Chia sẻ: ngobichhien

1. account for: giải thích, kể đến 2. ask for : đòi hỏi 3. break down = fail , collapse : hỏng, suy sụp 4. break out = start suddenly : bùng nổ, bùng phát...



  1. SOME COMMON PHRASAL VERBS 37. go in : vào , đi vào . (MỘT SỐ CỤM ĐỘNG TỪ THƯỜNG GẶP) 38. go off ( chuông ) : reo , (súng , bom ) : nổ , (sữa ) : chua, hỏng , (thức 1. account for: giải thích, kể đến ăn ), (đèn) tắt , (máy móc) : hư = explore 2. ask for : đòi hỏi 39. go on = continue : tiếp tục 3. break down = fail , collapse : hỏng, suy sụp 40. go over : xem lại 4. break out = start suddenly : bùng nổ, bùng phát 41. go out ( ánh sáng , lửa , đèn ) : tắt 5. bring up = raise and educate : nuôi nấng 42. go up : lớn lên , trưởng thành = grow up , ( giá cả) : tăng lên 6. bring about = cause sth to happen : xảy ra, mang lại 43. go down : (giá cả) : giảm xuống 7. catch up / catch up with : bắt kịp , theo kịp . 44. hold up = stop =delay : hoãn lại , ngừng 8. call off : hủy bỏ 9. call on = visit : viếng thăm 45. hurry up : làm gấp 10. call up : gọi điện 46. keep on = continue : tiếp tục 11. carry on : tiến hành 47. keep up with : theo kịp , bắt kịp . 12. catch up with : theo kịp với 48. lie down : nằm nghỉ 13. come along : tiến hành 49. jot down = make a quick note of something: ghi nhanh 14. come on : begin: bắt đầu 50. look after : chăm sóc 15. come out = appear : xuất hiện 51. look at : nhìn 16. come about = become lower: giảm xuống, sa sút 52. look down on sb = coi thường 17. come over = visit : ghé thăm 53. look up to sb = respect : kính trọng 18. come up with: think of : Nghĩ ra 54. look up : tìm , tra cứu ( trong sách , từ điển ) 19. cool off : (nhiệt tình ) nguội lạnh đi , giảm đi . 55. look for : tìm kiếm 20. count on = investigate , examinate : tính, dựa vào 21. differ from = not be the same: không giống với 56. make out = understand : hiểu 57. make up = invent , put sth together : phát minh, trộn 22. fall behind : thụt lùi , tụt lại đằng sau . 58. pass away = die : chết 23. fill in : điền vào , ghi vào . 59. put on : mặc (quần áo ) , mang (giày ) , đội (mũ) , mở (đèn ) 24. fill out = discover : khám phá ra 60. put out = make st stop burning , produce: dập tắt , sản xuất 25. get over = recover from : vượt qua, khắc phục 61. put off = postpone : hoãn lại 26. get up : thức dậy 62. put up = build : xây dựng 27. get along / get on with sth : have a good relationship with sb: hòa 63. speak up : nói to , nói thẳng thuận 64. set off = begin : khỏi hành 28. give in : nhượng bộ , chịu thua . 65. set up = establish : thành lập 29. give up = stop : từ bỏ , bỏ 66. stand by : ủng hộ 30. go after : theo đuổi 67. take after = resemble : giống 31. go by (thời gian ) : trôi qua 68. take off : cởi (quần áo , giày , mũ ) ; (máy bay) cất cánh 32. go after = chase , pursue : theo đuổi, rượt đuổi 69. take over = take responsible for st /V-ing:đảm nhận trách nhiệm 33. go ahead = be carried out : được diễn ra, tiến hành 70. take up = start doing : bắt đầu tham gia 34. go along = develop, progress : tiến bộ 71. try out : thử 35. go away : biến mất , tan đi . 72. try on : mặc thử (quần áo ) 36. go back = return : trở lại
  2. A. stands for B. brings about C. takes after D gets across 73. turn down : gạt bỏ, bác bỏ 17. Don't forget to ________ your gloves on. It is cold outside. 74. turn off : khóa , tắt (đèn , máy móc , động cơ …) A let B . make C put D. fix 75. turn on : mở ( đèn , máy móc , động cơ …) 18. The passengers had to wait because the plane ___off one hour late. 76. turn round : quay lại , thay đổi hướng A. took B. turned C. cut D. made 19. Be careful! The tree is going to fall. 77. turn up : đến = arrive = appear (xuất hiện) A. Look out B. Look up C. Look on D. Look after 78. wait up (for ) : thức đợi ai 20. The bomb exploded in the garage; fortunately no one hurt. 79. wash up : rửa bát đĩa . A put on B. went off C. got out D. kept up 21. These shoes felt too tight, so I took _____ and tried a larger size. 80. watch out : đề phòng , chú y A. away them B. off them C. them away D. them off 81. wipe out = remove, destroy completely : xóa bỏ, phá hủy 22. My father still hasn’t really recovered from the death of my mother. A went over B. got over C. took over D. looked over PRACTICE: Choose the best option 1. 23. I can’t _____ walking. Can we stop and have a short rest? What may happen if John will not arrive in time? A go on B. get on C. go up D. get up A go along B . count on C keep away D. turn up 24. When you are finished using the computer, can you please _____ it off. 2. Johnny sometimes visits his grandparents in the countryside. A take B . turn C . do D go A. calls on B. keeps off C. takes in D. goes up 25. When the alarm went off, everyone proceeded calmly to the emergency exits. 3. They decided to postpone their journey till the end of the month because of the A fell B . exploded C. called D . rang epidemic. 26. Look out. There is a rattlesnake under the picnic table! A . take up B . turn round C put off D. do with A Listen B. Be careful C Go D. Watch 4. The stranger came _________ me and asked, "Is there a post office near 27. Mrs. Jones's husband passed away fast Friday. We’re all shocked by the news. here?" A got married B . divorced C. died D. were on business A. on to B away from C. out of D. up to 28. If you want to be healthy . you should ………….your bad habits in your lifestyles 5. Frankly speaking, your daughter does not take _______ you at all. A. give up B call off C break down D get over A after B. along C. up D. over 29. Watch ………… ! a car is coming 6. She is not really friendly. She does not get on well ____ her classmates. A. out B up C. away D off A from B. with C. for D to 30. Try to study harder to catch …………….your classmates . 7. I would be grateful if you kept the news __ yourself. Do not tell anyone about it. A up B. up with C. out D. with A from B . to C. for D. at 31. Don’t be impatient ! I ‘m sure he will turn …………on time 8. I do not use those things any more. You can _______ them away. A. up B .round C. on D. off A get B. fall C throw D. make 33. Go _______ this book because it has the information you need. 9. They were late for work because their car _______ down. a. over b. by c. off d. on A got B. put C. cut D. broke 34. My husband spends far more time helping our three kids ________ homework 10. The authority _______ down that building to build a supermarket. and studying for tests than I do. A. knocked B. came C . went D.. fell a. on b. to c. with d. in 11. I didn't get to see the end of that movie on TV last night. How did it _____out? 35. My husband and I take turns cleaning ________ the kitchen depending A. go B . make C . bring D . turn ________ who gets home from work earlier. 12. I’m not surprised Margaret's ill. With all the voluntary work she's a. away / to b. from / in c. up / on d. with / for __________,she’s really been doing too much. 36. The efforts for the advancement of women have resulted ________ several A. taken off B. taken on C. taken in D. taken to respectively achievement in women's life and work. 13. At present we are __________ an anti-drug campaign. a. at b. with c. for d. in 37. The small white flowers are my favorite. They give off a wonderful honey smell A. setting up for B. carrying out C. taking part D. joining with 14. At the station, we often see the sigh “________ for pickpockets”. that scents the entire garden. A. Watch on B. Watch out C. Watch up D. Watch at a. release b. stop c. end d. melt 15. Let’s wait here for her; I’m sure she’ll _____ . 38. I couldn't make out what he had talked about because I was not used to his A. turn down B. turn off C. turn over D. turn up accent. 16. UNESCO _____ United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural a. stand b. understand c. write d. interrupt Organization.
  3. 39. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt you. Please, go on and finish what you were saying. a. talk b. quit c. continue d. stop 40. The firefighters fought the blaze while the crowd was looking on it. a. blowing b. watering c. preventing d. Watching 41. What does "www" ________ for? Is it short for “world wide web?” a. sit b. stand c. lie d. point 42. If you do not understand the word "superstitious," look it up in the dictionary. a. find its meaning b. write it c. draw it d. note it 44. The firefighters fought the blaze while the crowd was looking on it. a. blowing b. watering c. preventing d. watching 45. Not all women can do two jobs well at the same time: rearing children and working at office. a. educating b. taking care of c. homemaking d. giving a birth
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