Unit 1 (cont’d) Language focus

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  1. Unit 1 (cont’d) Language focus I.Objectives: - By the end of the lesson, sts will be able to use simple present tense to talk about general truths and write some sentences using the structure “(not) + adjs enough + to-inf”. II.Language contents: 1.Vocabulary: - planet. 2.Grammar: The simple present tense and the simple past tense. III.Techniques: Kim’s game, pairwork. IV.Teaching aids: Pitures, flip-chart. V.Time: 45’. VI.Produres: Teacher and Sts’ activities Contents 1.Warm-up: (Kim’s game) * Questions: 1. How many people are there in the
  2. picture. 2. What is each person wearing? T asks Sts to look at the pictures on * Answers: page 17 quickly.Then lets them keep + There are four people in the their book closed picture. + The woman is wearing a red shirt and a green skirt. - The man who is standing beside the car is wearing brown trousers and a yellow shirt. T divides the class into four groups - The man who is standing on the and gives Sts two questions.The pavement is wearing a pink shirt and group which answers correctly the blue trousers. fastest will win the game. - The boy is wearing blu short s and a white shirt. 2.Activities: Activity1: 1. Complete the paragraphs. Use the correct form of the verbs in brackets. T asks Sts to use the simple present
  3. tense and simple past tense to complete paragraphs on page 16. T reminds Sts how to you the simple * Answers: present tense and simple past tense a) 1. lives 2. sent 3. was 4. fastly is T calls some Sts go to the board to b) 1. are 2. came 3. showed write their answers on the flip-chart 4.introduced Activity 2: 2. Complete the dialogue. T teachs new vocab * Vocabulary: Planet (n) Hµnh tinh T explains (the sun, the moon, the earth,... what are they?) Mercury (n) Sao thñy T uses the picture Mars (n) Sao háa Picture T reads. Sts repeat (chorus and individual) T checks vocab (rub out and remember) T reviews the simple present tense: formation, usage. Focus on one of the usage of simple
  4. present tense It is used to express an action which is always true. T asks sts to work in pairs to complete the dialogue between Ba and Tuan Sts work in pairs. * Answers: T calls some pairs to act out the 1. sets 2. goes 3. moves dialogue. 4. is 5. is 6. is T calls sts to go to the board to write. T checks and corrects. Activity 3: 4. Complete the dialogues: Use (not) T sets the scene to introduce the adj + enough. structure Form: “(not) + adjs enough + to- inf” T gives Sts some examples Ex1: The boy is not strong enough to T asks sts to practise in pairs to lift the box up. complete the dialogues Ex2: Mai is not old enough to go to Sts work in pairs school. T calls some sts to act out the a) not big enough c) strong dialogue enough
  5. T checks and corrects b) not old enough d) good Sts copy down enough 3. Homework: - Do exercise 5 on page 9 in the workbook. - Prepare Unit 2: Making arrangements “Getting started, listen and read”. 4. Marks/Remarks:
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