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Ôn tập Tiếng Anh

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  1. Revision file 1 ----- ۩ ----- 1. Johnny is supposed to visit me this afternoon.” If he …….. , tell him I said ‘ Hello’ . “ A. coming B. came C. comes D. will come 2. I haven’t seen you ………. A. ages B. since a long time C. for ages D. for the long time 3. Our energy …….. won’t last long. A. sources B. fossils C. resources D. conservasion 4. This cinema …….. a ghost film tonight. A. seeing B. watching C. showing D. playing 5. There was an accident ……… the crossroads …….. midnight last night. A. at/at B. on/in C. at/in D. in/in 6. Why ……… the car now? A. are you cleaning B. do you clean C. have you cleaned D. are you going to clean 7. Collecting stamps …….. one of my hobbies. A. is B. are C. were D. was 8. We can’t live our life …….. money. A. unless B. without C. if not D. if 9. When they arrived ……. the airport , they went straight to the desk to check ………. A. over/in B. at/for C. into/out D. at/in 10. He typed the letter ……… because his boss needed it as soon as possible. A. quick B. quickly C. quickness D. quicker 11. This is a glass of pure milk. There is nothing but milk in this glass. A. warm B. 100% C. cold D. hot 12. Human can talk but animals cannot. A. birds B. people C. cattle D. fish 13. Another word for quarrel is ………. A. fight B. anger C. attack D. bite 14. to call up means to……… A. telephone B. talk to C. visit C. take up 15. “ WTO” stands for “…………..” A. World Trade Organist B. World Trade Orgnizational C. World Trade Orgnization D. World Trade Orgnization 16. Don’t forget to turn ……… the lights when you leave. A. over B. on C. off D. down 17. Our car can’t run any longer . Is there a ……… near here? A. petrol station B. filling station C. gas station D. A,B,C are correct 18. What can I do for you ? No , thanks. I’m just ………. A. passing B. shopping C. looking D. choosing 19. He is ………. to sleep, but I know he is still awake and listening to us. A. trying B. planning C. intending D. pretending 20. Do you object to …….. the door? A. my opening B. that I open C. open D. have opened
  2. 21. What beautiful eyes …….. ! A. does she have B. she doesn’t have C. she has D. has she 22. He hurried …… he wouldn’t be late for class. A. since B. as if C. so that D. unless 23. Make exercise a part of your daily ……. A. regularity B. frequencey C. chore D. routine 24. If she …….. rich, she would travel around the world. A. would be B. is C. were D. has been 25. Mary was the last applicant …….. A. to be interviewed B. to be interviewing C. to interview D. to have interviewed 26. She did all the work …….. her own. A. by B. for C. with D. on 27. There has not been a great response to the sale, …….? A. does there B. hasn’t it C. has there D. hasn’t there 28. My brother wishes he……… time when he was young. A. hasn’t wasted B. didn’t waste C. wouldn’t waste D. hadn’t wasted 29. Do you ….. your own bed, or do you have it …….? A. do/make B. do/to do C. make/made D. make/ to make 30. We …….. our project by the time you come here next year. A. will finish B. will have C. will be finished D. will have been finished finishing 31. Neither Jane or her brothers …….. a consent for tomorrow’s field trip. A. need B. had needed C. needs D. is needing 32. Even though Michael didn’t have much money, he insisted…….. everybody a drink. A. to buy B. in buying C. on buying D. buying 33. The manager will reply to all letters ……. are sent to him. A. when B. that C. which D. B&C are correct 34. The house ……. I used to live has been knocked down. A. where B. which C. when D. who 35. I don’t mind what we do today.we can do …… you want. A. something B. everything C. anything D. nothing 36. ……….. I liked the sweater , I decided not to buy it. A. so B. although C. inspite of D. despite 37. The exhibition was not very crowded . There were …….. people than expected. A. few B. less C. fewer D. more 38. The football match was so dull that most of the …….. left at half-time. A. audience B. crowd B. onlookers D. viewers 39. He has a great deal of book and most of which are on science and technology. A B C D 40. I used to getting up late when I was small. A B C D 41. If I had money, I will buy a car. A B C D 42. This is the place which I was born and grew up. A B C D
  3. 43. Although her severe pain , she tried to walk to the auditorium to attend the lecture. A B C D 44. He ‘s even worse than his sister …… maths. A. with B. in C. for D. at 45. The headmaster disapproved ……… his behaviour. A. by B. of C. on D. with 46. He always …………. A. avoids to meet me B. avoids meeting me C. avoiding to meet me D. to avoid meeting me 47. In Viet Nam, children start ……….. school at the age of six. A. kindergarten B. nursery C. secondary D. primary 48. The policeman ……….. me the way to the station. A. told B. said C. explained D. directed 49. The glass is made …….. sand. A. of B. in C. from D. at 50. please call the doctor if the victim is ….. hurt. A. bad B. serious C. badly D. accidentally 51. I’ve near the airport for so long that I’ve got……….. to the noise of the planes. A. familiar B. used C. known D. custom 52 . A. table B. lady C. captain D. labour 53. A. failed B. solved C. reached D. absorbed 54. A. circle B. brick C. fit D. fish 55. A. book B. floor C. cook D. hook 56. A. eight B. freight C. weight D. height 57. A. politics B. republic C. catholic D. lunatic 58. A. furious B. effective C. captain D. surface 59. A. writer B. teacher C. builder D. career 60. A. difficulty B. simplicity C. discovery D. equality 61. Can you do me a(n) ……. And post this letter ? A. help B. aid C. favour D. promise 62. They were married …………. A. secret B. in secret C. in a secret D. in the secret 63. Don’t be too hard on him ; he’s doing the job. A. he can as best B. as he can best C. as best he can D. best as he can 64. It ………. a long time since I last saw you. A. is B. was C. will D. has been 65. It ‘s time the government…… something about the problem. A. did B. to do C. do D. should do 66. He looks as if he ………. A ghost. A. sees B. saw C. has seen D. had seen 67. I wish I …… a computer . A. had had B. had C. will have D. have 68. They said they were happy they had put their trust ……. me. A. in B. on to C. on D. with 69. English is considered as a (n) …….. language to communicate in …….. world.
  4. A. second/the B. officer/a C. first/a D. official/the 70. Do you ………. My turning the television ……. now? A. disapprove/on B. mind/on C. want/in D. object/on 71. I have my car ………tomorrow. A. repair B. repaired C. will repair D. will be repaired 72. I know him by…….. but I have no idea what his name is. A. sight B. myself C. heart D. chance 73. At that time they were poor, and they went ……. a difficult time. A. through B. along with C. down D. through with 74. I didn’t think he was in……. when he asked me to lend him ₤ 500. A. truth B. earnest C. serious D. real 75. She wants to …….. for a job in that company. A. work B. look on C. apply D. find 76. Yesterday my father and …… went to a computer shop and he bought …… one for me. A. I/whom B. me/which C. me/whose D. I/that 77. “ John is in …… hospital “. “Yes, I know I ……. him tomorrow. A. X / will visit B. the / will visit C. X / am going to D. the /am going to visit visit 78. When I arrived , there was a smell of cooking ……… from the kitchen. A. come B. came C. coming D. has come 79. I’m conscious ……… their feelings , but I’m a fraid of offending them. A. with B. of C. to D. for 80. Daisy has three new dresses. One is green, another is blue, the …… is pink. A. others B. next C. other D. another 81. He’s …… interrupting me while I’m talking. A. sometimes B. never C. always D. often 82. The students have got …….. news about their exams. A. many B. some C. a D. a few 83. She was a terrible ……. . her house was broken into last night. A. face B. state C. home D. situation 84. he was quite ……. As an actor in the 1950s. A. great B. famous C. honourable D. high 85. The guilty man was given one month in which to pay the …….. A. fine B. price C. cost D. expense 86. the fire must have broken …….. after the staff had gone home. A. down B. out C. in D. through 87. They …….. a bath before they ate their dinner. A. take B. have taken C. had taken D. took 88. Weeds in your yard need …….. right now. A. being cut B. cut C. to be cutted D. cutting 89. “ I will have you paint my house “ means : …………………… A. I will have my house paint B. My house will be had painted by you C. I will get my house painted D. I will get you to be painted my house 90. You can operate my new CD player by …….. control.
  5. A. gadget B. remote C. battery D. high-tech DRIVING INSTRUCTOR KILLED GIVING CAR LESSON A driving instructor died in a road accident near Oxford while he ……..(91) a lesson to a learner driver. Mr Tony Carter of Market Street, Oxford , was in the passenger seat of a Metro car when it …….(92) into a lorry on the A 361. Mr Carter , 34, a married man with two children , was sixty-ninth person to die…….. (93) Oxfordshire’s roads so far this year. The accident happened at 2.30 p.m. last Thursday, when Mr Carter’s Me Tro, driven…….(94) 17_year_old Wayne Easton, of Yffley Road, Oxfor, was turning right at a crossroads. The car hit a Mercedes Lorry…….(95) Was travelling in the opposite direction. Mr Easten was taken to the John Radcliffe………(96) , Oxford, where his condition was described as sastisfactory. He has ……. (97) gone home.The lorry driver, Mr Ron Tubbs, of Queen Street, Abingdon, was ……..(98) . “ There was no signal, “said Mr tubbs. “I didn’t know he was going to turn right, ………(99) I just kept going straight ahead as normal. “ Police ……… (100) talk to the driver of a red and white coach which was travelling behind the lorry at the time of the accident. 91. A. gave B. was giving C. was given D. had given 92. A. crashed B. was crashing C. was crashed D. had crashed 93. A. in B. on C. by D. from 94. A. of B. from C. by D. though 95. A. this B. which C. who D. whom 96. A. school B. hotel C. hospital D. garage 97. A. after B. since C. next D. then 98. A. unhurt B. unhappy C. uninterested D. unusual 99. A. too B. so C. as D. very 100. A. like B. want C. would like D. would like to
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