3d structured mesh generation

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  • A 3D structured-mesh generation package has been developed using the transfinite interpolation (TFI) and/or the elliptic mesh generation methods to generate 3D structured meshes for the computational domain surrounding 3D regions (objects). A boundary stretching coefficient was used in the first method. And an attraction function was used in the second one. These stretching coefficient and attraction function are used to control the properties, i.e. the distribution density of the mesh points, of the meshes to be generated.

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  • Một cấu trúc thế hệ lưới 3D gói đã được phát triển sử dụng nội suy transfinite (TFI) và / hoặc các phương pháp lưới elip thế hệ để tạo ra các mắt lưới có cấu trúc 3D cho lĩnh vực tính toán xung quanh khu vực 3D (đối tượng)...

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  • Autodesk Robot™ Structural Analysis Professional software is a collaborative, versatile, and faster software application that can help you compete and win in the global economy. Purpose-built for BIM, Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional calculates even your more complex models with powerful finite element auto-meshing, nonlinear algorithms, and a comprehensive collection of design codes to help you achieve results in minutes, not hours.

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