A pragmatic view

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  • After many years of practice as an analyst of adults and children, I came to realize that my work was based on a principle of which I was not consciously aware. Even though the feedback on the quality of my work (from colleagues and the patients themselves) was, on the whole, positive, I had had no more than a handful of patients who saw me for more than five years.

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  • Gain hands-on experience with PureMVC, the popular open source framework for developing maintainable applications with a Model-View-Controller architecture. In this concise guide, PureMVC creator Cliff Hall teaches the fundamentals of PureMVC development by walking you through the construction of a complete non-trivial Adobe AIR application. Through clear explanations and numerous ActionScript code examples, you'll learn best practices for using the framework's classes in your day-to-day work.

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  • Chapter 2 Old-Growth Forest Definitions: a Pragmatic View Christian Wirth, Christian Messier, Yves Bergeron, Dorothea Frank, and Anja Fankhanel Introduction: Many of us possess an archetype of old-growth forest appearance. We expect majestic trees, small pockets of regenerating trees thriving to reach the sun, heaps of dead wood covered with mosses

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  • In this paper we examine the pragmatic knowledge an utterance-planning system must have in order to produce certain kinds of definite and indefinite noun phrases. An utterance.planning system, like other planning systems, plans actions to satisfy an agent's goals, but allows some of the actions to consist of the utterance of sentences. This approach to language generation emphasizes the view of language as action, and hence assigns a critical role to pragmatics.

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  • Microsoft Access 2010 offers a rich set of features and design tools for storing, analyzing, and viewing data, along with the inherent ability to connect to a large variety of data sources. With this book, you'll discover the benefits of using the newest features to build small- to medium-scale database applications, integrate with other programs, create Web applications, and upgrade existing solutions.

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  • As the author of a "practical" NL data base q u e r y system, one of the suggested topics for this panel is of p a r t i c u l a r interest to me. The issue of what hurdles remain before NL systems become practical strikes p a r t i c u l a r y close to home. %s someone with a more pragmatic view of NL processing, my feeling is, not surprisingly, that we already have the capability to construct practical ~:L systems.

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  • From a more pragmatic standpoint, graphics concepts that are important in image analysis include light models for illumination and reflection, geometrical transformations, contours and surface approximation, algorithms for region delineation, and, of particular importance in 3D medical imaging, geometrical modelling. Another joint area of interest is in hardware and software, with a common trend towards the use of RISC processors, parallel computation, color devices, etc.

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  • Another major departure from some traditional analyses of English grammar, and one we feel is in keeping with attempting to view grammar with a communicative end in mind, Is the recognition that grammar is not merely a collection of forms but rather involves the three dimensions of what linguists refer to as (mnrphn) syntax, semantics, and pragmatics.

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  • There is no doubt that we are now witnesses to an historic process marked by the spe- cific needs arising from scientific developments and economic change. In this context, beginning in the second half of the 20th century, we situate the linguistic concept “Lan- guage for Specific Purposes” (LSP), a term currently used to refer to specialised com- munication.

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  • Grammatical structures not only have a most phosyntastic form, they are also used to express meaning (semantics) in context-appropriate use (pragmatics). We refer to these as the dimensions of form, meaning and use. Because the three are interrelated—that is, a change in one will involve a change in another—it is helpful to view the three dimensions as a pie chart, with arrows depicting the interaction among the three.

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