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TIẾNG ANH – ANH VÀ TIẾNG ANH-MỸ tiếng anh nước anh so với tiếng anh - mỹ có vài điều khác nhau. sau đây là bảng phân biệt giữa 2 loại này



  1. TIẾNG ANH – ANH VÀ TIẾNG ANH-MỸ autumn----fall ("autumn" is used, but only informal or poetic language) aerial (radio/TV)---- antenna angry & mad----- mad & crazy banger, sausage---- sausage barrister/solicitor---- attorney, lawyer bath---- bathtub, tub bill (restaurant)---- check biscuit---- cookie, cracker block of flats---- apartment house/building booking---- reservation boot---- trunk (of a car) bonnet---- hood (of a car) braces (to hold up trousers)----suspenders (men’s) car----automobile, car car park----parking lot caravan----trailer chap----guy, man, boy chemist's----drugstore chemist----pharmacist
  2. chest of drawers----dresser/bureau chips----(French) fries cigarette; fag (slang)----cigarette or cigaret (in the US fag or faggot means homosexual man (rude, offensive) cinema----movie theater city centre----downtown class, form---- grade (school levels 1st - 12th) & class (top 4 levels 9th - 12th = freshman, sophomore, junior, senior) clothes peg----clothespin crisps----potato chips crossroads----intersection cooker----stove cupboard----closet curtains----drapes curriculum vitae, CV----resume diary (personal account)----journal, diary dressing gown----robe driving licence (c for noun, s for verb)----driver's license (s for noun or verb) dummy (for babies)----pacifier bath gown----bath robe
  3. engine----motor estate agent----realtor film----movie fizzy drink----pop, soda, coke flat ('apartment' is sometimes used in formal written documents)---- apartment flyover----overpass floor----storey football----soccer fortnight----two weeks foyer----lobby/foyer full stop (punctuation)----period fringe----bangs garden----yard gas----fossil fuel in gaseous state used to heat & cook gaol, prison, jail----prison, jail, penitentiary, pokey grill----broil ground floor----first floor gear-lever----gear shift handbag----purse
  4. hand brake----parking brake, emergency brake headmaster, headmistress, head teacher----principal high school, secondary school, comprehensive school----high school (junior high, senior high) holiday----vacation hire (hire a car)----rent (rent a car) hoover (noun and verb)----vacuum (noun and verb) vacuum cleaner (noun) jab (injection)----shot jelly----Jell-O, gelatin jam----jelly jumper----sweater ladybird----ladybug luggage----baggage, luggage lift----elevator lorry----truck maize----corn mackintosh, raincoat----raincoat managing director----chief executive officer (CEO) marks----grades motorway----freeway
  5. mince----chopped beef mobile phone----cell(ular) phone nappy----diaper pavement----sidewalk petrol----gas, gasoline filling station----gas station plimsolls, trainers, pumps----sneakers postal code----zip code postman----mailman pram (perambulator)----baby carriage/(baby) buggy property----real estate pocket money----allowance public school (in England, an expensive type of private school)----private school state school (or council school)----public school primary school----elementary school pudding/dessert----dessert reception (hotel)----front desk receptionist----desk clerk ring up/phone----call/phone
  6. row----argument rubber----eraser (rubber means condom in the US) rubbish----garbage (or trash) rucksack----backpack/backbag serviette----napkin stockholder----shareholder sweets----candy queue----line shop----store starter, entree----appetizer single ticket----one-way ticket surname (British preferred)----last name (American preferred) surgery----doctor's/dentist's office (surgery means operating room in the US) tap----faucet taxi----cab, taxi term----semester (or quarter) tights----pantihose timetable----schedule tin----can toilet, lavatory, W.C., loo----bathroom, restroom, washroom, john
  7. torch----flashlight trousers----pants tube, underground----subway vest----undershirt waistcoat----vest wallet----wallet, billfold wedding ring----wedding band/ring windscreen----windshield zebra crossing----pedestrian crossing zip----zipper zed----the letter zee (Z) ………………………..
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