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As you all know, Nowday’s unemployment is increasing.why were they unemploymen.what it what personal sacrifices for career succees. Today I am going to talk to you about how we can do this. My presentation will be in three

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  1. I/ Introduction As you all know, Nowday’s unemployment is increasing.why were they unemploymen.what it what personal sacrifices for career succees. Today I am going to talk to you about how we can do this. My presentation will be in three parts. Firstly I am going to look at: “ Benefit of career success” and the background. Then I am going to talk to you about “personal sacrifices for career success”. Finally, I'm going to “meaning”. The presentation will probably take around 15 minutes. There will be time for questions at the end of my talk. II/ Benefit of career success Success in business is what everybody wants the forward direction and you have a lot of effort. After years of trying to sell have been somewhat successful in your career path. That success has brought many benefits to you and your family: money, status, power,your movie .... and see success by the impact your life like? 1. Material achievement: a. Money: After the success is money, it brings a lot of money from the lucrative contract, from the position you achieve higher. You succeed and you become rich dream. b. Status: When you succeed means you already have a solid career. You position in society and everyone is considered important. Many people know to you and that is the dream of many people. c. Power:
  2. Going along with money, power it is status. Power is something that many people want to achieve. Have power in the hands can do many things that you want, do not have is great. 2. Spiritual gain: a. Relation: To succeed as expected, surely you must have many relations. The relationship will help you easier work and in life. b. Degree of influence: Once successful, it seems that level of impact your also greatly increased. Your voice more weight, Your opinion is widely heard. c. Your movie: Images will be appear more in people's lives through television, newspapers, internet .. and through the stories of everyone. Become a target board that many people want to achieve, you become an idol in the eyes. III/ Personal sacrifices for career success 1.Time: Arranging a reasonable time for the job is very important. However to achieve success in your career; you’ll spend almost all your time on the job. You use your whole day in the research planning implementing plans to achieve the goals already set. When starting a new job to create a good impression with your boss; to get everyone’s attention , you must express yourself more than others. You must be a hard person in work. You care about your job, you spend more time on it, you’ll go to work earlier than everyone, and when the
  3. workload is too much, that you had not done enough in the day you are willing to work overtime to complete them. that efforts will be more successful for you. Every year you have about 130 days-off. They include of weekend, vacations… although they are days-off, you still have to work hard. While people are using to their time to going to cinema, going shopping with family, with friends or simply resting at home, you are working as a workaholic. While people breathing fresh air, chatting with friends, laughing loudly…;you are busy with a lot of papers and plans… after all, all your time is spent for work. you take some time to rest after the plan was completed, to relieve stress and create the excitement to work for the next step. 2. Felling stress: When work starts to become busy, it also means you have plenty of plans is pending. while solving those plans sometimes you get stuck and your mind becomes tense. accept personal sacrifices for success on the job that you always have to face the stress and fatigue that often. Stress is a companion during your labor. take a deep breath and walking will help a lot when you stress. 3. Relationships Many people can sacrifices their family for career. You work day and night, even in days-off. You don’t have much time for your family. It consumes most of the time of career of you and only afford them a very minimum time your family. All members don’t have dinner together because you go home late and you don’t have much time to take care them. When your family have some problems that important, you can’t go home immediately to resolve that problems because you are very busy
  4. in office. When relatives visit, you can’t welcome a warm although you want to invite them to stay in your home for several days. Each person has the priority in life and each person should decide which to prioritize what to do. Having a career is a guarantee for a secure future of the family which means that though you want to have a career it is because of your family. Besides, you also have friendship which is very important in relationship in your life. But you want to complete all the tasks you’ve been assigned; you have to work hard and have no time for your friend. And you can’t have coffee every night or go to the cinema with your friends. those are reason of bad relationships with your family and friends. Spend a little time for family and friends. you will have more motivation to work. IV/ Conclusions phân công công việc: Quỳnh B4: phần I, III.2, IV Sáu : phần II.1(đọc cả phần mở đầu của phần II) Sơn: phần II.2 Quỳnh B2: phần III.1 Sĩ : phần III.3 - Mỗi người đọc và học thuộc phần của mình. - tự đặt câu hỏi và câu trả lời sẵn và đưa cho bạn mình ở d ưới h ỏi khi lên thảo luận để kiếm điểm dễ hơn. - thắc mắc gì thì alo 0978178621 gặp Mr. Quỳnh
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