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  1. University of Economic and Technical Industries Name: Đinh Trung Hiếu Class: ĐHLT Tin 2A1 Writing topics 1. Myself (free time) My name’s Hieu. I’m 22 years old. I come from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. I’m a student at the University of Economic and Technical Industries. I’m studying about “Information Technology”. I know I’ve been learning a difficult field, so I always try my best. I hope I would find a good job in the future. I was born in a happy family . My parents love me very much. So, I feel very happy. 2. My family (my house, my home) Hi! I’m Hieu. I was born in a happy family in Hanoi. My family has 5 people: my grandmother, my parents, my younger brother and I. We live in a small house. The house was built in 1992 when I was 4. Now, although it’s quite old but it’s solid. Everyday, my parents go to work, I and my younger brother go to school, so the house’s very quiet and empty. But sometimes, we have cosy meals together on holidays. At that time, the house’s overflowed with joy. I love my small family very much. 3. My working day My name is Hieu. My working day is very normal. I always do exactly the same things. Every morning, I get up at 7.00 and brush my teeth. At 7.00, I have breakfast with my family. Then, I escort my mother to her company. I return home at 8.00 and I start studying my exercises. Because my parents go to work all day, so I often have lunch with my grandmother and my younger brother at 12.00. While eatting, we usually watch television Đinh Trung Hiếu – Tin 2A1 -1-
  2. University of Economic and Technical Industries or talk together about the news. In the evening, I go to school, so I have dinner at school. I only eat a light meal. I learn from 6p.m to 9p.m. I go home at 9.00 and at 11.00, I go to bed. 4. My study of English English is very important and useful to my life. I’ve been learning English for 12 years. Although learning English is difficult but it’s very interesting. Now, when Vietnam joined the WTO, when foreign companies are rising a lots…, learning English is the most important thing and very necessary. I learn English at all times. Anywhere, I can practice my speaking. When I see foreign people, I always use English to talk with them. At that time, I feel more confident and I like to learn English more and more. 5. Last holiday My last holiday was on Sunday last week. That day, I went out with my girlfriend. Last week, there was a the old name of Thang Long – Ha Noi 1000 years celebration. So, the roads was very crowded. In the centre of the city, there were a lot of special performances at the outdoor stages. The streets are decorated by bright lights. Hanoi was very beautiful. I and my girlfriend went for a walk around Hoan Kiem lake. We captured many nice photos. Then, we went home soon because the roads could be blocked. That day we were very joyful. 6. Career (future jobs) I’m Hieu. I’m a student at the University of Economic and Technical Industries. My university is in Hanoi. I’m studying about “ Information Technology” because I want to become an informatic engineer in the future. The job requires the artificial intelligence, moreover my father is an informatic engineer. So I learn hard. I want to be an administrator of the Đinh Trung Hiếu – Tin 2A1 -2-
  3. University of Economic and Technical Industries computer network system for a large foreign company because I think it's a very interesting job and it helps me earn a lot of money. I love the job. 7. Weather I live in Vietnam. My country has four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Spring has drizzles. Spring weather is very nice and pure. In summer, it’s hot and sometimes very hot. But I don’t hate summer because I can go swimming with my family, my fiends in this season. In autumn, it’s cool. The yellow leaves fall the roads. The landscape is very beautiful. I and my girlfriend like to go for a walk in the autumn afternoon. When winter comes, the cold winds blow swiftly. The weather is very cold, so I don’t want to go out. In this season, I like staying at home and sleeping. 8. My home town I was born in a small village in 1988. I have lived here for 22 years. When I was a kid, I often played football with my little friends. Then, we went swimming in a pond in the village. The pond was near my hight school. But now, it has been filled to build the cultural houses. My village has a special thing. That is a huge 150 year old banyan-tree. Everyone often sits under the tree stump and talk together. All of us love this tree very much. And I, I not only love the small village but also love people of my town. 9. Go shopping On holidays, I like to go shopping with my family. In Hanoi, there are many different stores. But we often go to the “Big C” supermarket to buy everything. It’s a intershop which has a lot of goods, such as household articles, electronics, food, make up, … We can buy a lot of things with fixed prices here. While my parents’re buying goods, I and my younger brother can go to other floors to play games. It’s really interesting. Đinh Trung Hiếu – Tin 2A1 -3-
  4. University of Economic and Technical Industries 10. My best friend My best friend is Minh. He studied with me for 12 years but not now. But we’re still intimate. On holidays, we like to go swimming and we talk about life, learning, future, … Minh has a slender body and a black skin. He’s 23 years old. He is an informatic engineer and he’s been working in a large foreign company. In free time, Minh teachs me about his work and I feel so excited. And I want to become an informatic engineer, too. I’m very happy because I have a good friend. Đinh Trung Hiếu – Tin 2A1 -4-
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