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Tµi liÖu luyÖn thi §¹i häc - M«n TiÕng Anh*Vocab – Family. Page 1
10) Mike is a very ____________ friend.
vocabulary – family and friends
11) If James marries Amy, she will become the children’s __________ - mother.
I/ Study the family tree then answer the questions:
III/ Complete the definitions with a suitable word:
1) My father’s brothers are my ____________.
2) My father’s sisters are my ____________.
TOM BILL SUE DAVID 3) My sister’s husband is my ____________.
4) My brother’s wife is my ______________.
5) My wife’s mother is my ____________.
a) Who are Jack and Jane’s children? _________________
6) My aunt and uncle’s children are my ____________.
b) Who are Tom, Bill and Sue’s parents? _________________
7) My parents’ parents are my ____________.
c) Who are Jack and Jane’s son? _________________
8) My brother’s daughters are my ____________.
d) Who is Jack and Jane’s daughter? _________________
9) My sister’s sons are my ____________.
e) Who is Tom’s brother? _________________
10) My father’s first wife, who is still alive, is his ____________.
f) Who is Tom and Bill’s sister? _________________
11) My oldest brother died, so his wife is a ____________.
g) Who is Sue’s husband? _________________
12) My mother remarried last year: her new husband is my ____________.
h) Who is Jack’s wife? _________________
13) All of these people are remembers of my family, so they are my _________.
i) Who is Alan and Mary’s father? _________________
14) Your children’s children are your ____________ and your _____________.
j) Who is Alan and Mary’s grandfather? _________________
15) She is not my girlfriend anymore. So she is my ex- ____________.
k) Who is Alan and Mary’s grandfather? _________________
16) Your aunt and uncle children’s are your ____________.
l) Who is Alan and Mar y’s grandmother? _________________
IV/ Fill the gaps with words from the list below:
II/ Read the short text, then complete the sentences below:
in after of to born on
This is James Thomas Brown; he has no brothers
1) 2)
__________ 1993 Anne got married __________ Robert Smith. Unfortunately,
and sisters. His parents died when he was 20 and
Robert’s grandmother, Rosemary Smith, died 3) __________ old age soon after their
they left him their house. He married Julia and they
wedding. Robert and Anne were 4) __________ their honeymoon when she died. Anne’s
had two children, but unfortunately his wife died two
baby daughter was 5) __________ two years later. They called the baby, Rosemary, 6 )
years ago. Recently he has fallen in love with Amy
who he has known since they were young. She is __________ Robert’s grandmother.
the sister of a very good friend of his called Mike, V/ Use these words in the sentences below:
who he likes and trusts. died dead death deaths dying
1) James is his ____________ name. 1. The ambulance was too late. The boy was ................. by the time it arrived at the
2) James Thomas Brown is his ____________ name. hospital.
3) Thomas is his ____________ name. 2. I’m a bit upset. My grandmother ................. last week.
4) Brown is his _____________.
3. My best friend is very upset. Her father is .................... of cancer.
5) He has no brothers and sisters so he is an ____________ child.
4. My brother never really recovered after his wife’s sudden ...............
6) At the age of 20, James ____________ his parents’ house.
5. The number of ...................... in road accidents has increased again this year.
7) His wife, Julia, died so he is a _____________.
VI/ Complete each sentence with one of the words from the list:
8) The two children and he form a ____________ family.
alike children couple elder engaged
9) Amy is his present ____________.
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Tµi liÖu luyÖn thi §¹i häc - M«n TiÕng Anh*Vocab – Family. Page 2
c) Unfortunately it rained on Nick and Helen’s wedding / marriage day.
friendship housewife husband single twin
a) Jane got married to her ......................., Bob, four years ago. d) David and Diana have two sons and one daughter / girl.
b) Jane’s friends think that she and Bob are the perfect ....................... . e) I t hink we should try to understand the problems of aged / old people.
c) They haven’t got any ....................... yet, but they want a large family. f) There should be more facilities for youth / young people in this town.
d) Jane’s ....................... sister, Mary, was born half an hour before she was. g) Julie is very popular and has a wide company / circle of friends.
e) Jane and Mary look ....................... but are not exactly the same. h) More than fifty relatives / parents were invited to Jack’s party.
f) Mary isn’t married. She says she preferred to be ....................... . i) Old Mrs Turner now lives in an old people’s home / house.
g) She says she believes in ......................., but doesn’t believe in marriage. j) It’s my anniversary / birthday today. I’m 18 years old.
h) Diana is Jane and Mary’s ................ sister. She calls them her “little sisters”. X/ Complete each sentence with a word from the list below:
i) Diana has been ....................... for three years, but hasn’t got married yet. brother children daughter husband
j) She has a career and doesn’t like the idea of being a ....................... . sister son twins wife
VII/ Choose the correct word underlined in each sentence: a) Ted and Alice were happy when Emily, their ___________, was born.
1) Christine is married to / with an Italian. b) Harry asked Ann to be his ________, and they got married six months later.
2) More than fifty of Rick’s parents / relatives came to the wedding. c) Jim and Mary’s ___________ David was their second child.
3) Ann is the only person / people I really like! d) Richard and Stephen are __________, but they don’t look exactly the same.
4) The old / olds often think about the past. e) Mark and his ___________ Sue went shopping with their mother.
5) I’ve never met him before. He’s a stranger / foreigner. f) When the school bell rang, a crowd of ___________ ran out of the school.
6) I knew / met your new English teacher yesterday. g) Jane met her ___________ Philip at a friend’s wedding.
7) Sue and her sister Mary are twins / pairs. h) Liz and her ___________ Mike like listening to their grandmother’s stories.
8) My brother Mark is the eldest / elderly child in the family. FUNERALS:
VIII/ Fill in each blank with one suitable word: Match these words
1. Diana had a __________ yesterday. 2. It was __________ at 1.15 yesterday morning.
with the picture:
3. It __________ 3 kilograms. 4. They are going to __________ him John – after John,
his grandfather. 5. Grandfather John’s ___________ is June 16th, too – b ut he was born
in 1945!
6. If you do not have a partner, you are ____________. 7. If you have a husband or
wife, you are ____________. 8. If your husband or wife dies, you are ____________. 9.
A holiday after a wedding is called a ____________.
10. The name for a woman on her wedding day: ____________.
11. The name for a man on his wedding day: ____________.
12. What you are if your marriage has legally ended: ____________.
13. A religious service for a dead person.
14. The name for a woman whose husband dies: ____________.
15. The name for a man whose wife dies: ____________.
IX/ Choose the correct word underlined in each sentence:
a) Children are not allowed to see this film. It’s for adults / old only.
b) By the time the vet arrived, the injured cat was already dead / died.

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