A blood cloth

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  • At Interstate 95, the glimmering Rolls turned south, hurtlingdown the raised concrete ribbon, the Miami skyline rising ahead.Laurenz took the Martin Luther King Boulevard exit, made a sharp U-turn, and jumped back on to the interstate, still southbound. Hiscold green eyes flicked from the road to the rearview mirror andback again. He craned his neck and searched a cobalt Florida sky.Every few minutes, Laurenz stabbed the brakes, dropping down toforty or fifty miles an hour and slipping into the right lane,...

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  • With a rending of worn cloth the bosom of the gumbaz came away in Hawkston's hand, and Dirdar, regaining his feet like a bouncing rubber ball, dived straight at the open door, ducking beneath the pawing arm of the big Dutchman, Van Brock. But he tripped over Ortelli's extended leg and fell sprawling, rolling on his back to slash up at the Italian with the curved knife he had snatched from his girdle.

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  • Imagine the plight of a young woman, some time during the thousands of years before the mid-18th century, who, soon after a diffi cult childbirth, fi nds she can no longer keep from leaking urine. She is standing in the chill winter wind, her urine-soaked clothes clinging wet against her thighs as she comforts her crying baby knowing that she faces a life of misery, shame and social ostracism. Or imagine the middle-aged wife of a tenant farmer on the remote central Illinois plain, straining with her husband to lift a heavy log that has fallen on their only milk cow only to feel a deep...

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  • As well as a rise in total consumption, there have been changes in the pattern of consumption. First, most consumer expenditure is on food, clothing, and basic commodities. These items account for nearly 80% of all consumer expenditure, with expenditure on food alone responsible for 50% of consumption spending. Second, expenditure on foodstuffs as a proportion of total expenses has declined, falling from 13% in 1982, to 8% in 1986, and to less than 7% in 1990.

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  • circuit | Clan circuit noun a series of homosexual parties held each year around the US, with participants flying from city to city for the festivities US, 1990s 144 CJ noun phencyclidine, the recreational drug known as PCP or angel dust US, 1994 C-jam noun cocaine US, 1986 c-jame noun cocaine US, 1968 C-joint noun a place where cocaine is sold US, 2002 CJ’s noun a pair of men’s close-fitting and revealing nylon swimming trunks. Standing for COCK JOCKS AUSTRALIA, 2003 CK noun 1 Calvin Klein™ clothing.

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