Marketing to Generation Y

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Marketing to Generation Y

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who is Generation Y?
Birth years 1977- 1992.
Over 75 million people.
Significant world events.
Global perpective.
Creating change.

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  1. Marketing to Generation Y Intuit Communities June 4, 2008
  2. Outline • Who is Generation Y? • What does Generation Y most value? • Why is this topic important? • How do you market to Generation Y? • When do you act?
  3. Who is Generation Y? •Birth years1977-1992 •Over 75 million people •Significant world events •Global perspective •Creating change
  4. What does Gen Y most value? •Freedom •Meaningful work •Living first •Friends •Diversity
  5. Why is this topic important?
  6. How do you market to Generation Y? •Simple •Authentic •Hip •Quick •Sustainable
  7. Gen Y’s Top 15 Most Loyal Brands • Apple • Target • Trader Joe‘s • H&M • Jet Blue • Levi's • In N Out • Volkswagen • Ben N Jerry's • Converse • Whole Foods • Vitamin Water • Adidas • Red Stripe • American Apparel
  8. Why These Brands? The formula for success with marketing to Gen Y: 1. Clean + Simple= Hip (no fuss, no muss!) It's trendy to be simple and easy! 2. Quirky, unique and dorky (Jet Blue and Trader Joe's are both known for being one of a kind shops) 3. Happy employees (people who work at the aforementioned companies say they LOVE their jobs!)
  9. How do you reach Gen Y? •Get to know their values •Respect them •Build a trusting relationship •Communicate with them on their terms
  10. Development •Training •Experimentation •Voice •Coaching •Feedback
  11. Diversity •Community •Divergency •Acceptance •Respect •Appreciation
  12. Decisiveness •Simplicity •Brainstorming •Research •Action •Flow
  13. Marketing to Gen Y • Social networking sites (Facebook) • Mash-ups • Extreme sporting events • Gen Y street teams • Partnering with youth oriented companies • Gen Y word of mouth
  14. Marketing Turn-Offs • Hype • E-mail blasts • Push marketing • Fax • Cold calling • Trying to be “hip”
  15. Consumer 2.0 by Mr. Youth • Authenticity Trumps Celebrity - Consumer 2.0 responds to honest, relevant messaging from peers over marketing speak and celebrity endorsements • Niche is the New Norm - Consumers 2.0 do not form a mass market. They relish in choices and look for products and services that speak to them personally • Bite-Size Communication Dominates - Consumer 2.0 digests short, personal and highly relevant messaging in bulk while growing increasingly adept at blocking out noise • Personal Utility Drives Adoption - Consumer 2.0 chooses to consume what they find useful in their lives over manufactured marketing needs • Consumers Own Brands - Consumer 2.0 will speak about, re-purpose and associate with your brand as they see fit • Get the full report at
  16. When do you act? “We believe that the time for change is here and now. It is time to start leading and stop resisting this generation’s efforts and contributions.” -Bea Fields, Scott Wilder, Jim Bunch and Rob Newbold Co-Authors: Millennial Leaders: Success Stories From Today’s Most Brilliant Generation Y Leaders
  17. Thank-you Millennial Leaders
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