Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 8: Unit 1 My friends Lesson 1 : Getting started Listen and read

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Nội dung Text: Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 8: Unit 1 My friends Lesson 1 : Getting started Listen and read

Unit 1

My friends

Lesson 1 : Getting started

Listen and read

A / Aims and objectives : By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to

know more about Hoa LAN _ Nine and read the dialogue for details and

review simple present and simple past tenses .

B / Teaching aids : Text books , cards , cassette , chalk ...

C / Procedure :

tim Teacher’s activities Students,activitie

e s

I / Warm up : Pelmanism

Work in groups
meet com live think send though

e t

Listen and write
receiv met live receive cam sent

down .
e d d e

- Remark and lead in new lesson .
II / Presentation :

1. Pre- reading Listen and repeat

a) Pre- teach vocabulary : Introduce the aims in chorus and

and some new words individually

- to seem ( translation ) Guess its

- a next door neighbor : a person who lives next meanings

to your house Copy down

- to look like ( translation )

* Checking vocabulary : Rub out and

remember Play game in

b) Pre- questions whole class.

- Give Ss some questions and ask them to work

in pairs to answer them Work in pairs

1. Is Nien Lan,s friend or Hoa,s friend ?

2. How old is Nien ?

3. Where does Nien live ?

4. Is she a beautiful girl ?
- Give feedback

2. While – reading :

- Turn on the tape 2 times and ask them to read

the dialogue between Hoa , Lan and Nien . Listen carefully

Then check if their answers are correct or not

Answers :

1. She is Hoa,s friend .

2. She is 12 years old . Repeat all the

3. She lives in Hue . correct answers

4. Yes , she is . and copy down

a) Comprehension questions

- Ask Ss to read the dialogue again and answer

the questions in exercise 2 / page 11 Work in pairs

- Have them work in pairs to answer the


- Call on some pairs to demonstrate in front of Demonstrate in

class and correct their mistakes or front of class.
pronunciation .

- Correct and give feedback :

a) She lives in Hue

b) No , she does not .

c) The sentence is “ She was not old enough to

be in my class. “

d) At Christmas Practice asking

- Ask them to work in open pairs to practice and answering

asking and answering the questions and the the questions and

dialogue . the dialogue .

b) Gap filling

- Ask Ss to use the present simple and simple

past tense to complete the paragraph , using

some verbs : live – send – be – come

Hoa ..... in Hue last year , but now she Complete the

Ha Noi . Yesterday , Hoa ,s friend Nien ..... paragraph

Hoa a letter . Nien ..... Hoa, neighbor when individually .
Hoa lived in Hue . She ..... younger than Hoa .

She ..... to Ha Noi in December .

- Get Ss to work individually and then compare

their answers with their partners .

- Give feedback

lived – lives – sent – was – is - comes

- Call on some Ss to read the completed

paragraph in front of class . Read the

3. Post - reading : Writing complete

- Ask Ss to write a paragraph about Hoa and paragraph aloud

Lan .

- Give Ss some cues and ask them to use the

simple present or past tense to write

individually .

* Cues : Write a

a. Lan / Hoa,s best friend paragraph about

b. They / same class / Quang Trung School Hoa , Lan

c. Last year / Hoa / to school first time .

d. Lan / show / round / introduce / to new

friends .

- Let Ss discuss with their partners .

- Choose some answers and correct them in

front of the class . Demonstrate in

III / Home work : front of class .

1. Rewrite all the answers and complete

paragraph on their notebooks .

2. Do Exercise workbook . Listen and copy

3. Prepare the next lesson .
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