The Essential Guide to Image Processing- P29

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The Essential Guide to Image Processing- P29

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The Essential Guide to Image Processing- P29:We are in the middle of an exciting period of time in the field of image processing. Indeed, scarcely a week passes where we do not hear an announcement of some new technological breakthrough in the areas of digital computation and telecommunication.

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  1. Index 853 Weighted median interpolation, 285f X Weighted median smoothers, 267–269, see also X-ray computed tomography, 742–744, 743f Running median smoothers computation, 267 operation, 268, 268f Y recursive, 269 YIQ color coordinate system, 15 Weighting function, 576 Yule-Walker equations, 335 Welch estimate, 193 White Gaussian noise, 210, 213, 214, 234f, 245f, Z 250f, 554 Zero coding (ZC) primitive, 452 Wiener filter, 147, 249, 254, 333, 334 Zero-bit watermarking systems, 602–603, 618 Wiener restoration, 336f Zero-mean additive white noise model, 230 Windows in binary image morphology, 80–82, Zero-padding in linear convolution, 110, 111f 81f Zerotree-based framework and EZW coding, Wraparound convolution, 107 478–485, 479f
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