Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 8: Unit 12 A Vacation abroad Lesson 1 : Getting started Listen and read

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  1. Unit 12 A Vacation abroad Lesson 1 : Getting started Listen and read A / Aims and Objectives : By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to aware of how to make accept and decline invitations . B / Teaching aids : Pictures , cassette , chart ( true / false ) C / Procedure : I / Warm up : 1. Guessing game ( Getting started ) - Show the pictures to Ss , one by one , and ask Ss Individual to guess what country it is . - Feedback : a) The USA b) Australia c) Thailand d) Statue e) Canada f ) Japan 2. Chatting : T :Where do you want to visit among these countries?
  2. Ss: …………………….. T : Why ? Ss : …………………… II / Pre- reading : Introduce the topic of the passage reading and some new words . 1. Pre – teach Vocabulary : - to include : bao gom , gom co - to come over : to come to Someone,s house to Teacher – Ss visit for a short time - to pick so up : to come and get so in your car to drive him / her to a place - abroad (adv ) = in a foreign country -> to be / go / travel / live abroad Whole class * Checking Vocabulary : Rub out and remember 2 . True / False Prediction Teacher - Set the scene “ Mrs Quyen is going to the USA
  3. for a vacation . She is ringing her friend , Mrs Smith , to tell her about the trip . “ - Put the chart on the board and ask Ss to read the statements a. Mrs Quyen is calling Mrs Smith from the airport in San Francisco . b. Mrs Smith invite Mrs Quyen and her husband to stay with her while they are in town . c. Mrs Quyen does not accept Mrs smith,s invitation because she wants to stay with a Vietnamese friend of hers . d. Mrs Quyen and her husband will be in the USA for 3 days . e. Mrs Quyen and her husband will come over to Mrs Smith,s place for dinner one night . f. Mr Thanh ; Mrs Quyen,s husband , goes abroad Pair work for a business meeting .
  4. - Ask Ss to work in pairs to decide if the Teacher – Ss statements are true or false . - Call on some Ss to read their predictions and write them on the board . III / While – reading 1. Checking predictions : - Have Ss open their books , listen to the tape Individual while reading the dialogue . - Call on some Ss to correct the false statements . 1. False -> Mrs Quyen is calling Mrs Smith from Ha Noi 2. True 3. False -> … because her accommodation is included in her tickets price . 4. True 5. False -> Only Mrs Quyen will come over to Mrs Smith ,s . Whole class
  5. 6. True 2. Grid : Complete Mrs Quyen ,s schedule Pair work - Ask Ss to read the dialogue again and work in pairs to complete the grid with the information taken from the dialogue . - Call on some Ss to go to the board to write the information in the grid on the board . Date Mon 25 Tue Wed Thu 28 26 27 Schedule coming Going Having Leaving to San out dinner San Francisco with Francisco Individual the Smiths Pair work - Have Ss copy 3. Comprehension Questions - Ask Ss to look at their books and answer the
  6. questions . - Let Ss compare their answers with their partner. - Call on some Ss to answer - Give feedback and correct Answer key : a) No , they won,t . Because they are coming on a tour , and their accommodation is included in the ticket price , so they will stay at the hotel . Whole class b) No , he won,t . Because he will have a business meeting in the evening that day . c) Mrs Smith will pick her up at her hotel . - Get Ss to copy . IV / Post – reading : Pair work  Grammar Awareness - Tell Ss to read the dialogue again and pick out the statements indicating the following situations 1. Making an invitation
  7. 2. Accepting an invitation 3. Declining an invitation 4. Making a complaint - Call on Ss to give their answers and have Ss copy . 1. Would you like to come and stay with us … ? .. you must come over for dinner one night . 2. Ye , we ,d love to but we will only be in town for three nights . 3. That is very kind of you but we are coming on a Individual tour .. 4. Oh . dear . He is always working V / Homework : 1. Learn by heart new words and structures to give some more examples . 2. Do the exercises in the workbook 3. Prepare the next lesson .
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