Giáo án tiếng tiếng anh lớp 7: Language focus 4

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  1. Language focus 4. I/ Objectives. By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to do the exercises exactly. II/ Language contents. 1, Vocabulary: Review all the words. 2, Structures: The present simple tense and the simple past tense. III/ Teaching aids. -Make a plan. -Prepare a book, pictures in the textbook. IV/ teaching produces. Stages Teacher’s activities Students activities. 1, Warm up. Make questions for students - Do you like eating candy? Listen and answer teacher’s - What does a “ balance diet ’’ mean? questions. - What do you do for your health? - Do you usually do exercise? - Were you ever absent from school last semester? - Did you have a bad cold? 2, Presentation @ From last questions, the teacher Repeat using and form of the and Practice asks student to speak again the form simple past tense. and the use of the present past tense. Let students to look at these pictures and talk about it. Listen and give the correct answers: Work with a partner, then a. No, I didn’t. I watched TV. practice in front of he class. b. No, I didn’t. I had dinner in a restaurant. c. No, I didn’t. I went to the movie Others listen and give the theater yesterday. ideas. d. No, I didn’t. I read a book on the weekend. e. No, I didn’t. I played football yesterday. *Use indefinite quantifiers: a little, a lot of/ lots of, too much. Look at the pictures and talk Ask students to look at these pictures about them. and use the indefinite quantifiers over.
  2. a. a little coffee. b. A lot of tea. c. A little sugar. Correct the mistakes. d. A lot of salt. e. Too much coffee. After that, have students complete the dialogue by using a little, a lot of, lots of and too much. Call some students on, and ask them Make the dialogue with a make the dialogue: a little, a lot, a partner and practice in front little, a lot of, too much, a little. of the class. *Review using so, neither, too, either Guide doing the exercise by giving a form: a, I like mangoes. -I like mangoes, too/ So do I. Listen and repeat b. I don’t like papaya. - I don’t like either/ Neither do I Have students work with a partner to complete the dialogue. Practice the dialogue. Listen and correct their mistakes if they have. *Before making cucumber salad, the teacher makes some questions about Answer the questions of the food: Do you like cucumber salad? teacher. -Yes, I do. What about you, B? - I like, too Do you know how to make a cucumber salad? Make a cucumber salad wit a Now I will tell you to make a partner. cucumber salad: -Ingredients: ( in the text book ) -Making: use these following verbs: Talk about this in front of the peel, wash, slice, mix, add, stir, wait. class. Ask them to speak about this in front of the class. @ Do again those into your 4, Homework notebooks. Rewrite into the notebooks Learn by heart them. Do exercise 4( 73- sbt )
  3. V/ Draw experience.
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