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Hỏi và trả lời phần 3

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  1. [ Team LiB ] Q&A Q1: Can I back up my views or share them with other people? A1: It's not easy, but it's possible to share views that were created for all folders. You can make a copy of your PST and delete all the Outlook items. This leaves only the views (and published forms) in the PST. Any views that are for this folder only or visible to you only must be copied as an All Folders, Visible to Everyone view. To copy the views to another folder, select the folder where you want the view copied to. Select the view, and then choose Copy. Remove copy from the name (or rename the view) and then save the view. The copy is now stored in your folder. Repeat for each view and folder type you want to copy. Exchange Server users can also use Copy Folder Design, which is discussed in Hour 9, "Keeping Email Organized." Q2: How do I change the view used when I create new folders? A2: The default view used on new folders can't be changed, but you can customize the view. Open the Custom View Organizer and select the view by name, and then modify it. Because a view can get messed up easily, always make a copy. You should also consider using a new custom view on a folder instead of customizing the default view. Views are easy to apply using the Custom Views toolbar button and there is less risk of resetting your customized view. Q3: I used Tools, Organize to color some messages and when I moved them to a new folder, the colors were gone. What happened? A3: The item properties aren't changed when you use Organize; a rule is created in the current view that displays the items using your selected colors. If you apply the view in the new folder, the items will be colored again. [ Team LiB ] Q1: I don't have the Person Name smart tag working in the Office applications. What am I
  2. doing wrong? First, ensure that the Person Name smart tag is enabled in Tools, AutoCorrect Options, Smart Tags. Next, the Person Name smart tag works only with two-word names, which means that A1: your Messenger contacts can use only two-word display names. If your messenger contacts use a longer display name, the smart tag won't work. Finally, the Person Name smart tag works only in Word and Outlook. It's not supported in Excel or PowerPoint. Q2: I'm having a problem sending faxes. They just sit in the fax console outbox. Do you have fax enabled for sending? Open the Configuration Wizard from the fax console's Tools, Configure Fax dialog. Enable Send must be enabled on the second A2: screen of the wizard. If sending is enabled, verify that the phone line is plugged in to the modem and that the modem is properly installed by choosing Control Panel, System, Device Manager. Q3: Why don't my voting ballots always include the voting buttons? Voting buttons require rich text format. When you're sending RTF messages to the A3: Internet, Outlook converts the messages to HTML format by default. For this reason, you must set the properties for each address to use Outlook rich text format. Q1: I have three POP3 email accounts and I'd like to have Favorite Folders for the email from those accounts. A1: There are several different ways you could solve your problem. Because Search Folders can be added to the Favorite Folders list, I recommend setting up a Search Folder for each account. Follow the steps used in "Create a Custom Search Folder," earlier in this hour, using the custom search option. On the Advanced tab, choose All Mail fields, Email Account from the Field drop-down list, use contains for the Condition, and enter all or part of your account name in the Value field. Your email account name is the name of the account in Tools, Email Accounts, View or Change existing email accounts and click Next. The account names are listed on the Email Accounts dialog. Add the Search Folders to your Favorite Folders list and you can view the messages by account. Q2: I set up a rule to flag messages and did something wrong and a lot of messages I didn't want flagged are flagged. Because there are so many of these messages, changing each flag individually will take days. Is there a way to remove the flags quickly?
  3. A2: Create a Search Folder that contains only the flag color you want to remove from messages. If you can fine-tune the Advanced Filter tab to show only the messages that were flagged incorrectly, you can select all the messages in the Search Folder, right-click, and choose Follow Up, Clear Flag. If you can't create a filter to show only the messages that were flagged incorrectly, hold the Shift or Ctrl key as you select the messages that need the flag cleared. Right-click and choose Follow Up, Clear Flag periodically—don't wait until you have all the messages selected to clear the flags.
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