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  • ARGENTINA FROM A BRITISH POINT OF VIEW AND NOTES ON ARGENTINE LIFE. With Photographs and Diagrams. EDITED BY CAMPBELL P. OGILVIE. LONDON: WERTHEIMER, LEA & CO., CLIFTON HOUSE, WORSHIP STREET, E.C 1910. DEDICATED To all THE SHAREHOLDERS OF THE SANTA FÉ LAND COMPANY, LIMITED, who take a real interest in the Company. .PREFACE. In May last I was asked to read, towards the end of the year, a paper on Argentina, before the Royal Society of Arts.

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  • .MEMS Mechanical Sensors .For a listing of recent titles in the Artech House Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) Series, turn to the back of this book. .MEMS Mechanical Sensors Stephen Beeby Graham Ensell Michael Kraft Neil White Artech House, Inc. Boston • London www.artechhouse.com .Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data A catalog record for this book is available from the U.S. Library of Congress. British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data Beeby, Stephen. MEMS mechanical sensors.— (Artech House MEMS library) 1.

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  • Sennacherib either failed to inherit his father's good fortune, or lacked his ability.* He was not deficient in military genius, nor in the energy necessary to withstand the various enemies who rose against him at widely removed points of his frontier, but he had neither the adaptability of character nor the delicate tact required to manage successfully the heterogeneous elements combined under his sway.

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  • It was during the lifetime of Robert Boyle that our forefathers began to come into close contact with the races and nationalities of the outer world. When he was born in County Cork in the year 1627, small and isolated bands of Englishmen were elbowing Red Indians from the eastern sea-board of North America; before his death in London in 1691, at the age of sixty-four, he had seen these pioneer bands become united into a British fringe stretching almost without a break from Newfoundland to Florida. Neither he nor any one else in England could then have guessed...

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  • As a young teenager raised until 1964 in Casablanca, Morocco (a former French colony), I always dreamed of having an electric guitar. Influenced by the success of such groups as The Ventures, The Shadows (the British equivalent of The Ventures), and, later, The Beatles, I thought that I too could one day perform on stage. Fender guitars were my favorite, but since I could not afford even the cheapest model, I would try to console myself by admiring the many exorbitantly priced models displayed at a well-known music store...

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  • Looked at in this way the industrial process shows two well−marked general characteristics: (a) the running maintenance of interstitial adjustments between the several sub−processes or branches of industry, wherever in their working they touch one another in the sequence of industrial elaboration; and (b) an unremitting requirement of quantitative precision, accuracy in point of time and sequence, in the proper inclusion and exclusion of forces affecting the outcome, in the magnitude of the various physical characteristics (weight, size, density, hardness, tensile strength, elastic...

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  • In an article written in the second volume of the American Journal of International Law in 1908, Lassa Oppenheim was to reflect upon the various tasks that he believed needed to be undertaken in the development of the ‘science of interna- tional law’, 1 foremost amongst which was the ‘exposition of existing recognized rules of international law’. 2 He was to maintain, however, that in order to satisfac- torily fulfil that task, scholars necessarily had to have ‘a knowledge of the history of the rules concerned’. 3 But on this score there was much to be done:...

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  • I think it was Pascal who said that the last thing an author does in making a book is to discover what to put at the beginning. This discovery is easily made in the present instance. I wish to state that the range of this book, as its title implies, is mainly restricted to the salient points of the historical sketch it attempts to pourtray. To have written a complete History of the Insane in the British Isles would have necessitated the narration of details uninteresting to the general reader.

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  • It was a warm summer day. Not too warm, for away up in the Connecticut hills the sun seemed to temper its rays, and down among the shadows of the trees surrounding Great Pond there were cool, shady glades where one could almost fancy it was May instead of hot July. At a point not far from the water, leaning against the trunk of a stately maple, stood a young man. His head, from which he had raised a somewhat old and weather-beaten hat, was finely formed, and covered with chestnut curls; his clothes, also shabby and worn, were homespun and ill-fitting, but his erect...

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  • In the volume which, with much diffidence, is here offered to the public, I have given, as far as I have considered it worth giving, my whole thought in a connected form on the nature, necessity, extent, authority, origin, ground, and constitution of government, and the unity, nationality, constitution, tendencies, and destiny of the American Republic.

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  • The Heinemann ELT English Grammar: An Intermediate Reference and Practice Book An intermediate grammar reference and practice book that offers students comprehensive coverage of grammar points from pre-intermediate to intermediate level. - Each grammar point is given a clear and comprehensive explanation, followed by a wide variety of stimulating practice exercises. This gives a rich and varied approach to grammar practice at this level. - Regular review units help check and consolidate students’ progress. A 32-page test section is also included at the back of the book.

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  • Gives learners access to real language through a rich mixture of highly readable authentic texts selected from recently published sources, both British and American. Reflects the stylistic variety that advanced learners have to be able to deal with. Gives practice in specific points of grammar to consolidate and extend learners' existing knowledge. Analysis of syntax helps learners to develop their reading and comprehension skills. Grammar notes give explanations of points of grammar and syntax and include answers.

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  • More than ten years ago, two of us (AGH and DGR) were lucky enough to edit a previous symposium of the British Ecological Society (BES) – Aquatic Ecology: Scale, Pattern and Process (Giller, Hildrew & Raffaelli, 1994). In the Introduction to that volume, we pointed out that the BES had not devoted a single previous symposium to aquatic ecosystems.

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  • The question of what is included in the vocabulary of a particular variety of English (or any other language) raises a number of questions. The first of these is at what point a word adopted from a contact language becomes a word of English. Consider a simple case of adoption from French in current British English. The word baguette is a relatively recent import into English. The long, crusty loaf (which is what baguette means in French) used to be called French bread. The term baguette was added to the ninth edition of The Concise Oxford Dictionary published in 1995,...

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  • We also received valuable comments from Bengt Altenberg and Gunnel Tottie, who read draft versions of individual chapters. (Bengt's online ICAME Bibliography also provided us with an extremely useful starting point for our own Bibliography.

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  • A signal transaction is now taking place in the course of Indian polity. These speeches, with no rhetorical pretensions, contain some of the just, prudent, and necessary points and considerations, that have guided this transaction, and helped to secure for it the sanction of Parliament. The too limited public that follows Indian affairs with coherent attention, may find this small sheaf of speeches, revised as they have been, to be of passing use. Three cardinal State-papers have been appended.

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  • This little book is an attempt to give a brief sketch of Britain under the early English conquerors, rather from the social than from the political point of view. For that purpose not much has been said about the doings of kings and statesmen; but attention has been mainly directed towards the less obvious evidence afforded us by existing monuments as to the life and mode of thought of the people themselves. The principal object throughout has been to estimate the importance of those elements in modern British life which are chiefly due to purely English or Low-Dutch influences.

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  • Cuba, "the Pearl of the Antilles" and the key to the Gulf of Mexico, is not only the largest, but the most important and the wealthiest island in the West Indian Archipelago. Its curious shape has been aptly compared to that of a bird's tongue,--a parrot's by preference. From Point Maisi, at one extremity, to Cape San Antonio, at the other, it describes a curve of 900 miles, being, at its greatest breadth, only 120 miles from sea to sea.

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