Unit 8: country life and city life Getting started, Listen and read

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  1. Unit 8: country life and city life Getting started, Listen and read I. Objectives: By the end of the lesson, sts will be able to know more at Na’s new neighborand know about the places in their neighborhood. Educate sts how to be havie their neighbor well II. Language contents: 1. Vocabulary: wet market, serve, pancake, tasty, close by, for, since 2. Grammar: The present perfect tense IV. Techniques: Pairwork, brainstorming, groupwork V. Time: 45 ms VI. Produres: Teacher and Sts’ activities Contents 1. Warm-up: (Brainstorming) * Brainstorming: (Getting started) T asks Sts some questions to elicit Stadium Hotel the topic Neighborhood
  2. T What is there in your School neighborhood? How long have you lived there? Market Drugstore Do you like your neighborhood? Post office Sts answer. T shows 6 pictures in textbook. * Match the names of places found in a Ask Sts to match the names of neighborhood with the pictures places with the suitable pictures a grocery store d. drugstore Ss groupwork to match b. stadium e. hairdresser’s Then practice asking and c. wet market f. swimming-pool answering with pictures Ex. A: Is there a stadium near your house? B: Yes, there is/No, there isn’t 2. Presentation: * Vocabulary: T elicits to present the new words wet market (n) T reads new words pancake (n)
  3. Ss repeat serve (v) T checks new words tasty (adj) (pictures) close by (adv) T Set the scene of the dialogue. * Na and Nam are talking about the place where they lived but Na is new there * Guessing the information about Na Ss guess information to fill in and Nam. last week (a) 1. Na has been there since last month (b) last year (c) hotel (a) T haves Ss listen to the tape to 2. Na wants to go to the restaurant (b) check their predictions clothing store (c)
  4. 7 years-a 3. Nam has lived here for about 8 years- b 10 T asks Ss some questions. years-c How long has Nam lived there? Where does Na want to go ? * Answers: Ss listen and answer Nam has lived there for 10 years T asks Ss to open their book, He knows there very well listen again to checks there Na has arrived since last week answers She wants to go to a restaurant 3. Practice: Ss work in pairs to practice the 1. Practice the dialogue with a partner: dialogue, then play in front of the class T get feedback Ss work in groups to complete the sentences and give the complete 2. Complete the sentencdes. Use the sentences words from the dialogue. T corrects a. new d. restaurant
  5. b. last week e. Hue T explains the grammar c. tired f. pancakes * Grammar: The present perfect tense with for/since Have/has + Vpp since + mèc thêi gian for + kho¶ng thêi gian T asks Ss to summarize the 3. Role play of Nam and Nam dialogue Ss pairwork to role play the dialogue 4. Consolidation: T gives the cues words Talk about your neighborhood using the Ss work in groups. cues words. Calls some sts to talk in front of How long/lived/there?
  6. the class What/there neighborhood? T corrects. Do/like/living/neighborhood? why/why not? 5. Home work: - Learn “Vocab” and “grammar” by heart. - Do exercise 1 in the workbook. - Prepare: Lesson 2-Speak/p.64-65 6. Marks/Remarks:
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