Unit 24: Program design and computer languages

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Decide if the following words collocate with code or language. Choose the correct answer. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 low-level code language machine code language object code language high-level code language programming code language markup code language source code language assembly code language Now listen to the collocations and practise saying them.

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  1. Program design and Unit 24 computer languages Name: 1 Decide if the following words collocate with code or language. Choose the correct answer. 1 low-level code language 2 machine code language 3 object code language 4 high-level code language HELP box 5 programming code language The infinitive 6 markup code language The infinitive with to is used in the following ways: 7 source code language 8 assembly code language To express purpose l Now listen to the collocations and practise saying them. e use symbolic languages to communicate W instructions to the computer. 2 Complete the definitions from an online dictionary by typing in terms from Exercise 1. Then (= in order to communicate …) choose the correct verb forms from the drop-down menu. for to communicate Not: … HELP? HELP? l After adjectives 1 : general term for a formal language used instructions that can translated into machine language and then executed BASIC was widely used in the past because it was by a computer. easy to learn. 2 : a set of instructions that a computer can directly; it is expressed in binary code and is very difficult Machine code is too difficult to write. . (= not easy enough to write) 3 : a type of low-level language that uses abbreviations such as ADD, SUB and instructions; then translated into machine codeafford,anemand, After certain verbs (e.g. using d assembler. MPY l : a language such as an assembly , agree, e which does not planlanguage,xpect, promise, appear, hope, 4 refuse, arrange, learn, try, decide, manage) a compiler or interpreter. A lot of companies are now trying to develop 5 : developed programs easier voice applications for web access. ; for example, FORTRAN, BASIC, C and Java. 6 : the original work of a programmer, which must l After the object of certain verbs (e.g. advise, translated by a compiler. encourage, allow, expect, tell, ask, invite, : instructions that a compiler want, enable, order, warn) from source code 7 written in a higher-level language, for example C++. HTML allows us to describe how information 8 : a language for web documents. will be displayed on web pages. 3 The bare infinitive (without to) is used in the Complete these steps in the writing of a program by typing in the words from the box. following ways: modal verbs (e.g. can, could, may, might, l Aftercompile debug documentation flowchart problem instructions will, would, must, should) 1 Understand the and plan a solution. Unfortunately, computers can’t understand spoken English. 2 Make a , which shows the steps of the program. 3 Write in a programming language. High-level languages must be translated into machine code. 4 the program – that is, turn it into machine code. 5 Test for errors and the program. the object with the verbs make and let l After 6 Prepare , for example the instruction manual.computers perform specific Programs make tasks.
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