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  1. UNIT 10 - LIFE ON OTHER PLANETS Period: 62 Lesson 1 : Speak and Listen I- Aims and objectives : By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to speak with a friend about things which might be on Mars such as : water , little creatures , minerals ….. Listen to rather long talk about the moon and be more confident in True or False listening comprehension exercise and get more information about the moon . II- Teaching aids : Textbook . pictures and posters about Mars and its position in the solar system. III- Procedure : Teacher’s activities Students’ Content on the activities board - Work in group I -Warm up : Guessing game
  2. Tell Ss to work in group of three to four and make good guesses about Mars . Questions 1, What do you think might be on the mars - Demonstrate ? in front 2. Are there any people ? Any plants ? …. - Listen and Gather the ideas and comments . repeat in chorus and individually II -Presentation: Introduce the aims of the lesson and some . new words to Ss 1. Vocabulary- Pre teach : 1.Vocabulary - Guess its Microorganism (n) Checking technique : Rub out and remember meanings and Gemstones (n) copy Little creatures (n) 2. Part a : Matching Sparkling spots (n) - Introduce the task to Ss “ There are - Give examples Trace (n) drawings of thing a space-tourist to Mars . Precious (adj) saw and noted down . Try to guess and Crater (n) match the drawings with the words in the OlympicChampion box . “ ( n) - Call on some pair to report - Work in pairs
  3. - Give correct answers - Report in front III - Practice : Ask Ss to work in pairs and practice the of the class. dialogue : - Copy . - Read the dialogue and tell them to - Work in pairs practice . - Make similar ( Go around the class and provide help if dialogue about necessary ) the drawings , - Call on some pairs to practice their using the cues in dialogues in front of class section a . - Correct mistakes ( pronunciation ) - Practice in the front IV- Listening : 2-Listen - Have Ss listen to the description of the Answer moon . Then check stick the correct True sentences : a- statements about the moon . c - d - f - i- j - Turn on the tape several times if necessary . Feed back and give correct answers : True sentences : a-c-d-f-i-j - Present in the front . V- Production : Ask Ss to work in group and discuss : Tell
  4. each other what you think might be on Mars , on the moon and on other planets .( Perhaps , do it at home) - Call on some Ss to make a presentation - Write down in front of class. VI- Homework : 1. Summarize main points 2. Copy the imaginative dialogue . 3. Do the exercises in workbook (1,2 ) 4. Prepare the next lesson .

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