Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 8: Unit 10 Recycling Lesson 4 : Read

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Nội dung Text: Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 8: Unit 10 Recycling Lesson 4 : Read

Unit 10 Recycling

Lesson 4 : Read

A / Aims and Objectives : By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to

form the passive in the Present Simple

B / Teaching aids : word square chart . pictures , drawing ..

C / Procedure :

I / Warm up : Word square







Group work of 4



- Tell Ss the topic about the environment and

there are 12 hidden words .

- Divide the class into 4 groups .

- Ask Ss to write their answers on a piece of

paper and hand in when they finish

- Tell Ss the group with the most right words

is the winner .

Answer key :

environment , garbage ,

pure , used paper , protect .

envelope , dust , green tree ,

can , plastic , paper bag ,

reduce , reuse , recycle

II / Pre – reading :Introduce the topic of the

passage reading and some new words to T – Ss

students .

1. Pre- teach vocabulary :

- tire (n) : using picture
- pipe (n) : using drawing

- deposit (n) : khoan tien gui vao mot tai Whole class


- to refill = to fill something empty again

- to melt >< to freeze

- Get Ss to copy in their notebooks .

* Checking vocabulary : Rub out and


2. Open prediction

- Tell Ss they are going to read a page in a

newspaper giving some recycling facts to

protect the environment .

- Ask them to look at the board and guess

what they are going to read .

+ What do people do with used things ?

+ What can they make from them ?

- Call on some Ss to read their guesses on the

Car ties -> ………….. Whole class

Milk bottles ->……………

Glass -> ………….. Pair work

Drink cans -> …………..

Household and garden waste -> ……… ….

III / While – reading :

1. Grid

- Draw the grid on the board and have Ss

copy it

- Ask Ss to open their books and read the text


- Ask Ss to work in pairs to make a list of

recycling facts mentioned in the text .

- Call on some Ss to write the information in

the grid on the board .

Answer Key :

Used things Recycling Facts
Car tires are recycled to make pipes

and floor recoverings

Milk bottles are cleaned and refilled

Glass (with milk )

is broken up , melted and

Drink cans made into new glassware

Household are brought back for

and garden recycling

waste is made into compost .

Pair work
2. Comprehension questions

- Ask Ss to work in pairs to answer the

questions .

- Get them to compare their answers with

their friends .

- Call on some pairs to practice asking and

answering the questions .

- Give feedback

a. People cleaned and refilled empty milk
bottles .

b. The glass is broken up , melted and made

into new glassware .

c. The Oregon government made a new law

that there must be a deposit on all drink cans

. The deposit is returned when people bring Whole class

the cans back for recycling .

d. Compost is made from household and

garden waste .

e. If we have a recycling story to share , we

can call or fax the magazine at 5 265 456.

IV / Post – reading :

- Ask Ss to look at their books and complete

the sentences to make a list of recycled

things .

- Call on some Ss to read their answers aloud


=> The sentences they have read are the
passive .

Passive Form in the present Simple Individual

S + am/ is / are + Past participle

- It is used when the subject is affected by the

action of the verb .

- How to change an active sentence to a

passive voice :

Active S V O

Passive S + be + PII by O Listen and copy .

eg : I love you

You are loved by me

Have Ss copy

 Change these sentences into the passive

1. Lan like pop music .

2. They play table tennis every day

3. We do these exercises in the notebooks .
4. He feeds 5 chickens .

5. She buy a lot of food .

- Call on some Ss to read their completed

sentences in front of class .

- Give feedback

1. Pop music is liked by Lan .

2. Table tennis is played every day

3. These exercises are done in the notebooks

by us .

4. Five chickens are fed by him

5. A lot of food is bought by her .

V / Homework :

1. Copy down all the passive sentences in

their note books .

2. Do the exercises in the workbook .

3. Prepare the next lesson .

* Feedback :
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