UNIT 7 (cont’d) Language focus 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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  1. UNIT 7 (cont’d) Language focus 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 I. Objectives: - By the end of the lesson, sts will be able to use the “present perfect tense” with “for and since”. - Use the comparison with “like”, (not) as...as, (not) the same as, different from to do some exercises. II. Language contents: 1. Vocabulary: 2. Grammar: - Present perfect with for and since. - Comparison with “like”, (not) as...as, (not) the same as, different from. III. Techniques: Ask and answer drill, pairworks, groupworks. IV. Teaching aids: flip-chart, posters. V. Time: 45ms.
  2. VI. Produres: Teacher and Sts’ activities Contents 1. Warm-up: (matching) 1. Match the infinitives with the past T sticks a poster of infinitives and participles: past participles on the board. Ex: be  been collected T divides the class into 2 teams. be gone see do seen Ask Sts from 2 teams to go to the go lived attended write done board and write each pair of eat been work writen infinitive-past participle. live eaten collect worked The team which writes more pairs attend
  3. wins the game. T checks and gives marks. 2. Activities: 2. Complete the expressions use for and Activity 1: T uses flip-chart. since: Asks Sts to review “for and since”. for + kho¶ng thêi gian T gives example. since + mèc thêi gian trong qk Sts work in pairs. Ex. for five months. Call some pairs to give their answers. since Tuesday. for five minutes - for three months Call Sts to go to the board and write since January - for 10 weeks their answers. since 1990 - since Friday T checks and corrects. since the summer - for 20 years
  4. Activity 2: 3. Complete the sences use the present perfect form of the verbs in brackets: a) Review form of the present perfect Form: tense: Positive: have/has + V p-p T writes form on the board. Negative: have not/ + V p-p has not Sts copy down. Interrogative: have/ + S + V p-p has b) Gap filling exercise: Ex: I have lived here since last week T asks sts do exercise. (live) Call Sts to answer. b) haven’t eaten e) has worked T checks and corrects. c) haven’t seen f) has collected Sts copy down. d) have attended Activity 3: 4. Complete the conversation, use the T asks sts to work in pairs and read correct form of the verbs in the box: the dialogue (once). 1. have been 5. want T asks Sts to work in pairs to 2. hope 6. looks complete the dialogue and then play 3. have-lived 7. have-been the role infront of the class. 4. Is 8. saw
  5. Call Sts to give their anserws. T checks and corrects. Sts copy down. So s¸nh tÝnh tõ ë bËc ngang b»ng, gièng, kh¸c nhau. Activity 4: Forms: S + tobe + (not) the same as a) Review: (not) as...as, (not) the S + tobe + as + adj + as same as: S + tobe + not + as/so + adj + as T gives forms and explains them. S + tobe + different from T gives examples. Ex1. Mai is as old as Nga. Sts copy down. Ex2. Apples are not as big as oranges. Ex3. This T.V is as expensive as that T.V b) Picture drill: 5. Look at the picture. Complete the T explains the little (exercise 5). sentences. Use the words in the box. You will have to use some words more Give examples. than once. T asks Sts to work in pairs to do Ex. a) The magazine is not as large as the exercise 5 on P70. newspaper. b) Lipton tea is different from Dilmah tea.
  6. c) The red dictionary is different from the blue dictionary. Sts: look at the pictures and do. d) The bag on the lelf is the same as the bag on the right. T calls some Sts to read their e) The cat is not as big as the dog. answers infront of the class. f) Hoa’s backpack is the same as Lan’s backpack. Some Sts to go to the board to write. g) The snake is as long as the rope. T checks and corrects. h) The pocket-watch is not as modern as the wrist wacth. Sts copy down. i) The ruler is not as cheap as the eraser.
  7. 3. Consolidation: * Complete the sentences, using the words in brackets: T gives exercise. Ex: I am tall, but you are taller (as ... as) I am not as tall as you. Sts work in groups. 1. Lan is pretly, and her sister is pretly, too (as . . . as). Lan is . . . T calls some sts to go to the board to 2. Cats aren’t friendly, but dogs are complete. friendly (different from) Cats isn’t . . . T checks and corrects 3. Peter is more intelligent than Mary (as . . . as). Mary isn’t . . . 3. Home work: - Learn “present perfect tense” by heart. - Do exercises 2, 3, 4, 5, in your notebook. - Prepare Unit 8 “Getting started, Listen and Read”. 4. Marks/Remarks:
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