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  1. Sở GD và ĐT Đồng Tháp Trường THPT Lấp Vò 3 LESSON PLAN UNIT 3: A PARTY Section: C. LISTENING - Aim: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to talk about Mai’s birthday party - Skill: listening - Visual aids: poster, book, casset, tape…. - Planning date: - Teaching date: Time Content Teacher’ s acts Students’ acts I. Warm up: What do a birthday party often have? - Ask students - Answer to work in ( flowers, candies, candles, birthday group to answer cake…..) II. Pre- listening: Pre teach vocabulary: _ D ecorate (v): _ Retaurant (n):
  2. _ Slice (n): - G uess T or F _ Clap (v): Listen to the tape Task 1: True or False: - Ask students to guess T or F - Check the Keys: (work in pairs) result 1. F - Play the tape three times 2. F - Check the 3. F - Work in pair result 4. T 5. F - Ask students III. While- listening: to work in pair again to listen Task 2: Listen and answer the following and answer the questions: following Keys: questions - Listen 1 . She was 16 years old. - Play the tape 3 times 2 . Because it is noisy and expensive. 3 . She served them sorf drinks and biscuits at the beginning of the party. 4 . The birthday cake was brought out at - Practise - Correct about four thirty. these students sentences mistakes 5 . It was beautifully decorated with pink and white icing. 6 . They clapped their hands eagerly and - Work in
  3. sang” Happy birthday.” group - Ask students to work in 7 . at about six in the evening. group to talk about Mai’s party. IV. Post- listening: - Ask some Talk about Mai’s birthday party. - Talk about students to talk Mai’s about Mai’s birthday in party in front of front of the the class class - Correct - Repeat students mistakes - Ask students to do at home - Do at home V. Homework: Learn by heart new words Practise listening at home
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