Period 45 - UNIT 7: SAVING ENERGY - Lesson 3: Read

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  1. Period 45 UNIT 7: SAVING ENERGY Lesson 3: Read A / Aims and Objectives : By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to get general idea for the reading through choosing the best summary and answering questions and know how to save energy . B / Teaching aids : Textbook , cassette , board C / Procedure : Teacher’s activities Students’ Content on the board activities Warm up : Brainstorming The benefits of using solar energy Suggested answers : Work in group - cheap and clean - provides enough power for the world population Cheap and clean
  2. - does not cause pollution - can be stored for a number of days . - can be received by the solar panels installed on the roof of a house . - can be used on cloudy days . - help save money as well as natural resources => lead in the new lesson Pre- reading : 1-vocabulary : Introduce the topic of the - Luxury >< Necessity (n) Sự xa xỉ >< sự cần thiết reading passage and some Repeat chorally , - Consumer (n) : người tiêu dùng new words to Students individually and - Household (n) : hộ gia đình . guess its meaning - Account for (v) : thay mặt cho , then copy down - Labeling scheme (n) :kế hoạch . Checking vocabulary What and where dán nhãn - Tumble dryer (n) : máy sấy - Innovation (n) : sáng kiến
  3. - to conserve -> conservation (n) –bả o t ồn - category (n) loại Play games . While - reading : 1. Scanning and skimming read the passage - Ask Ss to read the quickly and Answers passage very quickly and answer the 1. America and Europe answer the following questions 2. They are necessities questions : 1. What continents are mentioned in the text ? 2. Are electricity, gas and water luxuries or necessities? - Call on some Ss to answer the questions . - Give feedback: 2. Choosing the best 2.Reading
  4. summary : a- Choosing the best summary : + Which of the following => North American and is the best summary of the European countries are interested passage ? in saving money and natural - Have Ss read the resources. (It is the best answer passage more carefully Work in groups because three others are too and choose the best specific. They only cover part of summary for it among - Demonstrate in the passage ) four following options front o class . ( In the text book ) - Ask them to work in groups to find out the best answer b- Comprehension questions - Call on some Ss to give Answer keys explanation for their Work in group 1. They are interested in products choice that will not only work 3. Answering effectively but also save money . questions : Present their ideas 2. To spend less on lighting we - Have Ss read the in front of class . replace an ordinary 100 watt light passage again and answer bulbs by using saving bulbs . the questions . 3. She will pay US $ 2
  5. - Ask them to compare 4. The purpose of the labeling with a friend . scheme is to tell the consumer - call on some Ss to read how energy efficient each model their answers aloud in is, compared with other front of class . appliances in the same category . - Give feedback : Possible answers Post - reading : Discussion 1 . Because we want to save - Have Ss work in group Work in group of money and natural resources. of 4 Ss to find out the 4 Ss to find out 2. - Use solar energy instead of answers . the answers. coal , gas and oil . 1. What should we save - Use energy – saving house energy ? hold appliances like bulbs , 2. What should we do to refrigerators , stoves , cookers . save money and natural - Reduce the amount of water resources ? and electricity we use . - Call on the - Turn off the faucets , the TV representative from each or radio when we do group to present in front not use them .
  6. of class . - Give feedback : 3- Homework : Set homework Do the exercises ( 5 ,6 ) in the 1. Summarize main points workbook . Preare the next lesson 2. Let Ss do the exercises ( 5 ,6 ) in the workbook 3. Preare he next lesson
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