hoa. Asks the students to Can write on the paper. practice in pairs(speak about their old school - It has ........... - Listen to the teacher. - It is bigger/ - Practice with a smaller......... partner. Goes around the class to help weak students, remind students to use words, phrases to speak Let them write on the paper. Corrects their mistakes if they have. *A3:Introduces it by Read the sentences.
  11. asking some questions about the picture. Then Guess the keys. opens the tape. 4, Listen it. Productio -Asks some the students Listen it carefully. make a dialogue again. n. Give the ideas. (5’) - Listens and corrects their mistakes. Listen to and write in the * Speaks aim of the books listening. Tells them to read these sentences, which are in the box. Can ask them to guess the keys. Opens the tape Gives the correct keys. 5, Opens the tape again to
  12. Homewor check. k *Opens each sentence. (5’) - Corrects the mistakes. 1 - c, 2 - b , 3 - d , 4 - a. Rewrite the reading in the books and answer the questions. Learn by heart. Do ex. 3,4 (ex. 4 workbook) V/ Draw experience
  13. B/ Name and addresses.(B1+ B2) I/ Objects. By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to introduce the third person and consolidate ”WH” question. II/ Language contents. 1, Vocabulary: family name, surname, middle name, and first name. 2, Structures: What is your family name? My family name is Pham. Where do you live? I live at ......... III/ Teaching aids. - Make a teaching plan. - Prepare pictures, a tape and a cassette player.
  14. IV/ Teaching procedures. Stages Teacher’s activities Students’ activities 1, Warm Uses the picture to ask Listen and answer up students -They are students. (5’) - Who are they? -They are in the class. - Where are they? -They are learning. - What are they -She is teaching/ asking. doing? -They are answering. - What is the teacher -They are talking doing? themselves - What are the 2, Listen and repeat. students doing? Presentatio Practice with a partner. - What are they n talking about? (20’) Speak loudly. Opens the tape twice.
  15. Asks the students to practice in group work. Calls some groups to speak loudly. Listens and correct Listen and read. their mistakes if they have. Explains the meaning of the new words: Read again. Pham Thi Hoa. - Pham: Family name. Answer the questions. - Thi: Middle name. She is talking to Miss - Hoa: First name. Lien. Guides students Her family name’s reading. Pham. Lets students answer the questions by asking Her middle name’s Thi.
  16. them. - Who is Hoa talking She lives at 12 THD to? Street. - What is Hoa’s Practice with a partner. family name? 3, Practice - What is her middle name? Answer - Where does she My family is ......... live? My first name is..... Talk sts to ask each I live at/ in................. other about Hoa. Listens and corrects. Her/ His family Asks students about is............ themselves. Ex. What is your Look at the picture and family name? answer What is your
  17. middle name? Where do you They are Nga and Lan. live? They are talking about Lets a student talk Miss Lien. about her or him: What Listen and complete this is her/ his family dialogue. name? *B2: Asks Ss to look Give the keys. at the picture and ask Listen and correct. each other: - Who are in the Work in pairs. conversation? 4, Procedure - What are they talking about? (In the conversation between Nga and Lan. Do this exercise There is a lack of WH
  18. questions in the right place) Writes on the board. Corrects and gives the keys. 5, Practice with a partner Homework (who, who, what, where, where, how) (5’) Lets Ss practice in pairs Rewrite in the Goes around the class notebooks to help weak students.  Make complete sentences from the following words. - Where/ your parents/ live/ - They/ live/ 30 Ba
  19. Trieu street/ - How old/ your brother/? - Who/ teaching/ English/ class *B3: Explains doing Guides asking  Game: Word square. Learn by heart Do ex.1,2(5 sbt) Guides doing B/ Names and addresses (b3+b4+b5) I/ Objects
  20. By the end of the lesson the students will be able to ask the distance and talk about means of transport. II/ Language contents 1, Vocabulary: How far,, near, far, about, meters, kilometers 2, Structures: a.How far is it It is not far/ near - about........meters/kilometers b. How do/ does..........go to........? ......go bike/ bus..... III/ Teaching aids A book, a tape and a cassette player. IV/ Teaching procedure
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