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  • Whether your screener scalps, removes fines, or grades material, the machine’s failure can have costly consequences. A torn or otherwise compromised screen can force you to reprocess material, scrap it, or even recall off-spec product. This article will present some of the common causes of such screen problems and possible solutions

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  • Speech recognition in many morphologically rich languages suffers from a very high out-of-vocabulary (OOV) ratio. Earlier work has shown that vocabulary decomposition methods can practically solve this problem for a subset of these languages. This paper compares various vocabulary decomposition approaches to open vocabulary speech recognition, using Estonian speech recognition as a benchmark. Comparisons are performed utilizing large models of 60000 lexical items and smaller vocabularies of 5000 items. ...

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  • Average depth model has a variety of applications in hydraulic engineering, especially in applications that flow depth is much smaller than the width of the flow. In this method the vertical variation is negligible and the hydraulic variables average integrated from channel bed to the surface free for the vertical axis. in equations arising management, pure hydrostatic pressure is assumed that not really valid in the case of flow in the bed is curved and can not be described curvature effects of the bed.

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  • Hindawi Publishing Corporation Journal of Inequalities and Applications Volume 2010, Article ID 591758, 10 pages doi:10.1155/2010/591758 Research Article Ordering Unicyclic Graphs in Terms of Their Smaller Least Eigenvalues Guang-Hui Xu Department of Applied Mathematics, Zhejiang A&F University, Hangzhou 311300, China Correspondence should be addressed to Guang-Hui Xu, ghxu@zafu.edu.cn Received 15 July 2010; Accepted 2 December 2010 Academic Editor: Jozef Bana´ s ´ Copyright q 2010 Guang-Hui Xu.

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  • Hadoop [7] is an open-source implementation of Google’s Map/Reduce [5] framework that enables dis- tributed, data-intensive, parallel applications by decom- posing a massive job into smaller tasks and a massive data-set into smaller partitions, such that each task pro- cesses a different partition in parallel. The main abstrac- tions are (i) Map tasks that process the partitions of the data-set using key/value pairs to generate a set of inter- mediate results, and (ii) Reduce tasks that merge all in- termediate values associated with the same intermediate key.

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  • This study, the first to investigate workplace contamination in areas in Ghana where e-waste recycling and disposal is carried out, focussed on the main centre for this type of work, at the Agbogbloshie scrap market in Ghana’s capital, Accra. One of the numerous similar, though far smaller, operations that take place throughout Ghana was also investigated, at the location of a scrap dealer in Korforidua, a smaller city to the north of Accra. At these workshops, e-waste is recycled in a crude way, primarily involving manual disassembly and open burning to isolate copper from plastics.

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  • The transfer valve is a three-way hydraulic valve that (1) permits the selection of the main distributing valve or the auxiliary valve for operating the wicket gates or (2) closes both valves. The main valve and the auxiliary valve each have plungers that can close off the pressure, opening, and closing ports of the valves. The bottom of the plungers have a smaller diameter than the top so that if oil is routed to the top of the plungers they will be forced closed. The transfer valve routes oil to the top of the plungers of the valve...

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  • Dust lay on the half-used tubes of paint on the table; paletteknives and brushes of every size rested in jars. Rolled canvas andwood for stretchers leaned against a wall. Past the table stood a sec-ond door, which opened to a smaller room with another easel and anold blue-velvet-upholstered armchair. He lowered himself onto thechair, hands on his knees, and looked about him

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  • Nanotechnology in Biology and Medicine is intended to serve as an authoritative reference for a wide audience involved in research, teaching, learning, and practice of nanotechnology in life sciences. Nanotechnology, which involves research on and the development of materials and species at length scales between 1 to 100 nm, has been revolutionizing many important scientific fields ranging from biology to medicine. This technology, which is at the scale of the building blocks of the cell, has the potential of developing devices smaller and more efficient than anything currently available.

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  • ON THE sixty-third floor of the Empire State Building is, among others of its type, a rather small office consisting of two rooms connected by a stout wooden door. The room into which the office door, which is of opaque glass, opens, is the smaller of the two and serves to

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  • The number of employees you can have and still be eligible to shop in your State Exchange steadily increases. In 2014 and 2015 it is up to 50, and may be up to 100 in a state that elects to open to Exchange to more smaller employers; in 2016 it is up to 100 employees. Starting in 2017, States can choose to allow even larger employers to purchase their plans through the Exchanges. You can buy insurance through your State Exchange or from an insurance company, but the tax credits in the law to help pay for insurance, including the small...

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  • First, you will need to decide if you are going to invest in clear plastic envelopes or use any number of paper envelopes commercially available. If you use paper, we suggest you try and find an envelope with clasp closure system, not an adhesive one. Remember, your entry will be opened and closed many times during its judging. A paper envelope is shown in example B to enter a brochure. Note, the larger label is permanently affixed (we suggest 3M’s Supper 77 spray glue) to the exterior of the envelope and the smaller label to the back of the piece itself. An...

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