RZX-3 Products

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RZX-3 Products

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At ADC, we set the standards the industry follows. This is no more evident than with the introduction of our new RZX-3 (Reduced SiZe DSX-3). No one packs more jacks, performance, flexibility, and durability into DSX than ADC’ s new RZX-3. In fact, with the possibility of 448 midsize jack ports utilizing BNC connector interfaces in a 7-foot rack, the new RZX-3 has more capacity than any other midsize DSX in the world. With greater density, unparalleled robustness, unrivaled modularity, diagnostic superiority, simplified restoral capabilities and the only solution available with modular pre-termination, you’ll find that ADC leads the way. Again, RZX-3 sets...

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