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An exceptionally clear, communicative, and popular series, geared to the interests and needs of young adults and adults. Key features: - Like the original edition, this completely new edition combines lively, natural language, everyday situations, and extensive practice of all four skills to give students a practical command of simple, spoken American English. - It is designed to be flexible. The levels can be used together as a series or each level can be used as an independent course. Split editions of the Student Books are available and are ideal for shorter courses. - Its simple format of a single page per unit makes...

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  2. ~ ~"lJ E GLISH BERNARD HARTLEY & PETER VINEY DEPARTURES An intensive English course for beginners Student's Edition Oxford University Press I t Russian & English Languages Open Doors Cultural & Business Centre Moscow t
  3. Russian and English Languages Open Doors Cultural and Business Center UI. Khmelova, 15/17 Moscow 103051 Russia PO Box 50 Tel: (095) 924-6717 Fax: (095) 331-0189 ISBN 5-89973-048-X Oxford University Press Walton Street, Oxford OX2 6DP Oxford New York Toronto Madrid Kuala Lumpur Singapore Hong Kong Tokyo Delhi Bombay Calcutta Madras Karachi Nairobi Dar es Salaam Cape Town Melbourne Auckland and associated companies in Berlin Ibadan Oxford and Oxford English are trade marks of Oxford University Press ISBN 019432382 X © Bernard Hartley and Peter Viney 1978 First published 1978 First published in this edition 1994 This book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, re-sold, hired out, or otherwise circulated without the publisher's prior consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition including this condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of Oxford University Press. Illustrations 1Jy: David Ace Michael Brownlow Alun Burton David English Paddy Mounter The Parkway Group Jill Watkins Photographs 1Jy: Billett Potter The publishers would like to thank the following for their time and assistance: Roy Ackerman Associates Laura Ashley British Rail Browns Restaurant City of Oxford Motor Services Debenhams Ltd. [emi-i-ni Oasis Trading Post Office Telecommunications Radio Taxis Randolph Hotel, Oxford A. Woodward. Printed in Hong Kong
  4. The authors would like to thank all the people who helped in the development of this book. In particular we are grateful to the Directors of the Anglo-Continental Educational Group, and Chris Goodchild, Director of Studies, Anglo-Continental School of English, Bournemouth, for all their support and encouragement. We also wish to thank all our colleagues in the ACEG schools who provided invaluable comments and criticism. Students can buy a cassette which contains a recording of the texts I and dialogues in this book. -r J
  5. 1 Hello fI£LLO. o ;11Q /I11 IVOT /~1 c/:;V/[JCL/l/?K /~;. r-~ __ Ex orc iso 1 Ex e r c ise 2 f John Green Carol Green Is she a teacher ? No she isn't. . . . a stude nt ? No.. • . ? . . .. Is s'lle a student? Yes, she is. • • • a teacher . Yes, • • • .
  6. E /VLJ, //11 Or. Exarcills 3 ? Is he from England ? No, ••• ~ 0 , h~ isn' t. Where's e's ro ca fr ? • • •? .. .- ... ? pa .
  7. I I 2 Excuseme! I Excuse me! J Yes? I Are you English? J Pardon? I Are you English? J Oh, yes. Yes, we are. I Oh, I'm English. Are you on holiday? J No, we aren't. We're businessmen. J Please, sit down. .. I Thank you. J Tea? I Yes, please. I ; J Sugar? I No, thanks. J Where are you from? I I'm from London. J Are you a businessman? I No, I'm not. I'm a tourist.
  8. / Where are you from? 4 . • Russian. 2 She's from Paris. She's French. 3 They're from London. &. 1 He's from New York. They're English. • •• Chinese. He's American. 6 • • Mexican. ~ 8 •• • Italian. '10 • • • • Japanese. 7 • 9 •• • • • Spanish. • •• Iranian.
  9. What is it? ,.." , . I I I I j n c re m , pi l ... CUp • • • n umbrell a . n wind ow ••• w tch ••• spoon •• • an orange •• • fork ••• shelr ••• lorry . • • pen ••• door ••• lemon ••• taxt • • •
  10. What are they? Exercise 2 1 They're forks. 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 • 6 • ,. • . 7 • 8 . Use th ese wo rd s: watc hes cups knives keys lorries cars glasses Ex ercise 3 1 What is it ? 2 What are they? 3 . •. ? It 's a clock , Th ey're radios, • asht ray. r '7\, .. '-- ~ .-." I ~~-r--~. 4 .. ... ? 5 ••• ? 6 • • • 7 • beds. • •• houses. • •• to wel.
  11. 4 Whafs your name? Mr Dean Good evening~ Receptionist Good evening, sir. What's your name, please? Mr Dean My name's Dean. Receptionist Ah, yes. . . Mr Dean ... Room 15. Here's your key. Mr Dean Thank you. Porter Is this your case? MrDean No, it isn't. Porter Oh, is that your case over there? MrDean Yes.jt is. Mr Brown Good evening. Receptionist Good evening. What are your names, please? Mr Brown Mr and Mrs Brown: Receptionist Ah, yes ... here's yourkey. Porter Are these your cases here? Mr Brown No, they aren't. Porter Oh, I'm sorry. Are those your cases over there? Mr Brown Yes, they are. Mrs Brown Is this our room? Mr Brown What's the number? Mrs Brown 14. Mr Brown Oh, no, it isn't. That's our room. . . number 13.
  12. What's your)o b? · . Exerci.e1 Look at 13. What's hisjob? He's a manager. Look at 14. What's herjo1?? . She's areceptionist. Look at 15. What are their jobs? They're waiters. Look at 16. • •• ? ·... Look at 17. ·... • •• ? Look at 18. • •• ? ·.... Look at 19. ·.. ? Use these words: cleaner;s cook secretary porter Exerci.e2 Look at 20. What's his job? He's a pilot. 21 ••• ? ·... 22 ••• ? ·... 23 ••• ? · ... 24 ••• ? ·... Use these words: pilot policemen air-hostess taxi driver mechanic Exercl.e3 What's your name? Wha;'~ your job? ·...
  13. , cold 5 C ir« big. D It's '3 l/tall. F • G • • •• H •• .J K • • • • L ••• - o . p . . .. . Q • • • • R s .... . u v . . .. W. x .. y . . ., Z U t ose words : full old tall beautif ul m y n s ugly t c c f I r t in s
  14. x ci 1 y. cold o """', {/ Look t St v Kin g. Now write fou r senten ces for : Mrs Loot Fred Penny He's w k. a Big Joe Freezer He's sm II. He's heao». He's light. b Mrs l o ot "' H th n. c Fred Penny • youn
  15. 6 A nice flat Agent This is a nice flat, Miss Wilkins. Here's a plan ... Miss Wilkins Mmm ... Agent There's a living-room. There's a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom, and there's a toilet. Miss Wilkins Is there a balcony? Agent No, there isn't. j- Miss Wilkins ... and a LIVIN(, telephone? II==~---l ~o,., Agent No, there isn't a telephone. Agent Well here's the kitchen. Miss Wilkins Hmm ... it's very small. Agent Yes, it isn't very large, but there's a cookerand a fridge. There are some cupboards under the sink. Miss Wilkins Are there any plates? Agent Yes, there are. Miss Wilkins Good. Are there any chairs in here? Agent No, there aren't, but there are some in the living-room. Miss Wilkins Hmm. There aren't any glasses! Agent Yes, there are! They're in the cupboard. Miss Wilkins ... and ... er ... where's the toilet? Exerciae' sofa There's a sofa in the living-room. radio There isn't a radio in the living-room. Write sentences with: , telephone 3 cupboard 2 chair 4 table Exerciae2 Exerciae3 Exerciae4 books rnaqazine/table?' Where are the bottles? They're on the shelf. There are some books on the shelf. Is there a magazine on the table? Where's the chair? It's in the livi ng-room. cups books/shelf? Answer the questions: There aren'tany cups on the shelf. Are there any books on the shelf? , Where's the television? Write sentences with: Write questions with: 2 Where are the glasses? , glasses 3 magazines , radio/shelf 3 Where are the books? 2 records ,4 bottles 2 bottles/table 4 Where's the sofa? 3 records/table
  16. 7 Everyday Conversation A Excuse me. post office BYes? bus stop A Is there a post office near here? bank cats B Yes, there is. telephone box A Is it far? supermarket B No, it isn't very far. First right, first second left. second A Thank you very much. third B That's all right. C Mrs Connor, could you pass the salt salt please? . sugar D Certainly. bread vinegar C Thank you very much. D And the pepper? pepper? milk? C No, thank you. butter? oil? E Good evening. a pint F Good evening. half a pint E Half of bitter, please. a whisky a double whisky F Here you are, sir. E Thank you very much. How with lemon with soda much is that? with Coke F 15p. 10p £1.15 £1.50 G Are you on the phone? 23306 IJ Yes, I am. 66880 G What's your number? 087432 72258 H 23306 10443 90537 47925 J " ~
  17. 9 Whos is it? 2 3 &8 . 7 c. Ex lsa2 8 1 Ex -. e 3 1 W"OSl~ ci~ar is it? Irs M r c:Jrsml', d:,:ar. 2 Who '~ K lasse:; arelt : 'II ? TlIt'Y',e J/m e s Xlll:;~l'i. Writo sentences lor :3-1 2. Lookatthi 10 Look at Dlcl< ; He's Anna's husband. He's Mike's fath er. Look at Anne: Sho's Dick 's wife. 11 She's Sue's moth er, Lo ok at-Mike : He's thei r son. He's Sue 's brot her, Loo k atS ue: She's th eir daught r. 12 She's Mike's sis! r.
  18. 10 Is there any wine in the bottle? There's some rice in the jar. There's some milk in the bottle. There's some sugar in the jar. There's some oil in the bottle. There's some water in the jug. There's some wine in the bottle. There are some apples on the table. There are some eggs on the table. There are some oranges on the table. There are some bananas on the table. There are some lemons on the table. There are some onions on the table. I\~I butter A There's some butterin thefreezer. B How much is there? A There's a lot. There isn't any butter, Write conversations with: ~ .. " There isn't any cheese. ice-cream ~ meat I (O!j Ihamb~rgem There isn't any beer, Is there any cheese in the fridge? ~ There aren't any tomatoes. Yes, there is. A There are some hamburgers in the ~ Is there any butter in the fridge? freezer. There aren't any mushrooms, No, there isn't. B Howmany are there? A There are a lot. ,....,.~.---...,...."""IT'"~ Are there any eggs in the fridge? ~ There aren't any eggs. Yes, there are. Write conversations with: Are there any tomatoes in the fridge? peas chickens J The fridge is empty! No, there aren't.
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