Giáo án tiếng tiếng anh lớp 7: Unit eleven: Keep fit, stay healthy

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Nội dung Text: Giáo án tiếng tiếng anh lớp 7: Unit eleven: Keep fit, stay healthy

Giáo án tiếng văn 7

Unit eleven: Keep fit, stay healthy

B/ What was wrong with you? ( B1 )

I/ Objectives.

By the end of the lesson, the students will be
able to ask and answer about the health and speak
some names of illness.

II/ Language contents.

1, Vocabulary: sick note, virus, cold, flu,

2, Structures: What’s wrong with you?

Have a bad cold.

III/ Teaching aids.
-Make a plan.

-Prepare a picture of the lesson, a tape and a
cassette player.

IV/ Teaching produces.

Stages Teacher’s activities Students’ activities

1, Warm @ Call two students on,
up and asks them to ask and Talk about your
answer about the health. health.

Then the teacher gives the
medical records and asks
Fill the medical
them to work in pairs by
completing them.

After that, call some
students on to read the Talk about your
medical records of your medical records.

@ Use the picture to Look at the picture
introduce the new lesson: and listen to the
Who are they? They are teacher.
Lan and Mr. Tan, her
Look at the picture,
-Now you look at the
listen and answer the
balloon 1: Lan wasn’t
teacher’s questions.
there. She was absent.

What do you think Mr.
Tan is asking Lan? Let’s
Repeat and write the
look at the balloon 2 and
new words.
answer: What’s wrong
with Lan?

Teacher introduces: She Listen the tape and
find out the
was sick. structures that use to

We’re going to listen to talk about health.
the conversation between
Lan and Mr. Tan.
Yesterday Lan was sick,
Repeat the tape.
you listen and find out the
structures that use to talk
Write and read these
about health.
Play the tape and ask
students to listen and look
at the books.

Have students repeat the

Explain the words and
phrases that
students Practice this
don’t know: To be sick. structure.

A little tired.
Stay inside

Sick note. Make a dialogue

*What’s wrong/ the

3, Practice. matter with sb?
-S + have/ has + name of Answer the
illness. questions with a

Ex. What’s wrong with partner.
Lan yesterday?

-She had a headache and
a bad cold. Practice in front of
Ask students to practice the class.
the dialogue again.

@ Have them look at “
Now answer” and answer
Others listen and
the questions with a
give the ideas
Call some pairs on and yourself.
ask them make questions
and answers.

Give the correct answers:
Talk about yourself.
-Because she had a bad

-She had a headache.

-Mr. Tan told Lan to stay
inside at recess.

-The doctor said that Lan
had a virus.
Production. Work in pairs.
-The doctor wrote Lan’s
sick note.

*Make some questions
about class:

-Who was absent Practice about the
yesterday? health.
-Why didn’t she/ he go to

-What was wrong with
her/ him?

-What did you do when
you were sick? I wrote a
sick note.
Rewrite these duties
or I saw the doctor.
into the notebooks.
or I had to stay at

@ Talk about yourself.

Teacher makes some
questions for students.

-Were you ever absent
from school last

-Why? If yes.
-What was wrong with

Then have students
practice in front of the

Listen and correct their

@ Rewrite the sentences
about health

Make the dialogue with
your friends about the

Do exercises 1 ( 71 sbt ).

Explain the structure: “
Had better + V ’’

-You had better stay
V/ Draw experience.

Unit eleven: Keep fit, stay healthy.

B/ What was wrong with you? ( B 2+ B3 )

I/ Objectives.

By the end of the lesson, the students will be
able to speak about the health again by taking a
survey and listening to complete the table.

II/ Language contents.

1, Vocabulary: Name some of illness: flu,
headache, stomachache, sickness, absence, account

2, Structure: The simple past tense.
III/ Teaching aids.

-Make a plan.

-Prepare a book, a tape, a cassette player and
some small papers to take a survey.

IV/ Teaching produces

Stages Teacher’s activities Students’ activities

1, Warm @ Make some questions
up about Lan and ask students Listen and answer
to answer. the teacher’s
Make questions about one questions.
or two students: Were you
absent from school last
semester? Read again these
Why were you absent?

Did you have a toothache/
a mump/ a headache/ a
stomachache/ a flu?
Presentati @ Give the surveys and Look at the surveys
explain: These are the and work with a
surveys about the health of partner.
students. You now work in
the group of 4 in turn ask
and answer the given
questions to complete the
Fill in these surveys.

Have the students read
over words

After that, the teacher asks
students to fill the name of Practice in front of
the students in the group the class.
and tick the illness which
each of students had.
Combine the results
Call all groups on to and ask which illness
practice was the most
Rewrite the names of common.
illness of groups on the Listen and answer
board. After practicing, all the questions.
the groups combine the
results to find out which
illness was the most
Before listening,
answer the teacher’s
Make questions for each

-What was the most
common illness?

-What was the least
common illness? Listen to the tape.

@ Before listening, the
teacher makes questions
for students:

-Who was absent from
Listen and complete
class for one day
the table.

-Which sickness did you/
Talk about
her/ him/ them have?
something what they
Now we are going to listen
have just listened.
to a report telling you the
days’ absence due to
Check these
sickness of 7a. You listen
to it and complete the table
by writing the days in each Correct the mistakes.

Play the tape three times.
Productio After each time the teacher
n stops to check students. Work in small
Then call some students on groups.
and ask them to read what
they have just listened.

Play last the tape and stop
Practice with a
in each sentence to check.
After that, give the correct

dache Toothache
Talk about that.
10 43 37 5
Homewor Total days
k lost: 112 Rewrite the duty into
@ Ask students to take a the notebook
survey for the class b y
using the over table.( Can
give a mump )

Then ask students to
practice with a partner
about the illness.

Model: -Were you absent
last semester?/ last week?/

-Why were you

-Did you have a

Listen and correct the

@ Learn by heart all the
illness and make the
sentences with them.
Do exercises: 2,3( 72-
73sbt )

V/ Draw experience.

Unit eleven: Keep fit, stay healthy.

B/ What was wrong with you? ( B4 + B5 ).

I/ Objectives.

By the end of the lesson, the students will be
able to talk about the common cold by reading the

II/ Language contents.
1, Vocabulary: common cold, runny nose,
symptom, cough, sneeze, cure, drugstore.

2, Structures: We call it the common cold
because every year millions of people catch it.

III/ Teaching aids.

-Make a plan .

-Prepare a book, a tape, a cassette player and the
pictures of the common cold.

IV/ Teaching produces.

Stages Teacher’s activities Students’ activities.

1, Warm Play the game: Lucky Play the game by
up number answering the

Make the questions about questions.
the health and the sickness.

Among the diseases you Listen to the teacher
learned, do you know and answer the
which disease is the most question (can answer
common? The common by Vietnamese)
cold. Look at the picture
@ Ask the students to look in the book and
at the picture and listen to the teacher.
introduce the common
cold: He has a common
Answer this question
( can answer by
-Do you know
what Vietnamese).
symptoms of the common
cold are?
Read these words
Tell me what are
and rewrite them
symptoms of the common
into the notebooks.
-runny nose: sổ mũi Listen to the teacher.

-a light fewer: sốt nhẹ

-coughing: Ho Read a passage.

-sneezing: hắt hơi Listen the teacher’s

the explaining.
Read a passage
common cold and ask the
students to listen to it.

Have students read a Can these structures
passage. into the notebooks.
Explain the new structures: Read it in front of

-Everybody knows the the class
-Nobody knows a cure. Work in a small
-These medicines don’t groups by asking and
cure a cold, but they do answering the
relieve the symptoms. questions.

Call some students on and Practice in front of
ask them to read it in front the class.
of the class.

@ Have students work
with a partner by asking
After that, rewrite
and answering the
these answers into
the notebooks.
Ask them to practice in
front of the class.

Listen and give the correct

-Because every year
millions of people catch it.

-They are: runny nose, a
slight fewer, coughing and Make questions and
answer them again.

-No, there is no cure for
the common cold. Close the books and
Productio -No, these medicines don’t do the teacher’s
n. cure a cold but they relieve request.
the symptoms.

-We can prevent a cold by Tell about yourself.
eating well, doing
exercise, keeping fit and
staying healthy.
Answer these
Tell them to practice

Listen and correct their

@ Ask students to close
the books and work in
small groups by writing
the symptoms of
the Practice in front of
common cold and how can the class.
prevent a cold.
Homewor Then answer the questions Rewrite into the
k. about you: notebooks.

-Do you have a common

-What are the symptoms of
the common cold?

-How do you feel?

-What do you do when you
have a common cold?

-How can you do to
prevent a cold?

After that, ask students to
practice with a partner.

@ Read and learn by heart
the words.

Rewrite the answers and
remember into the

Do exercises in the
exercise book

V/ Draw experience.
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